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Author: F.M.D.

Good dog

Growing up I always had the tendency to rub my virgin pussy on things like pillows or chairs. I’d just hump against pillows, feeling the wonderful friction against my clit. I didn’t... # #

617 words | 22 |4.24

My first sleep over

When I turned 12 my parents finally let me go to a sleep over at my best friend Anna’s house. Anna was the same age as me and had a 17 year old sister. She and her sister with both... # # #

514 words | 16 |4.53

First time on instagram

The day I turned 11 was the day I begged my parents to let me get social media. They were reluctant at first but eventually said yes. I thanked them a thousand times before going up... # # #

1274 words | 19 |3.78