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Raping the managers wife’s neighbor – Marilee

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5 of us take turns on Marilee’s cunt and mouth in a 3 hour rape session

A couple months are I “raped” the Managers wife Elaine and then started fucking her on a regular basis with her doing a lot of cock sucking, she tells the neighbor gal about how much I’m making her cum and so the neighbor gal Marilee hits on me. I run into her at the Dollar Store and she comes right out and tells me she knows about Elaine and if I want more “company” she is available. She is a little too big of a gal for my taste but does have some Big tits and what the heck, pussy is pussy. So I try it out and it’s nothing to write home about but she does have some GOOD cock sucking skills. She is available quite a bit of the time as her husbands often travels for work so it’s there if I want it. I told her if she tells Elaine, it’s over – bang. As to why Marilee is so hot to fuck all of a sudden was she got her tubes tied and her cunt was nothing but a pleasure hole now and after waiting one period cycle she is hot to fuck. She said her husband had a 6″ cock and all he wanted her to do was for her to suck him off. After doing her a dozen times I decide to let my friends that help me gang bang Kim the cops wife have some of it but not tell her about it until we do it. Most of the time we are fucking or getting my cock sucked off in a car but I tell her we can go to Martin’s house and use his spare bedroom. She is not all that keen on it but says OK.

I get four of my friends in on this and I take her to Martin’s where I load her up on drinks and then I tell her I want her suck me off before I fuck her and take her into the bedroom. I strip her down and suck on her big tits which are her best feature and then lay down on the bed with her between my legs with her loving on the head of my cock which she likes. I get a nipple in between my thumb and first finger just before the first guy gets on the bed to mounted her dog fashion. Just as soon as the bed shifts she wants to know what is going on and I tell her we all are going to do you so relax and enjoy it. She tells me NO we are not going to fuck her and I pinch her nipples to get her attention and let her know she is going to do it so relax and enjoy it. She says NO just about the same time the first cock gets slipped in her cunt. She is fighting but holding her by the nipples pretty well puts me in control and I tell her to get back on my cock and again she says NO. I tell her Time out but keep hold of her nipples. I said you are fucking and sucking all of so get it in your mind and get on with it. She tells me when we finish raping her she is going straight to the cops and I said whatever. I want to hear you explain to your husband what you were doing on the bed naked with my cock in your mouth when you got raped by the first guy. This shut her up and I told her to get back on my cock and make it good for me and she is good at sucking cock as she loves doing it. She did and the first guy mounted her from the rear. He fucked her until her shot off in her and climbed off. She stops sucking my cock and says that’s enough, she wants to go home and I tell her no it’s not enough as she has 4 more to fuck plus suck their cocks when she finishes with mine.

About that time, the next guy gets on the bed and moves into position and she again says NO and I say YES and push her mouth back down on my cock. It’s Bervil fucking her and he has the biggest cock – 8+ inches and I noticed she has started moaning as he is putting the cock into her. Before long I shoot off in her mouth and tell him to stop fucking her while Jerry and I trade places. Jerry lays down and I tell him to get a nipple in each hand and do what needs to be done to her to keep her under control. In the meantime Bervil is starting to fuck her again and Jerry pushes her head down on his cock. It’s not too long before Marilee starts to come from Bervil’s big cock fucking her and it’s a strong one – lasting for a minute or more as Bervil just keeping pounding that cunt with his huge cock. Then he dumps off in her cunt, slaps her on the ass and tell her he is going to want a lot more of it – tonight and in the future. He asks her how did she like him making her cum and she does not respond to him. I have never made her cum and I doubt she never has before.

I tell her I am going to fuck her now as I want some of that well fucked cunt and just about that time Jerry unloads in her mouth and tells her to swallow. She always had swallowed me so that was nothing new for her. She tells Jerry he was hurting her nipples by pinching too hard. He gets up and his replacement gets in position for her 3rd blowjob of the evening. She starts sucking him off as I start stroking in her hot cunt which is he best it has ever been and I tell her so. Then she cums pretty hard which is her second time and a first for me fucking her so after 10 minutes or so I drop a load in her and climb off so Martin can replace me. When Travis comes in her mouth he also tells her to swallow which she does as he has her nipples under his control. I take his place for my second blowjob and tell her to keep sucking as this is the way it is going to be from now on. She cums off again as Martin is pounding in her cunt and it seems once Bervil made her cum, she is going to with all of us. She stops sucking me and asks have I had Elaine do this and now the word is out I am fucking Elaine. I tell Marilee she is the only one we are gang banging on and it’s going to be a regular thing – OK. She nods NO and I tell her yes she is and about that time Martin fills her cunt with cum and gets off her. Bervil gets her from the rear again as he prefers fucking to getting his big cock sucked and I go ahead and shoot off in her mouth and tell her to swallow like a good girl. Bervil bring her off again as he is long stroking in that big cunt of hers, and then when Bervil shoots off in her for the second time, we call for a rest period and drink. She bows up and says she is not doing anymore and I tell her yes she is as I am going to fuck her again. Just as soon as I mount her from the back, another cock is slipped in her mouth and she shuts up.

The more we fucked on her cunt and in her mouth, the more she came off, probably a dozen times or more before the night is over.

This continues until all the guys have had all they want of her cunt and mouth so I tell her to get dress and i will take her to the police station. She calls me a smart ass and I tell her she may have started out being raped but she loved getting cluster fucked and sucking so much cock. She asked me why I did this to her and I lied and told her I cared about her so much I wanted her to experience it. I told her I could tell how much she like Bervil’s big cock in her and she did say it was good. She previously had said her husband had around 6″ and I had the biggest cock to ever fuck her, but now that was Bervil. I told her he will be wanting to fuck you a lot and we both know you are going to let him. She then said i had made her into a slut and I told her NO, I just gave you the opportunity to find out how a woman was born to fuck and suck cock. She said I let them rape her and so I said tell me the honest truth, are you sorry. She did not answer for a minute or so and then said it was the best thing that had happened to her, what started out as a rape became something she would remember forever. I said Hey, you are now going to get all the fucking and cock sucking you want. I said every one of the guys will now be fucking you in the cunt and mouth and a lot of the time together. as your were lots of fun once you got into it. She said we had raped her and made made her a slut and I said NO, I just let you have some fun and we are going to do it often.

As of now she was our number 1 gang banger and will be back next week for more of it. She says she will not but she was and we kept doing her until the day I left sometimes having 6-7 guys do her. Bervil was fucking her at least once a week as he was single and she could knock on his door at anytime.

The last I heard she was still available to Bervil and all his friends. I was luckily that she never ratted on me to Elaine but since I was responsible for giving her what she really wanted and needed, not surprised that it made her cum for the first time and she fell in love with it. She was one of many that got raped to finally understand what they were meant for – to fuck and suck cock, the more the merrier.

Later as i take her to her car I caution her on saying anything to Elaine or I would make damn sure her husband found out she had done a gang bang and loved it. She said she would never do anything like that to me because I had treated her so nice. Make em cum and their cunts and mouth are always there for you.

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    A week after the first rape, she agreed to meet us again and this time we had the original 5 plus 2 more and she fucked and sucked all of us dry. When took her back to her car she told me me was too many to suck off as her mouth and jaw got sore, but the fucking that many was the greatest. I told her she had a mouth and could say enough at anytime but it looked like to me she was enjoying it too much to say anything. Bervil had said she was over at his place 4 times in the past week so I asked was she getting some good fucking and she smiles and said was she ever. She told me not to invite anyone new next time as she did not want to be known as a slut. I told her nobody thought that of her, just as a Hot woman that needed lots of cock in her mouth and cunt. Since I only had one blowjob early as I wanted some of the well fucked pussy and did it twice, had her suck me off before she got in her car – what a woman.

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      Someone do that to me