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Grocery Getter

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A stalker catches his victim in the act with her boyfriend… #Play

I offered to help her, take her groceries to the car, but she said “I got it,” and dropped the bags back in her cart. So, I took a break, and grabbed her empty cart, when she was done with it. The handle was still warm from her hands holding it. I lined it up with the other ones, to push back with the rest bye the door.

She smokes, so I had to card her. Stephanie, she didn’t look 18, let alone 20, but I felt an instant connection with her, and she smiled at me. Willingly, she just wanted to show how independent she was. Loading up her own groceries in the back seat of her car.

A little hatchback, 3 door grocery getter, but she just put the gallon of milk down in the foot well, flipped her seat back, and got in. Without moving the cart, so I pulled it out from between the cars, so she could back out without scraping it, or breaking her mirror.

She smiled at me again, but the doors locked automatically when she put it in reverse. So, she didn’t get a chance to thank me, or invite me over, but her address was on the Driver’s License. She must have just left home, because all she could afford was a little duplex. 1 bedroom, a living room with the kitchen in the back. First thing you saw when she went in the door, or came out in the morning, but she didn’t see me, for some reason.

Sometimes I feel invisible, but the 2 times she actually looked at me, she smiled, and her eyes lit up. She must have seen something she liked, but nobody ever looked at me that way before. I guess I’m just plain, not very good looking, average height, and weight. Brown hair and eyes, so I got used to just being there. Blending into the background, and it’s not like I wear camouflage.

I just look better in earth tones. You know, dark greens, brown and tan, khakis, but never black. I’m not some mopey Goth, even though they called me that, in high school. Not the actual Goths, they could tell the difference, the Emos too, but I only started wearing black, because I hated being called Dirty Dan.

I hate bleach, I’m sensitive to it, and it’s poison, you know. So, I stopped wearing white teeshirts is all. They stained too easy, but then I decided that you can stain black all you want, and nobody could tell. It wasn’t until after I quit school that I realized that dark brown, and green especially. You can’t see grass stains on that, either.

Then, one night I caught a guy up on her roof. Bent over, and holding onto the gutter. Whoever built them wanted to make sure they never had to fix them, because the gutters were like angle iron, or C beams? Not glittering in the dark, near the Tanhäuser Gate, but more like angle iron, with 2 bends in it, so it looked like the letter C in cross section. At least the edge are smooth, instead of being left rough, and sharp.

The wall on the side was likewise heavy cinder blocks. Only the top ones had holes through them, so you could peek in her back yard, when she had friends over, and fired up the grill. That was mostly last summer, but the weather was starting to get nice, and there wasn’t any water, running out of the end of the gutter. They skimped on that, there wasn’t any pipe running down the end, just a waterfall when it rained, and a little planter for it to water, there.

Nothing in it but dirt, and weeds, but whoever it was, up there. He didn’t see me, either. He was too busy looking down at the window. The high little to her bathroom, it was open so it didn’t fog up, when she took a shower. Or, to let the bad smells out, when she took a crap, but it was so high that you couldn’t see more than the top of her head, or her bangs standing up. Even if she turned around, and took off her robe to get in the bath, and pull the shower curtain over.

I figured that’s why he climbed up on the roof, but I didn’t hear the shower running, let alone see any steam floating out, in the light from her bathroom. The dome light right over the shower. Finally, he let go of the gutter, and got up. Turned around, and crawled back, until his legs hung off, but he didn’t drop down. He gripped the edge of the gutter, and managed to feel the window sill with his foot.

I had hoped that he’d make more nose, to warn her that he was breaking in. While she was home, a rookie mistake, but when he finally hung down. I saw his bandana flop up. The bottom of his face, covered in stubble, with a mustache, but I didn’t recognize him. Never saw him around the neighborhood, but he might have just moved in. It’s not like I watch over her 24-7, it was fate that he decided to make his move when I was around to see it, but as soon as he slipped in. I jogged across the parking lot, and slipped between the buildings. Pulled up on the side wall, and carefully climbed up, so I didn’t kick her gate.

He didn’t look that tough, and with any luck, I could catch him form behind. Overpower him before he gets a chance to react.

“NWH!” As I got closer, I heard struggles, coming from the open window. Furniture being kicked around, and something fell over. Muffled squeals, but I couldn’t save her if I fell off the roof, and I had to be careful not to make too much noise, climbing in.

She really should lock her bathroom window, or get the landlord to fix the latch. Maybe just a short board to jam in between the side that slides open, and the outer pane, which never moves.

The struggling stopped, but I could hear whispering. Deep whispering, but not loud enough to hear what he was saying. Until I got close enough to her bedroom door. It was open, but I couldn’t see her bed.

‘i don’t want to hurt you.’

“MPH!” I had to push it out of the way. Slowly, careful not to let it bump the side of her closet.

‘i love you, so don’t make me hurt you. i just want to show you how much.” she tried to shake her head, face down in the pillow, but he he;d the back of her head. Her wet hair, I knew she was taking a shower. She always takes a shower when she comes home from work.

He held her arm behind her, her shoulder was bare, but not pale, and I realized that her neck was flushed red. I knew it, she secretly wanted to be taken, that’s why she resisted my seduction. She doesn’t want to be seduced, but all I got to see was the side of her boob. Squished flat, she often sleeps face down, but with her head turned to one side or the other.

She’s a light sleeper, so she tosses, and turns. Sometimes on one side or the other, sometimes on her back, with the covers up to her neck. She usually lays back like that, with a pillow under her knees, reading. She likes to read, murder mysteries a lot, but then she turns over, with the pillow between her legs, so her thighs don’t swear, and stick together.

‘you like that big dick, in your hands?’ he went on, and let go of her wrist. So, I could see her thumb, and her fingers curled up. The back of her other thumb, and her fingertips. He wasn’t circumcised, so the skin bunched up around the red hot head, then slipped over. I never saw anyone giving a hand-job like that before. I guess, so she can enjoy it, the sight of it in front of her, and her boobs bouncing with each stroke, but this way, he could squeeze her buttocks between his legs.

“Mh hn!” She even nodded a little, so he’d let go of her hair. Her wet hair flopped over her back, and she gasped for a breath. “Huh, yeah. I never felt a penis this big before.”

“Uh!” He lay down on top of her, feeling over her shoulder with one hand, and up around her arm with the other. To slip his hands under her, and hold her boobs, in both hands, but his humping slowed down, and he tried to take a breath. “Huhuhuh!” He grunted, and shook. She squirmed, with his wad slipping between their bodies until he let go, but sideways like that.

I never got the chance to get behind him. Damnit, now I have to move back, before he helps her up, and I hear them kiss. He must have pulled up the bandana, or she did to kiss him. What, did she chat up some guy off the internet, to make her forced fantasy cum true? If she only told me, I would have done it for her. I bet i can do better, just as soon as he leaves. Out the front door, she’s going to have to wash up after that, but I heard her lighter. Her light up a cigarette, and carefully pulled the shower curtain, back over the rod.

To surprise her, I can wait. I waited 8 months all ready, another 5 minutes is nothing compared to that, it just gives me time to plan, what I’m going to do to her.

If I had only know that she wanted to be taken like that, I wouldn’t have just watched her sleep. She sleeps so lightly, tosses, and turns. Gets up several times a night, to use the bathroom in nothing but that nighty she always wears. It’s a nice nightie, I know why it’s her favorite, and somehow that makes her figure look even more amazing than being naked. Taking it off to get in the shower, in the morning, it’s almost an anti-climax.

Then, the window fogs up, because she doesn’t leave it open in the morning. Still too cold. “Huh!” She somehow came in, without making a sound, and the smoke stung my nostrils, but I don’t mind it, so much. I got used to it, hanging in the air when she left in the morning to go to work. Then, I heard a trickle, in water. From the toilet, right there. She’s taking a leak right there, almost next to me, but then there’s a clunk, and I haven’t decided yet, how I’m going to take her.

I have to be careful, it has to be just right. Especially after he left her unsatisfied, but she just ran water in the sink. I peeked, around the side of the shower curtain, but she just wet a washcloth, and wiped the fluid off of her back. Weak sauce, if he had any power behind it, it would have shot up farther. Gotten in her hair, or even hit the headboard, but no. It just dribbled on the small of his back, and it was a pitiful load too. Just a quick wipe, and that was it.

I could do better, but finally, she turned off the water, and left. I knew that she would have her back turned, when she got the nightie out, and put it on for me. Our favorite night gown, to really set off her curves, her tight waist, rippling midriff, broad hips, and long lean smooth clean shaven legs.

“Uh!” he grabbed me. “What the fghm! NWH?”

“Huh, finally got the balls to come in, eh?”

“Huh!” She pulled the night gown on, and turned around. Shaking her head, “No. He’s broken in before, but he just watches me sleep, or plays with my underwear when I’m not home.”

“You like to watch, eh pervert?”

“NWH!” He didn’t let me shake my head, so I tried to bight his finger. Not so I could scream, just so I could tell her that I’m not gay, I love her, and now that I know what she wants, I can give it to her, better than this coward ever could. He tricked me, slammed the door so it sounded like he left, so he could sneak up on me, from behind.

The coward. I guess that’s all she saw in him. She likes it from behind, and he doesn’t have the balls to face her, but I want to see her smile. make her smile, but not like this. What is she smiling like that?


Fanny (MF/m)

Stupid fucking idiot. Without even saying a word, after he offered to carry my groceries out to the car. He insulted my intelligence, just assuming I’m dumb enough to not notice what he ment. Okay, I’m a little flattered that he wanted to spend just a little more time with me, and maybe pump his arm, again. Like he did with the gallon of milk to flex his muscles, puff out his chest.

If that’s what you want to call muscle, more like fat. Not that fat, but still, more fat than muscle. As if I don’t know that I can do better, on the internet. There’s so many guys on the internet, and they’re so DTF, if you know where to look for them.

Rape fantasy sites, enough guys are into that that you can be picky, and chose the perfect man. Not a scared little boy, that won’t even talk to you. A real man, with 9″ of white hard uncut cock, but that’s not why I picked him.

He’s a bottom, honestly he mostly wrote about getting raped. By lesbians with strapons, if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the one where he’s caught watching them fuck, then they take turns nailing him, with strapons. Also, bisexual, but not willing bisexual. It’s not just gay wymyn he writes about, holding him down, and forcing him to take it up the ass.

That’s how I knew that he would understand. Most of the tops on there, they’re guys that never bottomed. Bragged about it, all the while telling me that they know what I need. As if I don’t know what I want, I need them to tell me, that’s what submission is all about, right?

Well, a switch knows how it feels, to be dominated. They don’t depend on being a natural master. Born that way? No, that doesn’t make you a natural Master, it makes you a narcissistic psychopath, with delusions of grandeur. A rapist with fantasies about a willing victim.

I don’t want to be raped, again. I know all too well what that really feels like, and I hate to break it to them, but no. I didn’t start to like it, I didn’t get off on it, and I didn’t yearn for their return. It was just terrifying, painful, and disgusting. I couldn’t wait for them to finish, and leave me alone, but I’m not a bottom. A natural sub, I’m a switch.

So, the perfect guy is going to be a bisexual switch too. Especially if he likes to top women, and bottom for men. Or submit to women, but I haven’t found another girl that wants to help me nail him with a strapon. Just one strapon, so we can take turns, making him our bitch, and “forcing” him to eat us out.

I don’t have a bisexual bone in my whole body. Because women don’t have the bone to put in my body, but still. I have to admit, that fantasy of his is pretty fucking hot. I could make an exception for him, but we always went back to his place.

As much as I hated my stalker, I didn’t want to scare him off. Maybe make him jealous, angry enough to come in, and try something, but not so that I could submit to his pathetic lust. I already submitted, once tonight.

That was just foreplay. He teased me, by letting me feel it, but not see it. Even through his pants, struggling to rub it with my fanny. I know, what my best side is. I hate it, because I’d much prefer the intimacy of face-to-face, and i told him that, but this was so weird. He didn’t twist my arm, he didn’t actually hurt me, I faked it. He didn’t handcuff me, so I could have let go, and pulled my arms out of the small of my back if I wanted to, but I didn’t.

‘he’s here,’ he whispered, and when he finally let my head go, so I could breathe. The rush of fresh air almost made me dizzy, but I saw him peeking around the door. His fingers holding the edge, so it wouldn’t swing out again, to hang half closed, like it always did. These cheap ass apartments, but I’m happy here. I can save up to buy a place, and skipped college to avoid student debt.

I’m young, I live alone, I like rough kinky sex, and I have a stalker. So, let’s see how he liked rough kinky sex, reverse rape, and forced bisexuality, huh?

“If he lets you go, you’re not going to scream, or try to get away?”

“Nw.” He relaxed, stopped trying to fight, which I know is the first step to truly submitting. I like to fight it, a while. I tried to fight them, but there were too many of them. You have to feel helpless. You have to admit that fighting isn’t going to get you anywhere. You have to give in to what’s happening to you, because you know, deep down in your heart that there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

I want to rape him, just like he always wanted to rape me. Unfortunately, I don’t have a strapon, and I don’t want one, either. Maybe some day, I’ll find a girl I like that has one, just to try this with 2 girls, but first. I need a man, I hate to admit it, but I gave into that, too. He’s not all muscle, and kinda chubby, but he’s still too strong for me to overpower, on my own. It’s funny, but I would have thought that I could find another girl like me. Before a man like Ryan, who shares some of the same fantasies, and is willing to admit it. Even anonymously, online, but that’s the safest place, honestly. There, they may try to judge you, but you can’t get hurt, really hurt there, as long as you’re careful.

Honestly, being careful is the part that I need to learn. I know that, I have a problem, I’m a sex addict, and it’s getting worse. I need more intense fantasies at least, just to get turned on, but if I’m not aroused by it, it might as well be rape. I can say no, but I don’t want to. I want to be ready, and willing for sex, even if pretending to force, and be forced is what it takes, to become willing.

I don’t know, I know it’s fucked up, but it is what it is. I never raped before, alone or with a partner, but at least I have a perfect victim. A stalker, he deserves it, and I’m not just telling myself that he would rape me, if he had the balls. I’m sure he thinks it’s love, but it isn’t. Offering to carry my groceries is not enough to base love on, let alone skulking around in the shadows, and breaking in when I’m not around.

I’m never going to be willing to give in to him, not because he’s a little pudgy, but because he doesn’t have the balls to take me, face me, and let me take him back. Not willingly, so I need a little help, to overpower him.

‘huh, you don’t need him.’ he tried. He didn’t even try to look back, he just caught his breath, and his tongue back from the cat. ‘do you?’ Breathless, barely more than a whisper. ‘he already took what he wanted, so he doesn’t have to be here, to protect you?” He raised his voice, “It that what this is about, you thought you needed to hire a jiggalo to protect you from me?”

“Huh,” Ryan shook his head. “I’m not a whore, dumbass.” All though, that gives me a pretty good idea, I can save for later. I just have to get one of those sexy cop costumes, and meet him on the corner. Play Vice Cop, yeah. I bet he’d like that. “I never needed the money, you don’t have to pay me to fuck.”

“Oh,” getting braver by the minute, it’s almost cute. “So, that’s it. You’re privileged, so you feel entitled to force poor women.”

“Huh! He didn’t force me, come on, man! You ever listen to yourself? Maybe you’re not used to saying this delusional shit out loud, so you have no idea how crazy it sounds, but he could totally charge money for women to get their hands on his hot bod. His nine inch dick.” I held up my hands, “Both hands. He’s got enough dick to stroke it with both hands, and even leave a little extra to suck off while I do it.”

He squeezed out tears, and shook his head.

“Don’t be jealous because I’ve got a bigger dick. Be jealous of me, because I have the balls to fuck the girl of your dreams, when you haven’t even gotten the balls to ask her out in months.”

“Oh yeah. I remember you, I used to love shopping there, but you’re too stupid to even wonder why you never saw me again? Not there, you must have gotten my address from my ID card, if you didn’t follow me home, like you did out to the parking lot, when i refused your offer. I refused your offer, don’t you get it?”

“No, stop!” His lip quivered, and he’s kinda cute, when he’s blubbering.

“We haven’t even started yet. Put in on the bed.”

“Face down, or face up?”

“Face up, and take your belt off, to bind his hands behind him first.”

“All right, you heard the lady. Bend over, and try not to fight it. It only hurts if you fight it.”

Of course, he would know that, too.


Ryan (MFm Alias, Anon Rape.)

I kinda expected him to have a trench coat, a neck beard, and a fedora. He wasn’t one of those guys, that cosplayed as Stranger Danger to look mysterous, hide their guts, extra chins, and receeding hairlines.

No, he dressed casual. Wore button up shirts over teeshirts, instead of jackets. Clean shaven, no hat, short hair, and a widow’s peak. If he’s balding, or going to start balding, he’s too young to really show it.

It’s not about being attracted to men. Any man, fortunately, I don’t have to. Honestly, the more disgusting they are, the better it is for me. I don’t have to try as hard, to imagine it’s rape, but I never raped before. Not for real, but then again, I never had a woman ask me to help her rape her stalker.

Leeza, that’s not her real name either, but I can actually see myself, getting to know her better. Outside of the bedroom, or the role playing dates. The characters she pretends to be but the real her. I’m intrigued by what could possibly make her so hungry for rape. Not just playing the victim, but actually, truly raping a man. With me?

I don’t like to think that I’m actually capable of it. Not emotionally, I’m afraid that I would feel bad, remorse for it if they didn’t plan it out beforehand. With written consent, and thank me when I left. That lets me sleep at night, in fact. I’ve gotten up, just to get out my records, and read the signatures. All the men, and women, I’ve played it out with, over the years, and remembering the tender times after. The cool down, the debrief where we share how we really felt about it, when it was happening. How it wasn’t like we imagined, and in some ways, was even better than we ever could have imagined.

Well, that out of the way, I got my belt off. It was lose, but i wear a canvas belt. Thick, with 2 D rings, so it doesn’t need holes, and you can pull it as tight as you want it. Not too tight around his wrists. I don’t want to hurt him, there’s always the threat, that I can if he doesn’t cooperate, but if I want him to get it up.

“Turn him over.” I love her commanding tone. I love her breathless protests, and her muffled sqeuals too, but right then, I needed her to cammand me. Tell me what to do, so i don’t have to think about it, just obey. He’s at my mercy, but to be honest, I didn’t want to think about what I would do to a male, if the tables were turned.

It also helps not to flash back, to being a scared little boy, and the smell of the cabin. “Huh, now what?” I shook my head.

“Get his dick out.” She pulled up the front of her long nightgown, and got up on her bed. A single bed, honestly you couldn’t get a double, let alone queen, or king sixed one in here, and still swing the door open. A bachelorette pad, in amongst the bachelor pads, and of course she’d slept around the neighborhood, but if she’d found what she wanted here, she wouldn’t have had to shop around online.

“This what you want?”

“Uph ph!”

“He’s a biter.” I warned her.

“No biting. Lick that gash. Suck the blood out of my gash, you deluded prick. You wanted it so bad, well you’re gonna earn your red wings tonight!”

Oh yeah, another reason we had to wait.

“Uph phpt!” I could smell it, the metallic tang, that she didn’t wash off. Not a drop of it, instead she bent over the tub to wash her hair by the faucet.

“NGH Gah! AH!”

“What’s wrong,” she finally got up. “Don’t you like pussy?”

“You broge my gnodes?”

“Huh!” Even my satisfied cock started standing up, at attention.

“Too bad.”

“Muph phup!” She rode him again. “Huh, your bloddy snot, better then lub, now suck it. Suck it up, buttercup. I’m not going to stop until you suck me off. I know you never got your hands on a reall pussy before, but.” She laughed, heartlessly, “You are what you eat, you cannibal. Pussy, eat that pussy, you pussy. Suck my bloody cunt, huh! Whooh!” She shook her head. “Hhuh! you’re getting the hang of it, yeah. Like that, just like that. Hhuh!” She stopped humping him so frantically, and slowed down. Rocking her hips, and not grinding them brutally against his broken nose.

“Huh!” he tried to shake his head, when I touched him. Felt his cock, and rolled it up straight under the fly of his khakis. “He’s getting hard.”

“Yeah, you like it. Maybe not the way you imagined getting it, huh?”

“No, don’t touch me, you gay ass fag.” His nose cleared up quick!

“Huh, well she’s not going to touch your dick.”

“You hear that? I’m never even going to look at your puny little limp dick, so if you want to get off, you better let him. Okay?” She stopped, and let him gasp for breath. Licking his lips, and snorting out a couple more gouts of bloody snot. “I’m not asking you.”

“I am.” I pulled out he zipper, by the pull, and slowly let it tick down. The teeth popping out, one by one. “Please, can I suck your dick?”

“Huh, okay, yeah.”

So, it’s not rape. I’m not going to rape him, she is. Already, she raped his face so hard it bled, and his chin is so covered with it, it’s starting to run down his neck, but as long as I’m here.

This dick isn’t going to suck itself.


^I can go on, if you’re interested. I know, there’s no incest, and she’s probably not going to get pregnant, not for a few weeks at least, but I’t hard to gauge when you stop reading, and move onto another story.

Feedback is always welcome…

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