My loving sister

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I never thought if my sister I a sexual way till I was in my late 20s. My sister who is 10 years older then me called me to tell me her husband had left her and the kids with nothing.
So I told her I would move in and pay the bills till she got back on her feet. I worked 7 days a week 12 hour nights. After about a month and a half of working every day I came home one morning and took a shower and went to my room.
My sister knocked on the door and said she wanted to talk. She came in the room in her bath robe .
And she sat on the bed and said you have been working really hard to take care of us. And I know you work so much you don’t have time for a girlfriend . As a man and now man of the house it’s my job to take of those needs. I said but your my sister. She put her hand on my chest and said lay back and she pulled the blanket off of me. I was ready naked cause Isleep in the nude then she took her robe off revealing her huge double D breast .
Then before I knew it she was down on me with my 8 inch cock in her mouth bobbing up and down and twirling her thong around the head. It was my sister but it felt so good.
After about 10 minutes of the amazing blowjob she was giving me I blew a big load of cum in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.
I wasn’t done there though I put my arms around her and pulled her on the bed on her back and got on top of her and started playing with her tits.
I said damn sis you got a nice big pair of tits a d she said do you like them. I said what do you think and went down and started sucking ond nipple and fondled the other nipple with my hand while I flicking her clit with the other hand.
After about 10 minutes of that i couldn’t take it anymore I had to go down and see what my sisters pussy tasted like. So we kissed for a few minutes and I made my way down.
There was clean shaven a short slit and the perfect shade of pink.
I said damn sis you have a pretty pussy.
She giggled and said thank you little brother.
Then with out hesitating I buryed my face in it it was the sweetest pussy I had ever tasted when my tongue hit her clit she gasped.
Then I sid a finger in a d fondled her clit with my tongue.
She started buckling wildly with pleasure tell me eat my pussy little brother don’t stop omg that feels so good.
After about 10 minutes her legs started to shake I knew my sister was about to have an organism.
So I fingered hard and licked wildly and it happened my sister had the biggest orgasom I’d ever seen a woman have.
I climbed back on top of her and she was out of breath and said nobody had ever ate her pussy like that and pulled me down to her and kissed me deep .
Then she whisper in my ear and said now stick that big cock in me and fuck your sisters pussy hard.
Then I slid it in it she gasped as it entered her and she said omg your cock is so big .
When I got balls deep she said your so deep inside me I withdrew and back in I went easy for the first few minutes so she could adjust.
Then I started speeding up I could believe I was in my sisters pussy and I was enjoying it so much.
After about five minutes I changed positions and got up on my knees and pulled her leg up on my shoulder and had a perfect view of her huge tits.
Then I really started pounding her pulling my cock almost all the way out then jamming it back in while watching her huge tits bounce she moved with me she loved the way my cock felt in her.
Thirty minutes later I felt her pussy start to twitch. She was close to climax and so was I she was moaning loudly and breathing heavy and yelling fuck me little brother fuck me hard a dump your hot cum in your sisters tight pussy then I felt the moisture my sister came on my cock her eyes rolled in the back of her head she was twitching on my cock and couldn’t hold it any more.
I shoved my cock in as deep as I could and released rope after rope of hot cum in my sisters pussy. We climaxes together.
I was done shooting I collapsed on top of her and we kissed deep and passionate with my cock still in her.
We ended up fucking 3 more times that day each time as intense as the last.
I ended up going to work that night on no sleep.
When I got there my sister texted me and said sorry you didn’t get any sleep with a wink face.
I texted back and said it’s cool it was totally worth it.
She said nobody has ever fucked me the way you did I can’t wait till you get home in the morning have a good night at work.

This is a true story me and my sister fucked for about a year and a half.
She eventually got back on her feet.
Then moved out and started dating and got married.
But I will always have those memories

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  • Reply Dave,Nairobi,kenya ID:2kyee16s8m

    Now Leave Your Comment…yearning for more,

  • Reply Faf ID:g0zmcbp8k

    Says cumgulper lol

  • Reply Zygum ID:1jybrk0a

    Why you didn’t marry your sister and raise family? Anyhow nice story if feal

  • Reply anonymous ID:5rhvdh549c

    did she get pregnant by brother? yes/no?

  • Reply James ID:457hj2g8m

    I just got to know did you ever fuck your sister in the ass?

  • Reply Anonymous ID:bpcjnotv3

    People can mess their own lives up doing stuff like this or take their own lives over stuff like this

  • Reply Little brother ID:5u1d7chb0d

    I’m the writer of this and I have to admit my sister was the best sex I’d ever had

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:7zv2ucf499

    brother enjoying sister for a year and a half, too bad you didn’t video tape the action!

    • Cumgulper ID:muivmg0hi

      It is best this way. You believe or you don’t. He should not have to show photos of him and his sister. It may not look nice of his sister who is married again.
      Share your stories to get it off your chest,but keep identities secret.