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Playtime with my cousins part 4

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This was my experience with my 9 year old cousin, Jade. I was 11 when this happened. But Jade wasn’t the only cousin I played with.

So Jade and I didn’t get a chance yet to have sex again after our first time. She said her pussy was still swollen and told me to wait for a little bit longer. I wasn’t actually forcing her to have sex. I respected her and really cared for her.

But at night, she would sneak in to my room to give me a blowjob. She had really gotten quite good at it. She knew when I was at the edge and would suddenly slow down to tease me. It would hurt my belly, but she would then suck me furiously until I orgasmed.

A couple of days later, we got a surprise visit from her dad. He said that he was going to take Jade to live with him. We were all shocked because we thought that Jade was going to live with us for a long time. But her dad said that he got a nice paying job and could hire a nanny while he’s working.

It dashed my hope to fuck Jade again. They were going to leave the next day. But most of all, I will miss Jade. Aside from popping each other’s cherries, we really became close.

On the morning of their departure, Jade and I snucked out of the house and went to my grandma’s garage across the street. The car that belonged to my deceased grandpa was inside. The doors were unlocked and we both got in. We didn’t planned on doing this. Our urge pushed us. It was spontaneous.

Jade immediately grabbed my crotch, unzipped my pants, and pulled my dick out. She then sucked me like it was our last day on earth. It started to get hot and steamy inside the car. While she was sucking me, I started to grope her breast and body. I was caressing her nipples inside her top. I then slipped my hands inside her dress and touched her pussy. Her panties were already moist. I extended my middle finger and poked her slit. She jolted a bit but still continued to suck me.

Her pussy was warm and soaked my middle finger with her cunt juice. My finger was going in and out of her.

We knew that we only had a couple of minutes left before they would start to look for us. So I raised her dress and pulled her panties down. We were not fully naked but it was enough for us to finally have sex again.

I laid her on the backseat. The car was a bit tight so she just raised her legs up to create a space for me to mount her. I just dropped my pants and underwear below my butt and started to position myself into penetrating Jade. I held my dick and she guided it with her hand to her hole. My cock was still soaked from her sucking, and her cunt was wet as well after I finger fucked her. It was enough to act as our lubrication.

As soon as my cock’s head felt her slit, I gave it a full thrust to put it all in. I could see Jade wincing as my cock was going in bit by bit.

After a couple of push, I was finally in her again. That felt so amazing! I started to pump on top of her. My butt was moving up and down. I grabbed her right nipple and kissed Jade in the mouth. The car was bouncing due to my humping.

I was pounding Jade’s pussy relentlessly. I also kissed her on the neck, the back of her ears, and finally her nipples. I was sucking it like mad.

“Go harder, fuck me, harder…ohhhh..argghhh…ahhh…” were Jade’s words. “Jade you’re so hot, you’re fucking hot!” I was talking dirty to her.

I continued humping her and Jade said that she was about to explode. My dick was being squeezed so hard by Jade’s pussy. She was still very tight even if this was our second time to have sex. While I was pumping her, she would lift her waist a bit to meet me. She was humping as well. She gave a long moan and covered her mouth as she orgasmed.

I was also at the edge, and could feel that I was also about to climax. My humping was going too fast until I cummed. I was shocked that I felt my cock pulsating inside her and I was shooting cum!

I think I was spraying like four times in my young cousin’s vagina. I filled her sweet pussy with my seed! She also felt that liquid gushing inside her womb. It felt so amazing as I humped her slowly until I drained my balls inside her.

I finally shot my first cum, and it was perfect because it was inside Jade’s pussy. I stayed there for a while until I felt my dick was starting to get soft. As I pulled my cock out of her, I saw a stream of my cum leaking out her pussy. There were even a few specks at the tip of my dick. My cock was soaking wet from my own cum and that of Jade’s.

I sat next to her and watched her pussy push out my cum. Good thing I had my handkerchief inside my back pocket (my mom taught us to always have one). I wiped our juices off from her pussy. When I got them all out, I helped Jade put on her panties. I also fixed her dress. I pulled my pants up and got off the car. We made sure that they wouldn’t suspect that we did something before we hurriedly went out of the garage.

We got back exactly when her dad was going downstairs with all her stuff. His dad was preoccupied with their things, so he hardly noticed anything unusual. My dad and I took them to the airport.

Jade and I hugged each other. I saw them go in as I waved goodbye. I will definitely miss her.

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  • Reply Harvey ID:6nrmts5mm1

    Yeah but it’s all for the greater good I guess

  • Reply Peter ID:pwtelychri

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your stories, Harvey. Please keep writing!
    [email protected] should you feel like sharing more stories

    • Harvey ID:6nrmts5mm1

      Thank you, Peter for your words of encouragement. However, that’s my story when I was young. I don’t think I could add more to it.

  • Reply CharlesL-F26200 ID:1d23eph7oq9a

    Oh, that’s very unfortunate. You could have been very happy together.