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After School Extra Math class

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This is a true story of how my math teacher seduced me.

I was 14 when this happened. Was bad at math and I didn’t understand a thing. My math teacher talked to my parents about it and said that she would be okay with me staying after class to help me with math. Not going to lie she was hot and she always wore clothes that were about 2x sizes smaller so you could see her nips as for some reason she doesn’t wear a bra.

So the bell rang and I had to stay at my desk. She said she needed to go to the bathroom before we start. So I was waiting for about 10 minutes, then she entered and grabbed the math textbook. She grabbed a chair and put it next to me. We were going over stuff like what is the area of this building. So she was explaining the work until I saw she had lipstick on (She had no lipstick on when school started). I asked her if she had some plans after she finished teaching me. She said no with a smile.

I was busy trying to get the area of the math problem when I felt her hand touch my crotch. It turned me on but I didn’t do anything, she then unbuttoned her shirt revealing her massive tits. I was shocked by what she was doing. She then told me that she always found me interesting and she wanted to explore with me. Just so you all know I didn’t have friends so I would stay in class during lunch breaks.
She then took my pants off and saw my 7 inch cock spring up.

She then started stroking my cock then started sucking it. It felt amazing. She then stood up and took off her pants revealing her perfect ass. She sat on the table and told me to lick her pussy. So I went on my knees and started to eat her out. She was moaning and I felt her pussy juice enter my mouth. She then told me to stop and she bent over. She told me to fuck her.

So I stood up and got it to position. I entered my cock and can I say she was so tight. I started going faster and faster and she started to moan louder and louder. We did this for about 20 minutes when I said I was going to cum. She said cum in me. So I started to go faster until I came in her tight pussy. When then got dressed and she kissed me saying that she had fun. She then said she wants to do this ever day during lunch break.

But then I started homeschooling but she lives next door and I often ” visit her for math tutoring”.

Thank you for reading I still have more stories to tell.

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    Is there a video i can see

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    Would love to see them!

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    totally fake

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    It’s what you go home and dream about while stroking your cock,good bullshit story though.

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      There are videos of me fucking her

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      Love to see the videos then!