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First Time Having Sex with my 14 year old Son (True Story)

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True story of how I took advantage of my son being sick and had sex… enjoy!

Hey. Most of you guys remember me from the story where my brother brutally raped me. I got lots of negative comments on it, some being that the story was fake or it was wrong of me to suggest that I wanted my daughters to be raped. Well, all I would like to say is that I don’t really care if you think that my story is fake. If you choose not to believe my story, then that’s on you. But I was really raped by my brother at the age of 12 and I prefer telling my story cause I still find it hot to this day and I would like to introduce my children to something of that extent. Well, I have finally succeeded to seduce my teenage son and here’s the story. 😉

So, 2 weeks ago, my son Kevin (who is 14) was sick and had somewhat of a cough, runny nose,etc. But the main thing was that he had shivers at night. Now, some backstory. I’ve caught my son Kevin looking at me and checking me out multiple times when I would come out for the bathroom or when I would wear really tight pants that would show off my ass. I mean, what more can you expect from a teenage boy who is obviously horny all the time. Since I loved incest after what my brother did to me, I decided to act upon my sexual urges and fantasies of my son. So after dinner that day, I gave Kevin some cough syrup (i gave him a bit more than he needed) so he would “feel better”. Afterwards, he went to bed. After that, i went to my room, rolled up a joint, smoked it and began to masturbate lightly to some incest porn on my laptop to get in the mood. After about 10 minutes or so, i was feeling pretty fucking horny (and high) so i closed the laptop, threw out the joint, and crept into kevin’s bedroom
i saw kevin shivering under his blanket so i decided to go “warm him up”
i went to the other side of the bed and slipped into bed
my motherly instincts took over first so i checked his forehead and felt it was quite hot
but he was still shivering somehow
so i decided to rub his body a little bit
i started with his chest and just slowly rubbed my hands over it so he would get warmer
about 5 minutes or so later, i guess he awoke because he called out “mom?”
his voice sounded pretty sore
so i hushed him and said “yes… it’s me. I’m trying to help you feel wamer. don’t worry.”
and i continued to massage his chest
but he was still shivering so i told him to get closer to me
i turned to the side so my ass was facing him (i was just wearing my yoga pants and a red pantie underneath)
i slid up real close to him and made sure i positioned my ass right next to his crotch
kevin didn’t make any attempts to move away but he also didn’t make any attempts to touch me or hold me
he remained very rigid for a copule of minutes before i finally felt his dick slowly becoming erect
i guess he was becoming stressed and nervous that i would notice so he tried to move away
but i didn’t let him and pulled him closer
i told him “you need the body heat. don’t move away. it’s fine”
i felt kevin nervously sigh and his boner kept on getting bigger
until finally it was fully erect and i felt it poking my already wet pussy
i smiled as i felt it twitch against my wet pussy
after a minute or so, i reached over with my hand and touched it through his pants
“what is this?” i asked mockingly to my son
“i’m sorry mom, i really am, mom.” he said, growing nervous and anxious
it was really funny as i watched him sweat over what i would do to him
“its ok… it’s just natural” i told him as i slowly rubbed his dick through his pants
“mom.. what are you doing?” he said as i kept on rubbing his dick
“just trying to keep you warm, kevin. now be quiet and try to go to sleep.” i told him
after a while, i felt his breath quicken so i knew he was about to cum
but i couldn’t let him cum without even fucking me first
so i stopped stroking him, got up real quick, took off my leggings and panties, and got into bed again
i was really horny now and i put my soaking wet panties in front of his face
his reaction when i slid into bed naked and my panties on his face was amazing
“mom! what are you doing?” he said, clearly confused but still pretty horny as i felt his dick poking my ass still
“shhhh… just be quiet and smell it.” i told kevin as i turned around on my side to face him and i rubbed my panties on his face
he let out a soft moan as he sniffed it and the wetness rubbed onto his face
i smiled and began to kiss his forehead as he began to sniff the panties by himself
i felt his dick poking my pussy now so i slowly touched it and guided it towards my pussy
my son gasped
“mom… are you sure?” he asked, scared.
i gave him another kiss on the forehead and told him “yes. anything to make you feel better.”
and with that, i slowly put his dick inside my pussy
he let out a moan as he lost his virginity to his mom
i made him shush so his sisters wouldn’t hear
when his full cock was inside of me, i let him take over
he grabbed my hips and pulled me closer as he started going in and out
i moaned as this was possibly the best feeling ever
feeling your son fuck you in the pussy
and being high made it even better
he was moaning too but it was really hard as his dick kept on slipping out due to the weird position we were in
so i made him stop and i turned over so i was in missionary
i told him to get on top of me as i spread my legs
my son moaned and he shoved his dick into my pussy again
i can’t tell you how hot it was as i saw him through the darkness fuck me
it was so erotic
i made him bend over and we began kissing on the lips as we were fucking
he was a pretty good kisser for being a virgin… i was actually impressed
he bent down to kiss my neck too as he kept on slowly pounding me
i put my legs around him in order to get him closer to me as he fucked me
i couldn’t take how hot it was anymore and i came before my son did
i moaned into his neck as he kept on fucking me and soon after i came, i felt him cum too as he twitched inside my pussy
he slumped on top of me as he began kissing me intensely now
we were both sweating hard and gasping for air
he rolled over and smiled at me and told me “i love you mom.”
i smiled and kissed him once
“shh, now try to sleep now. I’ll try to help out some more.” i said as i got down in the blanket and saw his dick slowly becoming flaccid again
i grabbed his dick and slowly put it in my mouth and licked it clean
i heard my son give a soft moan and i continued to slowly lick it
his dick didn’t get erect again but i didn’t care because his flacid dick meant that he was falling asleep
i continued to suck on it even after i heard him lightly snore
after about half an hour, i was also pretty tired so i got up, gave him one last kiss, and turned around and slept with my ass right next to his dick (in case he needed to fuck again the middle of the night)
i woke up this morning and felt my son tap me on the arm
he sounded anixous and scared
“mom, mom… i’m so sorry. i feel really bad for taking advantange of you. mom… please i’m so sorry.”
he was pratically crying
i guess he didn’t remember much due to the cough medicine i gave him or he was too out of it last night to remember what happened
so i calmed him down
and i explained to him what happened
and that it was fairly consensual 😉
and its ok that we did incest
because we love each other and that’s what people who love each other do
it dosen’t matter if we are related by blood or anything
he seemed to calm down and i smiled and kissed him on his lips
he didn’t kiss me back at first but after a while he started kissing me back and really intensely too
he got on top of me again and pulled down his pants
i smiled and opened my legs for him
he slid it in and started moaning like crazy as began fucking me
he started kissing me again and making out with me with intensity
i looked into his eyes as we were fucking and it was so erotic
he fucked me in missonary for about 5 minutes or so before he told me he wanted to try something different
i asked him what and he said he wanted to try fucking me in doggy style
i laughed and said sure as i turned around and got on all fours for him
he moaned and held my hips as he slowly thrust into me
this time he wasn’t fucking me slowly anymore but instead he was fucking me with vigor
i was having a hard time trying not to cum too early when suddenly i felt kevin come into me
i couldn’t hold it back then and i came too
we both started moaning like crazy and he began kissing my neck and playing with my hair as he came
i loved it and he told me “i love you mom. you’re really hot.”
i told him “i love you too kevin. don’t be afraid to let me know if you want to do it again. i’ll always be ready for you.”
and with that i gave him a quick smooch on the lips and went to the shower

Me and my son have regular sex now and it is quite amazing. I want to introduce my daughters (13 and 11) to sex next, so if you guys want to help out or just want to chat about nasty stuff ;), email me at [email protected]

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  • Reply Lauren ID:5fu3cxlfvh

    It’s 1:30 am and I’ve been enjoying a 3som with my son and dad.

    • Lulu ID:vuf1ml9h

      Hey ma email me at [email protected] I would love to talk about your life style it’s sexy af

    • Smu94 ID:26d4r4oic

      How old is your son? And how that it all start?

    • Brian ID:nhb46vt0c

      Sounds hot Lauren

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Lauren, So how do we connect?

    • Lauren ID:5fu3cxlfvh

      Hi Kay, Give me your email address and I’ll give you my WickrMe address

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Lauren, I would love to chat with you about our lifestyle. Ask or talk about anything you wish. Can’t wait to hear from you.

    • Lauren ID:5fu3cxlfvh

      Hi Kay, I have both WickrMe and kik, but for obvious reasons I’m not giving that contact info on here

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Older Guy, Then please give me your e-mail address so we may talk .

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Dear Lauren, So glad to hear you have found the joy in having sex with your 13 year old son. Go ahead and enjoy him as much as you can. How often do you two have sex? Yes, yes. yes enjoy all his delicious cum as I do with my son.

    • Older guy ID:pvkvh4k0b

      What I’m curious about is only to be shared with you , and not the other people or commenters on here

    • Lauren ID:5fu3cxlfvh

      Hi Kay, I’m loving every moment with him. I’d love to chat with you about our lifestyle .

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Michael, Yes I do enjoy my son as every mother should. I’m very proud of him being so good looking and not just very well hung but extremely well hung it will never get to wear clothing so I can watch its over sized package swing and flop around with each step. My friends tell me to keep him naked as well. It is so adorable always having him naked. My friends also tell me it’s much better having absolutely nothing for him to wear instead of one set of clothing just incase. I agree with them so it will always be made to stay completely naked at all times. A friend told me she loves the way I put my son on naked display. I never thought of it that way but that is what I am doing and see nothing wrong with it. So it will always have to be naked for my pleasure and that of my female friends and their daughters too.

  • Reply Richard ID:rz5vjd9j

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      God I would love to slide on your cock. Mommy’s Getting soaked just thinking about it. Would love my first yng boy to be 13.

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      Yuck! 🤮🤮🤮

    • CD ID:1dg7iss7elvt

      Did you hear from anyone yet

  • Reply Sarah ID:rz5vjd9i

    Hi cory do you like reading the stories on here.

  • Reply Gwendoline ID:1bqrrywn20k

    My husband was working in Germany when lock down began. I was at home with my fourteen-year-old son. unbeknown to my husband, I had been having oral sex with him since he was ten years old. After one week of lockdown, I needed sex. I went to his bedroom and got into bed with him. after sucking his cock to get it hard, I straddled him and rode him until I had a cum. From then on, my son fucked me three or for times a day. Lockdown is over now, but we still fuck whenever his father is not around. he often fucks me before he goes to school in the morning, and always when he comes home in the afternoon. As a result, I’m now five months pregnant. I convinced my husband that he is the father.

    • Kenny ID:5z0po4l2h

      Can we talk Google chat [email protected]

    • Smu94 ID:26d4r4oic

      What is it only you doing it on your son or did he also do it on you at ten? Alos How did it start with you to?

  • Reply Micheal ID:2wcnr0uzrc

    Kay. Did he finish raking the leaves?

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Michael, Now to Finish, So perfect that women remain in warm house wearing warm clothes drinking hot coffee while my son has to toil naked outdoors in the cold weather. This is how I brought up my son to respect females. After about two hours and ten minutes he was done. Upon entering the house me saw my friend and was surprised. Not because she saw him naked as all my female friends and daughters have seen it naked many times before. It was because he was about to get a treat for the first time in front of a friend of mine. I instructed it to seat on the edge of a wooden chair, to lean back, grab the back chair legs with both hands, open legs wide apart and feet around the back of the front chair legs. This left its big beautiful package dangling, in front of the chair for mommy to enjoy. I gorged on its incredible cock and balls for a long time but not letting him cum. My jaw was getting sore so stopped for awhile. it was so big my hand didn’t fit around it. I showed it to my friend saying why do you think. She said it was amazing and couldn’t believe a cock so big and long could get so ridged. My son may have gotten a little embarrassed she got to see it in that state for the first time. As I stroked its huge pole I was saying don’t you like her seeing your hard-on? you know she has every right too. That is why you have no clothing. Always naked so females are able to look at everything. That’s what your body is for so no hiding anything. Let her look at your nice hard-on, okay. Now that’s better. I then had to force it in my mouth to complete the treat which is more for me, LOL. When I was ready I made it cum in my mouth with its warm, thick, salty and plentiful load of ball juice. Because its ball are so huge and heavy, got a release and in a warm house they tend to hang very low. As a matter of fact I love the way they hang so far down away from its body, so sexy. I cupped them with my small mommy’s hand which made its ball seem even larger.

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Michael, I haven’t herd from you in over three days. Do you still get on this site? Read about my son working outdoors in the cold naked and what happens after. Then I would love to hear your comments.

  • Reply Cory b. ID:5u1d7c3t0i

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  • Reply Michael ID:kno4km2

    Hi Kay ‘SCSQ’. Are you still out their??

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Michael., Yes I am still here. Have been checking to see if you responded to my last comments but you have not. It’s the one where I compare my son’s huge appendage to the biggest male porn stars. They really don’t have anything over him, LOL. Do hope to hear from you.

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Michael, Let me tell you what happened today. The leaves are changing and falling off the trees because it’s that time of the year. It was also chilly outside but the leaves needed to be picked up. Even though my son has no clothing it must do all the outside work. The temperature was in the upper 40’s but with wind chill made it in the low 40’s. Just so you know the temperature means nothing to me as far as my son going naked outdoors. That is why I have no clothing at all for it. I sat down to have a since cup of hot coffee as my naked son raked the leaves. The door bell rang. My friend stopped by to say hello. I gave her some coffee too to warm up. That’s when she saw it naked in the back yard and loved it. When I told her it has been out there for over two hours she giggled and thought it was great. I then explained it was going to get a treat but only after it was done raking up all the leaves. No, it doesn’t matter to me how long the job takes even if its completely naked and bare foot and 42 degrees. WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO FINISH WHAT HAPPENED.

    • Mike ID:2wcnr0uzrc

      Kay. Are you going to finish what happened?

    • Micheal ID:kno4km2

      Kay. Not been on here. Do you enjoy yourself

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Michael, Good to have you back. Did you get to read my finished store after he raked up all the leaves? What did you think of it?

  • Reply Anonymous ID:2wcnr0uzra

    Kay. You must be very good at it..!

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Anonymous, Yes I am very good at it and love doing it so much.

    • Anonymous ID:kno4km2

      Kay. I’d like to here more stories from your passed …

    • Anonymous ID:kno4km2

      Kay. I’m wondering what happens next??

    • Micheal ID:kno4km2

      Kay. You are very good, do you enjoy yourself?

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Michael. Yes I do really enjoy “it”. That’s why I always keep it naked. You see I do not allow my son to own any clothing. I’ve taught him clothing is only for females. I’ve taught him that females get to view its naked body. i’ve taught him it would be disrespectful to wear clothing in front of females. This is to make sure it can only be naked on all get togethers with my female friends and their daughters as well. We females do keep our clothes on of course. As a matter of fact it has not got the chance to wear anything for almost 2 years and 10 months now and counting.

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Michael, Yes i do love big cock with everything else being even. A huge cock is especally made for cock sucking which I love to do. My son’s cock is the biggest ever seen. I don’t like porn since it doesn’t’ appeal to most women but I’m not a prude. Have watched some where the stars are big and they are but have nothing on my son even if he is only 15. its penis is longer than the longest porn star, its penis has more girth than the thickest porn star. Having both makes it very, very huge as you can imagine. I am unable to get all of it in my mouth and down my throat, just way too big. I have to keep my mouth wide open and force it in,LOW. Sometimes my jaw gets sore but not like what my son goes through. As I bob my head up and down its fat cock gets jammed on my teeth. This can be uncomfortable for him but some how more pleasing for me. I usually grab its big balls to let it know its going no where and is for mommy’s pleasure. When I am ready I make it release its tasty treat and what a treat it is. How would you have liked your relationship to have been with mom?

    • Micheal ID:kno4km2

      Hi Kay. Oh wow you really know how to please your son you must gagg on his big cock when you feel him at the back of your throat. Have you ever thought about having two big cocks to pleasure? I would have like to experience what you do to your son and definitely taste ger pussy, do you let him taste yours, shaven?

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Michael, Yes I love to take my son’s enormous cock in my mouth and suck it for all its worth. Nothing pleases me more. Have thought are good it would be to have two huge cocks to play with but never done it. Right now I am stuck on my son’s giant gorgeous cock and don’t think it would be possible to find another close to its size. In high school I found out how much I loved sucking cock. The first cock I sucked I was hooked. The first load I took I was hooked. I became known as the best cock sucker in school and the guys took advantage. That is they thought so. You see I was getting what I wanted so I really took advantage of the boys. Some days I got to suck off one boy but other days it was three or four. The biggest circle suck was nine guys one after another. All a boy had to do was take me someplace private and unzip his pants. I instinctively got down on my knees and went to work. Nothing more had to be said by them. I knew what I was and didn’t mind at all. The guys called me the school cock sucking queen but was more than okay wit it.

    • Mike ID:kno4km2

      Kay. Yes you definitely like a huge one to play with and sucking off more than one

    • Older guy ID:pvkvh4k0b

      To , Kay I’d love to chat privately , through email you have me curious

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Older Guy, Let’s first get to know each other on this site okay. What are you curious about?

    • Micheal ID:1e0iublgnkzg

      Hi Kay. It’s good to hear you enjoy it.

  • Reply Stacey ID:2kyee16vv3

    Hi kay i love my sons cum squirted all over my body. the best feeling ever its so much better than haveing a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I had a girlfriend for a while when i was single for ages. Lesbian sex is nice. I didnt think i would like to lick another girls pussy it tasted amazeing. But i always go back to my sons cock. I love mum and son incest sex. It feels so good when my son fucks me where he came out of. Its really to talk to mums who love incest sex like me.x

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Hi Stacy, I know what you mean. It is great isn’t it. I do prefer my son to cum in my mouth. I what to taste him. Love knowing its load is in my stomach and part of me. Just love that my son’s sperm is a big part of my diet. What do you think that my son never gets to wear clothing? I always keep it naked, LOW.

  • Reply JOE ID:fx7i91941


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  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Hello Michael, Yes of course we can talk. It is normal for a son to think about sex with their mother and even more so for mom to think and want sex with a son. That’s why I do not let my son wear clothing. he has none and that is the why it will be. Just love to always be able to look at his perfect body and that giant gorgeous appendage it has. its balls are so huge heavy and low hanging which are able to give me so much thick tasty young cum to swallow. By the why he is always naked when my female friends come over. We get to wear clothing but never him. I even take my naked son along when visiting my female friends. It is very thrilling for me how much they want him naked. I believe my best friend wants to suck him off too so maybe I’ll share him.

    • Michael ID:kno4km2

      You really are an amazing mother, your son is very lucky I can only imagine what it would feel like to experience what he has! I love reading your stories they really turn me on!

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Hi Michael, Good to know you like the relationship I have with my son and it turns you on. I have raised my son that it must always be naked for mommy. I have raised my son to always be naked so mommy can suck it off whenever she wants. I have raised my son it’s wrong for him to wear clothing. That means I do not allow him to own any. it doesn’t even own one sock, LOW. So you see the only way it can be is naked and love it. Get back to me soon.

    • Micheal ID:kno4km2

      Hi Kay. You really are a good mother to suck him off so much and swallowing his load, you obviously enjoy it and you do like a big cock too, I can only imagine what it must feel like to experience that…!
      Hope to hear more from you.

    • [email protected] ID:1a91eifz

      Hey Kay I would love to hear more storys, so can you email me please and I will tell you my age when you email me (;

  • Reply Stacey ID:1ah770lfzrb

    Hi lottie do you have sex with your son. Ive been haveing sex with my 15 year old son for about a month. Being a single mum you need to have take what you can get. I love his young cum it tastes so good. He fucks me everyday now i always look forward to him comeing back from school. I love him licking my pussy until i cum in his mouth. Hopefully we have many years of hot sex. Ive been pregnant from my son. I love his cock twitching inside me before he fills me with his hot sticky cum. I love incest sex its the best.

    • Becky ID:5az7a76ic

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    • Brian ID:nhb46vt0c

      Stacey your son is very lucky .

  • Reply Lottie ID:vruzdym1

    Your an awesome mum! That was so hot!

  • Reply Oldman ID:5vakbs64zi

    [email protected] Would love her from anyone I’m male early 60s like stories of all kinds

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    • [email protected] ID:fx7ita58i

      Wow I would like to hear more

    • GunfireMomma ID:bo2qeow41

      If this true… do you like it? How do you get him to want it?

    • Older guy ID:pvkvh4k0b

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