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Messed up Holidays

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True story. Characters’ names changed for their protection

It all started with my Cohabiting Partner ( Cleo) having miscarriage in December 2019. We grew further apart after that, sex reduced to once a week and it was just sex. But this story is not about our sex life. However the whole situation in the house was taking a toll on me. I started drinking daily but Alcohol was not filling the gap, so I decided to try South African cheap drug called CAT ( methcathinone). Just before Xmas holiday I was pulling through without Cleo noticing my new found mood stabilizer, I seemed happy all the way. She regained her trust in me and decided to go home to her father’s, for African purpose of cleansing, on the 23 December 2019. I seemed fine with the whole thing knowing I will have my drug anytime and anyhow I like. I hate taking my work leave days in December because it drains one’s pocket. I went to work as usual on the day she left, after work I decided to buy more CAT and as I was walking back home I met my sister ( who is 20 years older), let’s call her JoAnn. We spoke and she stated her dissatisfaction about my weight. I walked her home which is 5 minutes walk from mine, explaining what happened to us ( Me & Cleo). She invited me for Xmas lunch at her place but I told her I am better off alone. We spoke for what seemed like hours and she eventually invited me to Church. I couldn’t believe after all my problems she wanted me to be sober and go to church. In South Africa we were raised not to argue with elders. I told her if I will be sober I will come. As we walked we met Amanda ( 19 year old step daughter from my previous relationship with an older woman 10 years older). She waited with us explaining she have been looking for me for some time now. Oh I forgot to tell you my age, I am a 36 year old male, former soccer player, 172 cm tall and still in good shape, wear sports especially track pants, Cleo is 27 year old 158cm tall with a body of a model. Back to Ananda and JoAnn, my sister stated that she have to leave us as she knows I never have perverted mind to family. Amanda started telling me a long story about her family abondoning them after her mother passed away. She explained her long story about witchcraft as we walked to my place, until I opened the door and inviting me in. We spoke for long until I decide to snort my CAT in the toilet. She eventually asked me to help her find her mother’s cemetery as I was the only one who can help her. I agreed hoping she will be gone. I felt hunger cramps and decided to fix us some KFC pieces in the fridge, as I was busy in the kitchen, she walked to the bathroom. Once done with meals she looked unease. I enquired what’s the matter and she stated her disappointment in me doing drugs. I explained my situation to her and she asked to leave. I walked her out of the door and decided to grab 24 of my beer. I drank alone hoping she will understand that I am not a junkie. After 4 beers she was back and apologized for leaving like that and explained how good I was ever since I became her step father. She stayed longer than expected and tried to talk her into leaving but told me she will only do that once she is satisfied that I was ok. I couldn’t explain to her that the situation was uncomfortable, because I was getting horny. I was worried that being someone who wear sports it was going to be difficult to hide any form of erection. She went on and on about how good I was to her mother and them as her kids. I tried hard not to look at her because she had a short dress revealing her smooth things. Eventually she said Papa! I looked her in the eye with curiosity and asked if I loved my partner. Looking her in the eye did the trick, not sure it was drugs or alcohol which seemed to have less effect by that time or not. I slowly said “yes, I love her with all my heart”. She continued talking but didn’t hear a word she said, for my hunger of sex or masterbation ran my mind. Around 21:00 I said Amanda can I taxify you home because right now I am tortured and it’s inappropriate. She smiled and said it’s too early. By that time the tent on my ellese tracksuit was obvious. She jokingly said she understood why her mother loved me so much. Was lost a bit and my confusion was obvious. She then pointed to my tent and said it looked big. Imidiately I felt undressed by someone I referred to as my daughter. I said to her ” what’s happening to my trouser is a shame and embarrassing”. She seemed to have something to say to every statement I made. She asked me what m I planning to do about it? The first thing came to mind was to taxify for her and relieve myself. Honestly I wasn’t into touching her. ” You took care of me, despite the fact that you are not my father, can I return the favor?” She said. I went to snort my cat at once. On my way back I said “no, I slept with your mother whom I loved, I just can’t..” before I could finish she stood up locked the door that was locked already, and said ” ignore me then”. My phone rang reflecting Wifey on the screen, it was Cleo. I ignored the call as she took it all off. I said you know I love my partner and can’t cheat. ” I am not asking you to leave her” . Hearing that I gave in to my rock hard dick, I took the tracksuit off on the spot, my dick was out for her to see and do as she was pleased. She said daddy we are both adults do as you see fit. I skipped all the kissing part and took her close to me dropping the panties. No kissing, no foreplay I just layed her on my couch and started fucking her like I was possessed. She made loud screams and I cared less. She came twice and she was drained after what seemed like an hour forty-five minutes. Once I emptied my semen in her I slowly layed on the floor looking at my phone and twelve missed calls from my partner reflecting. We stayed without a word for twenty minutes or so. She then said ” Daddy, can we fuck more often?” At that my dick betrayed me again, started twitching like I was in my twenties. I slowly stood up and kissed her passionately, feeling her breasts and eventually kissed my way down to her well shaved pussy, I l worked on her clit until she came and begged. ” Daddy, please fuck me” she whispered and moaning at the same time. I ignored her for 3 more minutes until she she seemed out of breath. I decided to give her a break by carrying her to the bedroom. I now made love to her missionary, slow and ensuring I hot the cervix floor, while I passionately kissed and alternate with sucking both breasts, she came twice before involving touching her clit. When I came I was scared thinking she had epileptic conversation from her last orgasm. We both were out until my morning alarm rang. “Honey, time for work” I whispered in her right ear. By five in the morning she was still drained. I said to her that was the best sex since my twenty-second birthday. I requested taxify for her and went to work. During the day I received a text from Cleo ” Are you leaving me? Are you mad at me? What did I do wrong?” It reads. I called her telling her how drunk and out was I.I knocked off 16:00 as usual by five her sister ( Pretty)was at the gate. I asked her what was the matter? She told me Cleo send her to clean and cook before going back home. I opened the door and without sitting she Cleaned the Hookah mess I made. I took a quick bath trying to minimize sexual enhancer’s effect I took before coming home with the hope that I will have step daughter after work. Once done she asked me what happened to the bedroom? I told her I was drunk and masterbating. She seemed awkward and unconvinced. I asked her about her boyfriend and she started relaxing. I went back to the bedroom mess and told her how I never cheated on her sister and my masterbation habit in her absence. 19:00 I received a WhatsApp from Amanda, I replied that my sister called me urgently and will sleep at hers since I was exhausted. We set a date for the following day. I told Pretty, my soon sister in law that it’s late and she should leave as I want to take care of myself. She rejected stating her Boyfriend will pick her up. I was out of options as the drug I took took effect. I was not thinking straight and asked her if she can keep a secret? The way she responded my heart skipped a beat. I asked her to keep secret in what I was about to say and she agreed. I said ” Pretty, I love your sister with all my heart, but you both put me in a tight corner by your arrangements. I am seriously horny and will appreciate if we have sex” she inturrupted me tried to speak. I said lemme at least finish… ” Can you have sex with me? I will compensate you monthly as long as we keep having sex and your sister never find out” she said I can’t betray my sister. I offered R500 monthly, she said R800. Because I was so horny from the drug I took, I agreed. I approached her, started kissing her undoing her shirt, I struggled with her tight skinny jeans. She obliged and helped me. My dick was throbbing like shit. I told myself this bitch will cost me me so I want to fuck her dry. I layed her on the floor and started fucking her hard. To my surprise she was wet. I fucked her missionary then was determined to hurt her. I turned her, belly on the floor, I rammed hard until she came. Then went for here asshole without lubrication. At least it paid off, she was screaming like a baby. Due to the drug I took I couldn’t come. She orgasm 4 times before I came. Her ass was sore and told me she will sleep over. She gingerly prepared dinner, as she was busy an irritating hooter rang at the gate. Then followed by her phone ringing, it was her boyfriend. She said to him the whole family was in because I was sick and since she was the youngest she can’t go out. He left. My hard dick never been faccid at all. I walked to the kitchen and started fucking her from behind, we came together. After sometime she dished and started telling me she was not on the pill. And she said about our arrangement she changed her mind. She just wants my dick that’s all. Deep down I was happy that I will have both my partner and here sister. What we all missed was that she was on Antibiotics for chest problem. On Xmas Eve I started my special shift starting 6:00 so I left her at home. I knocked off at 14:00 to meet my pharmacist friend who gave me the Emergency pill. I went straight home and fucked her more. Around 16:00 she announced her departure, I gave her the pills. I never saw or heard from her until two weeks have passed. She came by the house telling Cleo that she broke up with her boyfriend and she thinks she is pregnant. I almost peed in my pants thinking she will tell. I saw her again after after 3 more weeks when Cleo was working on a Saturday. We confirmed her pregnancy and she refused to terminate. Since I had no space for our encounter, I introduced her to Amanda who was happy to give us space provided she gets her share. We eventually grew to threesome once a week. Cleo is still clueless but I will do anything to keep the three of them. For the Bible in Isaiah 4:1 encourage polygamy.

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