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Ditch Day with my Father

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The day I ditched school to go shopping with my dad. It was started like a normal morning, I had breakfast and got ready for school. This day however, my father spoke up at the breakfast table saying he would take me to school. My mom took my brothers and sisters, then went to work. I cleaned the table off, putting the juice and food away, and washed the dishes in a rush. My father told me to take my time because he had to get ready. Shortly after I heard him shouting my name. I went to the bathroom to see what he needed, he told me to wash his back. I begin washing his back, stopping at his ass, when he asked me why did I stop. I giggled and said, “daddy it’s your butt.” He laughed and said, “baby take your clothes off get in with your father.” I immediately got naked and jumped in. He took the soap and begin lathering up my body, his dick had grown and hardened. I knew he had plans for me. He washed my ass by spreading my cheeks apart. He turned me around and said, “the way I wash you is how you wash me baby girl okay?” I said, “yes daddy,” as I looked at him. He said, “I need to wash my face,” as he dropped down, opened my legs and began eating my pussy. I started cumming instantly. When he was done, he turned the water off and told me to get dressed. I was confused because his dick was still hard. He seen me looking and said, “do you want this?” I said, “yes daddy it wants me.” He said, “it always wants you but get dressed.” I got dressed in front of my father. I had all on but my panties…my father was sniffing my panties and stroking his dick while i was getting dressed. I went to my parents bedroom, sat on the bed and waited for him. He came into the room, still holding my panties with a big hard dick. He got dressed, looked at me and told me to lay back. I laid back and opened my legs as my father began sucking and licking my pussy. He used his tongue to slowly fuck my pussy and I loved it. I came so much. I asked and begged for him to fuck me. He just smiled, then he said, “Do you want to go shopping?” I said “yes,” and he said, “Ok let’s go.” but he took my panties and dried my wet pussy and kept my panties that whole day. We went shopping way out from where we lived. We pulled up in the mall parking lot, where my father fucked me in public. I was bent over in a standing doggy position in the drivers seat, ass facing out the door and my father was standing outside the car fucking me. He was pounding my pussy, his dick was rock hard and super swollen. He said, “You belong to me ALWAYS, feel this dick.” He took my panties and placed them in his mouth, “You did this! Your pussy taste so sweet!” as he begin moaning and fucking me harder and faster. He grabbed me by my waist and shoved all of his 12 inch dick inside me and nutted. He gave me my panties told me to put them on, and then we went shopping. I got everything I wanted that day no matter what the price was. My mother never found out til this day. She thinks I got in trouble at school, got sent home, and my father rewarded my bad behavior. He was treating me for bad behavior, just not the kind she thought.

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    Took 12 inches from behind. All of it? C’mon now…

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      But it is not good

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    I was 13 when I gave my dad my virginity

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      I’d love to here that story

    • JJBush ID:5unux7bfi9

      I would love to hear how you gave your virginity to your dad

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      Wish you were my daughter

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    wish I could fuck you like daddy did?

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      My step dad and uncle did

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