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Taken by my Cousin

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One of the monthly encounters taken by my cousin

My Family would visit my Mums Sisters Family once a month my entire childhood. When I became a teenager my cousin, slightly older, liked to do as he pleased with when the adults were not around. Especially when we would walk to the local beach. I remember one day we were walking to the beach and he kept smacking my arse and pinching my boobs. When we got to the beach we found a spot and we sat on towels. He sat right beside me and started fingering my cunt. He inserted his fingers deeply then made me clean my juices off his fingers. He got up and went for a swim. I stayed on the towels laying on my stomach facing away from the water and started reading a book. After a while my cousin came back and laid on top of me. He slipped my swimmers bottoms to the side and slipped his cock into my cunt. “Don’t move bitch! You know the rules!” We were in an area right up near the dunes and away from everyone. He subtly pumped away and filled my womb with his seed. He laid on top of me for a while. When he finally rolled off me he had a drink and then decided he wanted my arse. He started pulled my bottoms off me and started fingering my arse, then made me suck his fingers so he could shove more fingers in. This hurts so much, not to mention embarrassing, Yes away from every one but they could still see what was going on. He shoved my face into the sand and he laid back on me and shoved his cock into my arse. Pumped until he was close to coming and slipped out of my arse and dumped in my cunt. I was so sore now. “Roll over!” I did as told. He kneeled beside me and made me clean his cock orally. He started fondling my udders, they were still small and perky, under my bikini top. He liked to squeeze and pinch them. After a short while my step brother joined us at the beach. “What’s going on cuz?” “Using our wench!” replied my cousin. My Cousin sat on my face, I was struggling to breathe. He lifted my legs and spread them so my step brother could ram my arse! I started crying. He bit my udder as he emptied in my arse. I bled, and passed out in pain due to lack of air. I finally came to with a Life Guard sliding his cock into my cunt. I started squirming and trying to push him away from me. “Shhh wench. Your Cousins my mate. He said I can do whatever I want! So lay there and take it quietly!” There was no one else at the beach. My Cousin and step brother had left. I tried not to cry. I just laid there taking each pounding thrust. He was huge. Long and very thick. I was bleeding from the cunt he had stretched me so far and was definitely in my womb! He was pounding me for ages. Finally he dumps inside me a massive load of his seed. He left me there crying, bleeding and in pain. I finally got myself together, took a quick dip and cleaned myself off in the salt water. I headed back to my cousins. I thought I was safe for the night!

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Siobhann ID:314km7cfv9j

    Agreed. All very true statements 😘

  • Reply anal rp ID:21c6xftbd4

    sounds like those boys had a fun day using your ass as they should! @joe is right, you are female and deserve to be raped, fucked and used by all men

  • Reply Bb ID:8bvy5nbb09

    Just like your slutty mom

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    You deserve to be fucked , you are a female and they are all dirty fucking sluts