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The retired school teacher

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Last year, on the night before Easter Sunday, Laura, a fortyseven-year old former school teacher, returned to her home at about 9 p.m.
Laura is a small woman with shoulder-length red-blonde hair who lived alone. After performing a few household chores, she sat down to read. Nearly an hour had passed since her return to her residence when she heard a loud knock at the front door. Expecting a summons from one of the neighborhood children, who frequently visited with her, Laura opened the door and was confronted by Shone, a black man whom she had never seen before. When Shone asked where her man was, Laura attempted to close the door. Shone, however, forced his way into her home and was immediately followed by two other black males, Gregory and Larry, and later by Clark, all of whom had apparently arrived together in the same vehicle. Shone sauntered around in an open area between the living room and dining room as if he owned the place. Larry grabbed Laura by her left arm. The three intruders then demanded money. When Laura told them that she only had three dollars in her purse, a savage assault ensued. Larry jerked Laura around and threw her against a divider. Gregory jerked the woman by the arm and Shone hit her across the face. Shone then placed a pistol in the woman’s face, demanding money. Larry and Gregory also demanded to know the whereabouts of her money. When she was again struck by her assailants, the Laura crashed into a table so hard that it made an indention into the wall behind it. The woman was struck on the side of her head and knocked to the floor. When she tried to get up to locate her purse, she was again knocked to the floor. Gregory then grabbed her by her hair and pulled her down the hallway. The man claimed that they had been told that the woman had both money and a gun and they wanted both. When Laura attempted to explain that she had no money and had no gun, the three assailants became even more agitated and struck her repeatedly. The three men passed the gun among themselves and each held the weapon to her head a number of times. They ransacked each room in her house, senselessly destroying many of the contents. Shone then announced:
“I mean to have me some of this white pussy.”
By then, Laura had been dragged to her bedroom; Gregory and Larry, however, momentarily tried to persuade Shone to leave because they had been in the house for such a long time and feared detection. Shone then pushed Gregory and Larry out of the room, pulled down the woman’s pants, pushed her down on the bed completely naked, and pried her legs apart with his knees.
“You asked for it”
Although Shone had her dick hard, he had a difficult time to penetrate the woman’s cunt. He first licked it with his tongue and then started fucking her. Gregory and Larry had at times watched the initial fuck from the bedroom doorway.
“Please, help me” Laura said to them.
During the course of the fuck, each had helped hold apart the Laura’s legs in an effort to facilitate penetration. They had located her purse and had dumped the contents on the bed. Larry had the gun during the initial assault,
“Moan, bitch or I will blow your head off”.
While Shone was still atop Laura, fucking her in the cunt, Larry grabbed the hair of the woman’s head and shoved his big dick into her mouth. She started sucking it and he threatened to kill her if she bit him. When Larry finished his assault, it was Gregory that put his dick into the mouth of the former school teacher.
“Fuck her in the ass” Larry said to Gregory.
Thereafter, Gregory and Shone penetrated her asshole. The three assailants smothered the screams of the woman. Gregory penetrated her cunt with his big cock.
“You’re in her ass, no you’re in her cunt” Shone said to Gregory.
The others watched gleefully and reported to each other the details of the fuck. The three men used hand lotion to help achieve vaginal and rectal penetration. The anal penetration again brought forth screams from the woman which Larry thwarted. When Laura begged for relief, the three assailants laughed and joked. Shone pulled Larry off of the woman, and then he also fucked her in the ass. During the various assaults, Laura could hear a clicking of the gun and feared the three men intended to kill her. Shone again fucked her in the cunt. When Laura cried, Shone told her not to feel sorry for herself that she asked for it. He also told her that he had taken the muffler off her car to keep her from going for help. Sometime during the course of the assault, the Clark entered the house. Clark had found her garden gloves in the storeroom, and held them in his hands as he stood in the bedroom doorway for five or ten seconds. A word processor and a television were taken. When the four assailants finally left, Laura went out her back window to a neighbor’s house to summon police.

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    Garbage story no sexual titillating and needs proofreader

  • Reply Jan ID:1tw32ai8m

    Mmm I’d love to be Laura