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Our Great Dane Duke Rides My Athletic and Popular Sister

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Through luck or fate I filmed my sister getting fucked hard by Duke, our families great Dane with a giant cock. At first she resists but after, well..

If it wasn’t for my friends offering me money for pictures of my sister I never would have witnessed these events. After she graduated high school she turned her little side makeup channel into a bikini and lingerie channel. Seeing her almost naked was easy, but they wanted more, they even formed a group to make fake posts requesting her to do porn.

My best friend had a huge crush on her so he offered fifty for nudes and two hundred if I could catch her with one of her many boyfriends plus the rest of my group kicked in too. So it just made sense to buy several nanny cams. I couldn’t blame them. Cheryl was slender, athletic, popular and pretty. She loved her makeup, fake lashes, fake nails and her amazing long blond hair that stopped on top of her firm round ass.

In reality I was actually jealous of her boyfriends for having her. And while publicly I denounced their fake fan group I secretly endorsed it with my own fake account in hopes she actually would. My reasoning was if Cheryl was in porn, she would have all kinds of porn girlfriends I could meet.

Our dad traveled a lot, mom worked late and I had my first job so she had the run of the house. I was pretty sure I could catch her doing something. Oh plus our great Dane, Duke. Dad bought him to keep us company and the house safe when he was gone, but really he was mom’s dog and he was too friendly if anyone actually came to rob the place.

The two nanny cameras I had bought were up for months yet I could never catch Cheryl doing anything, except lead a new boyfriend to her room or walk through wearing a small t- shirt and panties late at night. Although, once I did catch my own parents fucking on the couch when both Cheryl and I were gone. Mom was surprisingly wild and it’s obvious where Cheryl gets her looks. I blurred their faces and made a quick four hundred off my buddies. Only problem is, now they come around all the time for random visits.

As the months passed, screening the hours of footage just became routine. After getting a job the thrill of earning at most four hundred dollars was gone. But I still watched the empty house or my family fly around the house at x4 speed.

At least that’s how it was until my routine was broken by a silent house when I got home. Mom was out late and Cheryl was sitting quietly in the kitchen, normally she would be on her cell chatting with her friends about new videos ideas or clothes. Duke on the other hand was panting and glued to her side. His cock hung out its sheath as he whimpered and paced the kitchen.

Both our neighbors’ dogs had come into heat at the same time and he was going crazy. A few days prior mom had to take him to the vet to get his leg stitched after he broke through the glass on the screen door to try and get at them.

That night I flopped in my chair, turned on the video and a movie and sat back to enjoy the new action comedy on my streaming service. Twenty minutes in, a streak of white caught my attention. Cheryl had finally gotten up at noon and wandered through the house before heading to the washroom. An hour later she ran out of the bathroom half naked with only a towel wrapped around her body. She had her hair done and was getting ready for a video, but she was racing around the house holding our cordless phone.

Duke, excited to play, chased after her like a game as she searched for her cell phone. On the floor behind the end table and sofa a cell phone light came on and the two of them zeroed in on it.

Cheryl crawled over top of the sofa’s armrest and unknowingly presented her bare slender ass to the camera. Her leg muscles strained to keep her position as she reached down behind the couch. My cock twitched at the sight of her waist line being revealed under the towel. I had studied her for months and in a way became obsessed with my own sister. The muscles in her legs, ass and back were studied in person and on camera but this was different. It excited me in a way her videos didn’t, probably because it was my own risky setup.

Duke wagged his tail and his tongue hung out at the side of his mouth. He was so crazy with lust his giant cock hung down from his belly.

“Yeah me too,” I chuckled to myself as I watched the footage from that afternoon.

On closer inspection his penis didn’t stop growing, it hung down low like a fifth leg. Normally I would turn away when he got excited but now I couldn’t take my eyes off his massive erection. It was long, thick and oddly shaped. For a second I entertained the idea of it going inside of Cheryl’s amazing round ass just a few feet away.

Without warning he jumped up and mounted Cheryl from behind. Almost twice her weight he pushed her flat into the armrest with his front legs. My heart thumped in my chest as I watched him mount her. My first instinct was to run out and help her but it had already happened hours ago. I stared at the screen holding my breath imagining the different ways it could go. I wanted to see what would happen, part of me even cheered on for Duke.

Cheryl tried to push herself off the sofa but could only cling to the back cushion and side of the end table. I cursed myself for cheaping out on the nanny cam and not buying one with audio. I could only imagine her scream as she swatted back at him. For a moment Duke seemed confused and stepped off of her but before she could recover he was on top of her again.

It was like watching her get dragged through the duck pond while camping all over again. I smirked to myself at her expense and leaned forward on my chair to watch the scene. I had expected it to end like the usual scene of someone shrieking then kicking the horny dog off their leg. But Duke was undeterred and after he fell off he was right back on her. Her struggles had loosened the towel and exposed her body but Duke was getting in the way of the camera.

Still bent forward as she tried to fight off Duke, Cheryl’s hands swung in the air and her phone flew off to the side. Duke’s weight and front legs held her in place as she was stuck with a knee in between the cushions and her head between the lamp and back of the couch.

She lost her footing and flopped belly down onto the armrest and kicked at the carpet desperate to get back up. Her head swung back, hurling her hair up and over her shoulder in a great arc. She clawed at the couch and screamed in an attempt to crawl forward but Duke stayed with her.

Duke’s giant front paws dug into her shoulders and his back humped over her. From my angle I could see she grew more frantic, her face twisted in a silent scream and she fought to push herself back up.

Her hands clenched the cushions of the couch and Duke began thrusting his ass faster. Thats when I realised he was raping her. With one lucky shot he had found his way in and I was glued to the screen in horror and lust as I watched her tiny athletic body get fucked by our pet who was the same size as her and weighted almost twice as much.

Duke was frantic as he fucked her, his whole body shook as he pounded his cock into her. Her hair flailed around and the towel slipped to the side exposing her breast from the side. Duke gave one long thrust and her body stiffened, as if her body responded she pounded the back of the couch with her palm.

At his full depth he fucked her fast again. Her body must have given in at that moment because it was as if she gave up and hung on for life as he assaulted her.

In the end Duke was just a dog and had no rhythm other than fast and hard. Cheryl’s legs slipped out from under her and she squeezed the back of the couch hard and twisted her fist in the folds of the fabric. Her other hand clung to the side of the armrest as our giant dog drove his long cock deep inside of her.

Off balance the two slipped from the edge. Cheryl’s mouth opened wide and her head flew back as Duke fell out of her. It was as if she had become deflated, emptied of his giant long cock. Before he could mount her again she rolled over and scrambled up onto the couch. She was shaking as she covered herself with the towel.

Duke, confused again, whimpered and tried to mount her, but she held him off until he stood next to her and panted. He had still to cum, but I suspected she did.

Cheryl covered herself with her towel and stared at Duke while she squeezed her quivering knees together. Her hair was a mess and the makeup she had half applied was smeared across her face. In disbelief she stared at his giant penis and covered her mouth with her hand. Then I realised my cock was rock hard inside my pants and ached to be used.

The whole thing was over in a minute and my cock filled with so much blood it ached and felt as if it would explode.

She sat there for another minute, but she didn’t seem to hate him or blame him. Just kept him at bay with her arm. After a while he calmed down and tried to stick his nose under her hand to make her pet his head. In a strange afterglow of sex she abidded and scratched behind his ear.

After she got up and went back to the bathroom I sat back in my chair and thought about what I had witnessed. Nude pictures were one thing, but this was something else. I closed the feed and stayed in my room for the rest of the evening until mom came home. Of course my friends would never see this footage.

Dad was gone on another sales trip and it was just us three home for the week. Duke acted as if nothing changed but Cheryl was lost in thought as was I. Without practice, hitting the hole blind isn’t the easiest thing to do, but Duke had managed it on his second attempt.

Mom chatted away about her day as if all was normal. As she did, Cheryl began to stroke and pat Duke’s head, even smile at mom’s stories and begin to lossen up. Duke, despite his size, was the friendliest dog most people had ever seen. It was difficult to stay mad at him and perhaps that’s what was happening to them now.

When nighttime arrived Duke chased after mom as he normally did and jumped up on their bed. Just like that the pieces fell together, sort of, but just enough to intrigue me in a strange sick way. I had to know and that night I had an order for 5 new wireless cameras with audio, a new router, a kvm switch and a mini pc to make my own cctv setup.

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