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A Gift for My Dad- Part 1

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I love my dad a lot… My body is his forever..

Smiling happily, I thought, today is the day. At last, 12 years of school would come to a climax and I would graduate. I had even won a prize for Maths. I was ready to celebrate in a wild way, especially considering my 18th birthday was three weeks ago and I couldn’t celebrate it properly then because it fell in the middle of exam week.

Adjusting my mortar board to sit firmly on my head, I gazed at my reflection in the full length mirror in my bedroom. My long, blonde hair, which was normally straight as an arrow, tumbled luxuriously over my shoulders. It was worth the hassle of sleeping in curlers to create this style. The bedroom lights made my hair gleam and shine like satin. The effect was stunning.

The royal blue of the graduation gown and mortar board seemed to be made specifically to highlight my flaxen curls. The gown draped in folds over my slim frame and hung perfectly to mid calf. It was exactly the right shade to make my emerald eyes sparkle even brighter and appear more piercing. My lips glimmered with pale pink lipstick – Innocence – my favourite shade and curved into a satisfied smile. I looked perfect and I looked that way for my father.

Dad was my shining light. Throughout my life, everything I did, I did with the express purpose of pleasing him. I couldn’t bear to think he would ever be disappointed in me and my achievements, I couldn’t handle the shame of letting him down.

So I learned my school work and I learned to bring him joy. To this end, I grew my hair long because he thought it looked more feminine. I only used pale pink lipsticks and nail polish as he said that anything else looked trampy. My whole life, I studied as hard as I could. I didn’t always achieve top grades but I tried my best. My Dad knew I worked flat out and he loved me for trying so hard.

I only ever dated boys I knew that he would approve of and I never let them do anything more than kiss me. Some people thought I was a tease but I didn’t want to lead them on. If they thought they would get it all from me, I wouldn’t be able to stop them. So I never let the boys think they had a chance. I was saving myself.

And today, finally, I could reward Dad’s faith and trust in me. He took the day off work to come with me to the afternoon ceremony and promised that in the evening we would do whatever I liked to celebrate. I was so excited. It was his 40th birthday in a couple of weeks so we had decided to roll all the parties into one big bash.

“Beth? Are you ready to go yet?” His voice floated up the stairs to my room.
“In a minute Dad. I’ll be right there.”
I slipped into my black heels, took one final glance in the mirror, and headed downstairs, ready to make my grand entrance.
Dad was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. His face broke into a huge smile, showing his dimples to their best advantage.
“Oh Beth. Honey, you look wonderful. I am so proud of my little girl.”
“Thanks Dad. I am glad you’re happy.”
I brushed a quick kiss across his lips and then reached up to wipe away the smudge of Innocence I left there. “Shall we go, Dad?”
“Soon darling. I just want to take a few photos.”
After 15 minutes of posing and shutters clicking, we were finally on our way. I could barely sit still in the car. Nervous, excited, happy – I couldn’t decide what I felt most.

I glanced across at my father, assured and in control in the driver’s seat. His black blazer showcased his hard chest and strong arms. His legs moved powerfully, changing the gears and riding the pedals with ease. I was so proud of what he had achieved. He owned the local gym and worked there part time as an instructor. As well as instructing, he also managed the place single handed and had the complete respect of all his staff.

I adored gazing at his perfect body. His muscles were toned and taut, but he wasn’t bulky like the huge body builders. He gave me a sense of security, protection. I never need be afraid in his presence. His eyes were the same piercing emerald as mine and his hair was only a shade or two darker than my own locks. Dad’s hairline hadn’t started to recede yet and it was thick and lustrous. I often ran my hands through it just to feel how soft it was. It made him smile dreamily when I brushed and stroked his hair. I reached over now and stroked his hair lovingly. He smiled and glanced at me. “I love you Dad.”
“I love you more, Beth.”

We arrived at the school hall, along with hundreds of other people ready to celebrate this milestone. The ceremony went off without a hitch. Everyone had a great time and got carried away eating the refreshments. We threw our mortar boards in the air, as per tradition. Funny though, they never tell you how hard it is afterwards to find your own hat again. But we survived and returned our gowns and mortars in tact after another lengthy photo shoot. “Just one more, one more shot,” seemed to be the most heard cry on the front lawn. The parents just couldn’t get enough of their darling children who were turning into adults before their very eyes.

I said a teary goodbye to all my friends. The whole event was so incredibly emotional. The speeches were inspiring and the class clown lived up to his reputation.

At last, I was alone with Dad. I hugged him tightly, and pressed myself against his toned chest, making full body contact. Now that I had given my gown back, Dad could see that I was wearing a short, tight red skirt and a loose filmy cream blouse. It complimented my tanned skin and showed a hint of cleavage. I was ready to party hard!
“Let’s get this party started, Dad!” I cried enthusiastically.
“OK, baby. Don’t bust your girdle!” he teased.
“Hey! You know I don’t need to wear a girdle.” I fluttered my lashes at him. Would he understand that I was trying to seduce him? That I was no longer playing the innocent daughter?
We got back into the Mercedes and drove to the most expensive restaurant in town. When Dad wanted to show me a good time, he went all out and spared no expense!! You had to admire that!
We settled back in our chairs after an exquisite meal and slowly sipped our way through our second bottle of champagne. As I said, nothing but the best for his girl.
“Dad, let’s go dancing! I want to rock and roll.”
“Whatever my girl wants, we shall do. Tonight I am your slave, Beth.”

Arching my eyebrow suggestively, I whispered, “Do you mean that Dad? Are you prepared to do anything for me?”
Looking a little surprised, he replied, “Of course!. You know I only want you to be happy.”

Smiling, feeling satisfied that I had planted the seeds of my ultimate plan, I proposed that we should move on at once to the hippest nightclub in the city. I knew my Dad could groove on the dance floor and we often danced in our lounge room, bounding and jumping like maniacs. Everything was going swimmingly.

At the club, the music was loud and pumping. It was fantastic. Whenever we needed to speak to each other, we had to whisper into each other’s ear. I made sure my lips brushed against his lobe and remained there just a little longer than was necessary. I breathed softly into his ear and I could see him shiver.

We danced for hours, sometimes together, sometimes with another partner. Swirling and circling, swaying and sliding. I was lost in the moment and watched the lights pulsing to the beat of my heart.
Suddenly a slow song pounded through the speakers. I stared around the dance floor and bang, there he was. My father’s piercing eyes met mine and we drifted into each others arms. Softly, tenderly we swayed in time to the music. I snuggled against his shoulder and made sure my pelvis was rubbing against his.

As the song drew to a close, I whispered, “Time to go home, Dad. I want to give you a special present. My gift to you for being such a great father.”
He was starting to appear a little wary and unsure of what was happening. But being ever trustful of his only daughter, he did as I asked.

When we arrived home, I told him to get comfortable in the lounge as I wanted to take a shower to wash off the smell of cigarette smoke. While I was upstairs I prepared his bedroom for my gift. I turned down the cover on his huge four poster bed and brought about a dozen scented candles into the room. I placed them strategically on the dresser and other bits of furniture. Carefully, I lit them all to release the wonderful aromatic flavours they would produce.

I quickly showered and dressed in only a rose satin robe. I made my way back downstairs and into the lounge. He was sitting on the sofa. He had taken his shirt off, kicked his shoes to the side and loosed the belt on his trousers. Almost too easy, I thought. His head was resting against the back of the sofa and I saw that he was dozing lightly.

Silently, I spread his legs slightly and moved myself between them. I leaned over and kissed him gently on his sensual lips. I kissed him again more insistently. His mouth fell open a touch and I used the opportunity to flick my tongue into his mouth and run it across his teeth. That was when I knew he woke up.
“Baby,” he murmured. “What are you doing?”
“I am rewarding you for all the years you loved me unconditionally. For the times when you held my hand and helped me through the many small problems and the big crises.”

“Honey, no. You shouldn’t be doing this. I did all those things because I love you. You are my daughter and I want only the best for you.”
“Daddy, you are the best thing for me. I saved myself all this time because I knew you were the perfect man to love me properly for the first time.”
His eyebrows shot to the top of his forehead, his eyes were huge and luminous. “What are you saying, Bethie? Do you really mean this?”

“Dad, I want to give you my virginity. I think it is the only gift I can give to the man who gave me life and made my life wonderful.”

Taking advantage of his stunned state, I took his hands in mine and gently but insistently pulled him out of the chair and up the stairs to his bedroom. He entered slowly and peered about him. Maybe he thought he was on Candid Camera? Gradually he realised that I meant what I had said and he would be given my greatest treasure.

I kissed him deeply as we moved towards the bed, covered in soft pillows and satin sheets. My tongue probed his mouth as I explored its depths and caverns. I felt him start to relax and become more involved with kissing me. I ran my hands through the tight blond curls on his chest and tweaked his nipples with my fingers.

“Oh, Daddy,” I breathed. “I love you so much.”
Just before he sat on the bed, I undid his trousers properly and let them fall to the floor. He stepped away from them and I could feel his erection starting to grow despite his reluctance. I kneeled down in front of him and took hold of the waistband of his boxers in my teeth. With great cunning, I pulled them down over his muscled thighs and calfs.

Finally, he stood naked before me. I stepped back to gaze at this stunning body. I drank him in and noted the chiselled torso and beautiful firm ass. Lightly I ran my fingers over his body, tracing the outline of his sculptured biceps and finely toned abdomen.
He stood still with his eyes closed, moaning every now and then, when I touched a particularly sensitive area.
I couldn’t bear it a moment longer. I needed to have closer contact with him and threw myself onto him. I wrapped my arms around him and twined my legs around his. We kissed passionately for the longest eternity.

Dad looked as weak and vulnerable as I felt. So I pushed him down onto the bed and laid him out on his back. His cock now stood straight and tall at right angle to his body. It was a magnificent specimen. It was about 7 inches long and incredibly thick. When he entered me, it was going to hurt. His balls were heavy and full of thick juicy cum. I couldn’t wait for him to unload into my virgin pussy.

The whole purpose of this evening was for him to pierce my hymen and be the first man to enter me with love. Anything more than that would take place on another occasion. And after tonight, I was sure there were going to be many, many more occasions.

Standing beside the bed, I waited until he was staring at me and I had his full attention. Then I slowly let the satin robe I was wearing drop below my shoulders. Like an imagined whisper, the robe then slid to the ground and I showed Dad my entire glory. His eyes grew huge and round. He hungrily devoured the sight of my c cup breasts sitting high and full, my flat stomach and the gracious curve of my hips. My pussy was trimmed into the shape of a heart and he spent many moments contemplating this.

“Dad, are you pleased? Did I turn out to be everything you hoped for?”
With a strangled groan, he uttered, “Oh God, Beth. You are so fabulously splendid. An absolute angel. I can’t take your virginity from you.”
Without another word, I climbed onto the bed beside him and leaned over to kiss the tip of his cock. He realised there was no longer a choice.

My tongue slid up and down his strong shaft and played tiny circles around and around the base. I spread his legs and knelt between them so I could look up into his face and enjoy his pleasure.

Sucking and blowing like an expert, I felt his balls tighten and his rod get stiffer and harder.
Instinctively knowing that the timing was right, I raised up and straddled his body. I positioned my pussy directly above his cock, ready for him to thrust deep inside and make me a true woman. Ever so slowly, increasing his tension and anticipation, I lowered my slit over his shaft.

I felt his head push through my wet, swollen, throbbing pussy lips. He moaned and I gasped with the new senses it was arousing in me. I watched his face flick between expressions of horror that he was about to fuck his baby girl and pure lust that he was taking the purity of someone special.
His dick reached my internal barrier and with steady pressure, I pushed down harder onto him.

I felt a flash of pain as he broke through and entered my greatest depths. Pausing for a little while, I became used to the feeling of this thick sensitive cock deep inside.
Then I started to raise and lower my hips. Gently moving into a natural rhythm, I felt him respond. I decided to give him some encouragement.
“Fuck me Dad. Fuck your little slut daughter. Cum in me and make me beg for more.”

Once again, his eyes flew open in horror at the vulgar language emerging from his precious girl’s lips. But when he saw the lust and longing in my face, he knew I was honestly wanting him to give me the ride of my life.

“Bethie, my darling bitch slave. Slam your pussy on your Dad. Grind me down, screw me hard, you little slag.”
I started rocking faster and faster. We were thrusting and pulsing in perfect unison. It seemed that we were destined for this moment. Crying out and moaning, I thrashed my arms on his chest. He reached up and fondled my tits, squeezing and pulling on my tender nipples.

“Fuck me Beth, fuck your Dad like an animal.”
“Oh god, Daddy. You hurt so good.
Make me yours, root me, hump me, pump me. Oooohhhhh just fuck me hard.”
Deeper and deeper his cock thrust into my well.
The juice was pouring out of my pussy as I screamed in complete ecstasy. Closer and closer we were getting to the peak of our desire. Moaning and calling out each other’s names I felt him start to explode inside me.

“Beeeetthhhh,” he shouted.
I came in a shattering orgasm a second later. “Fuuck, Dad. Ohhh fuck.”

Still pumping hard, I rode his cock like a demon possessed. Wild animals driven by pure lust, we continued until my pussy had squeezed every bit of juice from his powerful dick. Panting and exhausted, I fell forward onto his chest, his cock remaining firmly in my wet pussy.

We kissed and massaged each other, unable to get enough of touching and feeling to try and believe that this was all real and not a beautiful dream.

“Thank you Dad,” I murmured into his ear. “That was the most sensual experience I have ever had.”
Finally, we drifted off to sleep with me still lying on top of him, my head snuggled comfortably against his shoulder.

We remained that way all night, his dick inside me, so that when we woke up the next morning, the memory of this night would return at once.

My virgin hole felt stretched and tender in the most delicious way. I knew I would never forget this night and who knows what we would do over the coming weeks. There were so many positions and styles of love making to try, that we may never get out of bed again!


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