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Raping My Wife’s Manager Wife

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Saves the manager’s wife and rapes her the next day

We were invited to Keith’s (wife’s manager at the phone company office) house for the annual Christmas dinner just as we had for the past 3 years. The office consisted of Keith, my wife and another older lady. We were in the a town of 4000 with a surrounding farm community. Keith’s wife was a pretty little thing with some nice tits and they had one kid about 7. There were 6 of us there for dinner and the kid was not. We had social drinks and then sat down for dinner which Keith’s wife Elaine had prepared – it was prime rib with all the trimmings. Keith and Elaine sat at opposite ends of the table with me on her right and the older lady’s husband on her left with my wife between him and Keith. All was going well when I noticed that Elaine was choking but not saying anything. I looked and she was clutching her throat and trying to spit.

I recognized the symptoms of choking as 3 months prior I had taken a safety class at work that included the Heimlich Maneuver. I immediately stood and pick her up out of her chair and spun her around so her back was to me and everyone. I locked my hands and used the maneuver we were taught for children as she only weighted about 95 pounds. The first did not help her so I pulled harder and no luck so I did it again and dislodged the piece of meat blocking her throat. She just kinda of slumped and my hands moved up to her tits and stopped her from falling. It was so quick the others were still sitting there looking at us. As she regained her breath I released my hands from her tits and let her stand on her own. She was breathing quite heavily and told me Thank YOU. Keith was upset at her and asked why she swallowed such a large piece of meat.

I told him it was not a large piece and just like when a kid gets choked on a marble, the throat reacts and it’s not the size but a constriction of the throat muscles. He then asked why I knew so much about it and what to do and I told him I had taken training in a safety course recently. We continued with dinner and dessert but I noticed her looking at me. Kieth was about 5’4″ and she was maybe 5 feet , while I was 6’2″ and in my prime. During coffee Keith mentioned he was leaving on a 4 day business trip as the reason we were having the dinner on a Monday night where in past years it had been on Friday’s.

The next day as I was driving to lunch I passed their house and she was at the mail box. I waved at her and she motioned for me to come back so I turned around and pulled in to their driveway as she was walking back to the house. She said she wanted to thank me again as she thought she was going to choke to death and also for defending her when Kieth got upset over it. It was December and cold so i said no problem and she needed to get back into the house where it was warm. She said come have a cup of coffee with her if I had the time. My cock start tingling the minute she said that. The previous night when I had her tits in my hands and pulled her back to me my thoughts were she would be great to fuck. My mind now was already deciding I was going to fuck her no matter what.

We went into the kitchen and sat at the table and she got the coffee. She was wearing a loose skirt and buttoned blouse – typical dress – but sure made it easy to get to that pussy. We chit- chatted about nothing and then she said she could not thank me enough. I said sure you can and she asked how. I said let me kiss your pussy and then fuck you. She was angry and told me i needed to go. I stood up and she thought I was leaving by I reached down and pulled her up by her arm and said NO WAY, I am going to fuck you. She said Please don’t rape me. But I noticed she was not fighting back too hard. I picked her up and carried her to the family room couch and laid her on it and dropped to my knees beside her. She was saying please don’t rape me and I said OK – but you have to let me kiss your pussy, you owe me that. Then I push up her skirt and looked at her pretty pink panties. I knew I was lying to her and was not only was I going to kiss her pussy, I was going to fuck her.

About that time the doorbell rang – dam it. I asked who that was and she said the neighbor gal comes for coffee every day at this time. I told her to tell the gal she had to go do something and could not his morning. She told me to go into the kitchen where i would not be seen. She went to the door and made the excuse and then came back to where I was. She asked what was I going to do now so I told her – Kiss your pussy and then go. She again said please don’t rape me and I responded OK. I walked her back to the couch and again laid her down and this time opened her blouse and then undid her bra as I kissed he lips. Then I moved to her small by very nice tits and started sucking on her nipples going from one to the other. As I was doing that I pushed her skirt up around her waist and told her to lift up so I could get her panties down. She did and I slipped then all the way off, removing her house shoes first.

She had a light scar from having her baby cesarean and her pussy was small and very lightly haired. I kissed her belly button and then told her she had a very pretty pussy – without thinking she replied Thank You and then said I should not have said that. I asked why not as I had paid her a complement. She did not answer so I asked if she like to have her pussy eaten. She answered no one ever has so I don’t know – well she was about to find out. I swear it actually tasted sweet as I spread her tiny cunt lips and slipped my tongue in it. No wonder she had to have a cesarean as she was pretty small. As I moved up to her clitoris she became to moan and wimper. So I asked did she like it and she told me YES. I just kept on going and it was no more than 3 or minutes before she came off holding my head between her hands so I could not move away. I moved down to her actually pussy and licked around on it between the lips and then moved back to her clitoris, bringing her off again in a couple of minutes. I told her she was easy to make cum and she said she never had before then asked was I going to rape her. I said yes and stood up and took off my pants and shorts. My cock was hard and sticking straight out – 7-1/4″ x 1-3/4″. She was looking at it and tells me it’s too big for her. I told her I was going to try but if it hurt I would stop. I knew as wet as her cunt was, it would not be a problem. She told that I promised not to rape her and I said I’m not, she was going to put it in for me and I moved her hand down to hold me. Her small hands would not go around it by she did guide it to her cunt lips. I slowly started slipping it into that tight little pussy and asked her was it OK. She nodded YES so I kept on going getting it all in her and then just laying there supporting myself with my arms. She started moving that cute little ass and in a minute or so I was fucking the hell out of her. I am not a normally quick cummer but it was all I could do to keep from dropping my load in her. My wife has a cunt I can stick 3 fingers in and she mainly is a cock sucker that cums off sucking cock so this tight little pussy was almost more than I could stand. About that time she cums again and I follow. It’s a rest period but as I pull out and sit up, I see that pretty little pussy with my cum on and in it and do what comes naturally, I go down and start licking it clean. She cums off again. The I move up so my cock is at her face and tell her to suck it, she says she never has but takes the head in her mouth but does not know what to do after that.

It makes my cock fully hard so I tell her I am going to rape her again, unless there is a problem and she nods OK. I slipped my cock into her love hole and fuck her for maybe 15 minutes and she cums off again so I do too. I was in heaven as it was pussy that was totally unbelievable. I kiss her and tell her so – she kisses me back like there is no tomorrow.

I kissed her pussy again but don’t clean it up and she slips her panties back on while I put my shorts and pants back on followed by my shoes. As I get ready to leave I said Keith is going to be gone a couple of more days, can I come by and rape you again and she answers YES, but tell me to come after 1 PM as the neighbor gal will be over for coffee and for me to park around the corner and walk to the back door. I said OK but when I come, don’t be wearing any panties and have that pussy as sweet as it was today. She said she OK and she did. When I show up the next day she is very happy to see me ass she was worried i would not be back to rape her again.

I raped her twice more on the following 2 days and many times after that. The next day I had her suck cock and swallow my cum for her first time and any number of times when I would see her after some meeting or bunko game she went to at night, she would suck me off so her cunt would not be dripping when she went home. It was the best pussy I ever had and thoroughly enjoyed it for the next 3 years before I moved. Oh, the neighbor gal figured out I was fucking her and guess who I Raped next.

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  • Reply Tom ID:fzq364xia

    You should of knocked her up.

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15p49d

    Agree it was not rape but that’s what I was willing to do to try her out. When she told me to go to the kitchen rather than tell the neighbor I was there to rape her, I knew she was a willing little cunt. She continue to say I raped her and when she would meet me at night for me to kiss her pussy and get sucked off, she would ask if I was going to rape her. She justified the fact she was doing it by implying she had no choice. When we met at night and she got in the car, she took off her panties without me saying a word unless she was on her period. I called her cock sucker and she loved it. Told me I was doing her more than Keith and I was getting her only 5-6 times a month but she was prim and proper. So getting raped was not something she could control while getting pussy licked, sucking cock and fucking someone other than husband was a no- no in her mind. Once she found out what cumming was all about, it controlled her.

  • Reply Bare ID:8x7mg38l

    Its only rape if she says no but she said okay. Nice having a cute pussy to fuck.

  • Reply Angel ID:5c8mii2e8

    That’s not rape