I never thought I could have enjoyed this but I did

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I slid down the chair I couldn’t get him off me

I often thought of sex with anything other than a man was horrible and disgusting, but a few months ago that all changed, I’m 22 and still live with my parents although I do plan to move out soon, this particular day had been more than a little dirty at work, we were doing stocktaking in the warehouse and moving things around, I worked in a car parts warehouse.

Getting home that night all I wanted to do was have a nice long shower and relax for the weekend, or at least till the next night cause i was going out with some friends! it was my parents anniversary to so they were going away till the monday morning.

They left and I went upstairs to have my shower, I stayed in there for about an hour it felt really good, afterwards I put on a dressing gown and went downstairs, made myself a coffee and sat down in the chair, after a few minutes niki our pet came downstairs and did his usual impersonation of a rug! he was an Akita, a big ball of fluff and very friendly, I remember watching the tv then nothing cause I fell asleep, I woke up to find niki between my legs licking my pussy, then he jumped up on the chair trapping me underneath him, I was startled to say the least and tried to push him away but I couldn’t, he weighs 100lbs plus and I couldn’t move him!

Niki you numskull get off me I’m not a dog but he didn’t listen and what made things worse I didn’t put on any knickers underneath my dressing gown, he started humping away at me while I tried my best to get him to stop, I thought if I could slide underneath him and out it would be something at least, I managed to slide down the chair and all of a sudden he found what he was looking for, his cock found my pussy and went straight inside me, I was well and truly trapped now, I couldn’t move and couldn’t close my legs either.

He basically humped me at will, I couldn’t do anything, my stupid plan to slide away underneath him had in fact put me in the perfect position for him!
All I could do was hold still while niki’s cock slid in and out of my pussy, fast and furiously, no way he’s going to stop now as my emotions ran away with me.
He started to slowly grow inside of me, I could feeling it getting thicker and longer, it was going deeper inside me as my pussy started to stretch to accommodate niki’s cock that was rapidly swelling, It felt so large and it was still growing. I have never had a cock in me that large before.

What happened next took me by total surprise, niki’s cock was rubbing against my g spot, as much as I tried to ignore it I couldn’t, the last thing I wanted to do was orgasm, as much as I tried to fight it it built up like a monster, my fingers dug into the sides of the chair, like a tidal wave overwhelming me, my body started to shake and quiver, as I exploded like a gun going off and started to orgasm more powerfully than I had ever before.

I squirted my cum over his cock and fur! then I started to feel something pressing against me, I didn’t know it then but it was his knot, he thrust forward pushing it into me, I started to orgasm again, they kept coming in waves one after another, then with a little push I had all of him locked inside me!
He went still as his cock unloaded his cum inside me, he was very warm, a lot warmer than my boyfriends! and there was lots of it as I literary felt it squirt every time and could feel it running down towards my cervix filling me up.
We were there for 15 or 20 mins I think that first time, he never seemed to stop cumming! eventually he went soft and slid out of me.

I sat there a few seconds, I wasn’t crying or anything like that but I guess i was in shock a little, I slowly got up from the chair on my way to the dinning room, a river of his cum was running down my leg, he was laying on the floor licking himself!
I went upstairs to have another shower but I was still feeling horny! far from being repulsed by what had taken place it had made me horny! and I never stopped squirting myself!

That night I went to bed and i couldn’t stop thinking about it, why did I react this way? did I do something to encourage him, well maybe falling asleep like that! why did I orgasm that way!

The next day after a fairly sleepless night I went on the internet, I wanted to know if I could have gotten anything nasty from him! from all I read it said I couldn’t so that was a relief!
If what I was reading was true though it would seem that what happened to me is quite common! and was surprised there even forums on it! these girls were regularly having sex with there dogs and enjoying every minute of it, not just here but everywhere!

Throughout that day it was like a disease going round my brain! I had questions and answers, and that is how the day proceeded!
That evening was like no other I’ve ever had! I couldn’t get niki out of my head! I actually wanted more! I began thinking he hadn’t set out to hurt me, he just wanted sex, and boy what sex!

What would happen if I cooperated with him! let him have sex with me! would I enjoy it even more!
If, I decide to do this it would have to be tonight, my parents are due back in the morning, oh what the hell, what’s the harm in it, later that night I repeated what I had done, I had a shower and put my dressing gown on, went downstairs but not for a coffee this time!
I sat down in the chair, the carpet was still a little damp from the cleaning but no matter, niki came over to where I was, I was nervous and shaking, he sniffed me a few times and then he gave my pussy a lick, it made my pussy twitch and sending shivers down my spine, at least this time I was ready for him.

I tucked up my dressing gown around my waist, I sat on the edge of the chair with my legs wide open, niki licked away at my pussy, even pushing his tongue inside me making me cum a little, I parted my lips with one hand while stroking his head with the other, his tongue licked and probed away at my pussy, after a few minutes of this he’d had enough, he motioned he wanted to jump up and he did, I held perfectly still for him to take me, I could feel the tip of niki’s cock poking around searching for my pussy opening, this time I helped him find me, like the previous night he started sliding in and out of me really fast, unlike before I started cumming really fast, I was able to maneuver myself underneath perfectly.

This time I wrapped my legs around him gently, I squirted my cum all over him like before only this time REALLY enjoying it, I was ready for his knot this time, as soon as I felt it I helped him by pushing myself onto it, my cum had really lubricated me and he popped inside with no problem, wave after wave of orgasms flowed through my shaking body, as niki continued fucking me, a moment later he went motionless as his hot cum squirted inside me again, I lay there while niki’s cock and balls filled me up with his cum, with my eyes glossed over I felt so relaxed from the intense multiple orgasms I just had.

Again we were there for around the same time as before, the sex was great, he got me off better than any man ever had!
I went to bed that night very satisfied! I should have been grossed out by it but I wasn’t!
It started something that lasts to this day when I know we will be alone! it’s messy for sure but I have found a way round that!

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  • Reply cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    Totally awesome story.
    You are a really good writer Anon.

  • Reply Sandy ID:2bgosnwoic

    Great story, made me come just by my vision of it.

  • Reply Lenka ID:5erw176ia

    I really liked your story
    I really want to try such sex, but I’m afraid

  • Reply Fire17 ID:29ket7wnd2

    Anon do you have KIK??

  • Reply Tf ID:fzqi91ehm

    The fuck did i just read

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:h48qotj8i

    Anon he will be perfect company for You!

    I will be truthful with you; after my first contact with a canine I grew very fund of a dick in my ass. An animal’s more so than a man’s.

  • Reply Jimmy ID:7zv365ntzl

    I have a fetish maybe you ladies could help me out with I love to smell dirty sweaty panties.. 814 319 8624

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:bf9ft808ra

    Beautiful story I absolutely loved it. Don’t feel ashamed naughty or dirty. It is very common practice for one to have sex with an animal. Most will consider you immoral, but you are not love. A lot of us participate in sex with animal but are ashamed to admit it.

    I am worse than you are and I know your feelings of how you felt after the first time. I felt ashamed of myself and very humiliated after I was raped by an Irish Wolfhound in front of two women. I am a man and one of the women was my wife.

    • Anon ID:2v2ybi649k

      I don’t feel ashamed now, I can have the most amazing sex and not get pregnant!

  • Reply Toni hurston [email protected] ID:bqhyxw42

    I know the feeling would love to chat

  • Reply Dazz ID:5q9gvmimk0a

    Maybe mom taught Niki on the same chair and he just did what he was taught? Sounds like a well experienced dog.

  • Reply Dazz ID:5q9gvmimk0a

    Maybe mom taught Niki on the same chair before you and he just done what cums naturally?

  • Reply Dutton ID:vagf67i20k

    Would love to joyin with you

  • Reply Jimmy ID:7zv365ns8k

    Awesome story… I have a fetish maybe you ladies could help me out with I love to smell dirty sweaty panties.. text me 814 319 8624

  • Reply T ID:1tw2i1nqk

    Excellent, better than 99.999999% of them on here

  • Reply Zach ID:o3z8dl0z

    Hopefully there is part two ?

  • Reply Zach ID:o3z8dl0z

    Hopefully there is part two ?

    • Anon ID:1tw2i1nqk

      Oh I don’t know about that, I am getting my own place and taking niki with me though as he has sort of become my protector! and my parents thought he would make really good company for me!

    • Hey what r u up to now??? ID:n3eu2bdv4

      Loved it
      226 236 0444