Duty to help

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As a healthcare worker, my duty is to help. I have a niece who always felt comfortable talking to me about anything. At my age of 36 yo, I am the middle uncle. I always listen to her boyfriend bullshit, if not that her complains about work and everything you can think of. On the 24 March 2020. She came to my house complaining about Corona virus and the Lock down ahead. She was worried about South Africa and the financial impact of State of emergency. Don’t get me wrong, I have my own stressors. I am worried that I impregnated my step daughter and the fact that she refused to terminate. For the first time in her life she heard me saying, stop whining about shit, people have real problems that this shit you’re whining about. Real problem will be your uncle impregnating his step daughter. “You need to call your boyfriend” I said forgetting they broke up a week before. I quickly remembered the breakup. ” Or even better, get laid, you must be fuckin horny” without thinking I uttered those words. She remained confused and extremely quite. I apologized and started discussing my situation with her. She couldn’t find words. I offered a homemade juice forgetting I mixed dagga and Spanish fly. I heard mother fuckers saying the Spanish fly can turn a church girl into a whore. I sipped my beer while she drinks the juice. I couldn’t stop her anymore when I remembered the juice mixture. She gulped the glass and stood up to the fridge for an extra glass. I was worried but still didn’t believe myths around the Spanish fly. We continued talking for an hour or so. I noticed that she started sweating and still believe it was the effect of dagga. “Uncle we’re you serious that all my frustrations were lack of sex?” She politely asked. I was frustrated by the problem I have, that’s all I could say. “Between me and you, if you can impregnate your step daughter, you can ease my frustrations” she said with a commanding tone looking me in the eyes. All I could think of was that there is no blood link between me and my step daughter. Yet I was worried that if the myth around Spanish fly is true, I am left with no choice. I started thinking the juice was meant for my ex girlfriend’s sister as she promised to visit early in the day. ” Why are you quite?” She asked with frustration. I said if any family member can find out we are both dead. She said I am 25 and can decide what I do with my body. I felt defeated and stated I will fuck her only if she is on the pill and that nobody will ever hear of this. Her assurance was quick. She stood up. Started kissing me but I felt like I was raped,guilty conscious dominated what I felt. She must have noticed as her next move made me forget everything. She sucked my dick from nowhere. I don’t know when and how she took my trousers down. I immidiately torn her clothes, and fucked her without foreplay. I fucked her missionary like a possessed man. After what looked like two minutes we came together. We both faced a problem. She can’t leave because her clothes were torn. We fucked over and over again, the second and third time foreplay was involved and proudly made her cum more than twice with each round. In the morning I will fuck her more and rush to buy her clothes. I have to admit, the sex is great to an extent where she offered to visit more often for destressing sessions.

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  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:fzq5op20i

    what will her parents say if she get pregnant?text me at (347)949-2811 what will uncle do than?