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My wife is a sexy ass 53 year old woman who looks like she is 35 40 at the most! One night we were getting high and kinky and she had ordered some food! While we were waiting we kept on talking and playing and I asked her to flash the delivery guy! She thought for a couple seconds and as she was thinking I reached down and found out she was drip wet! I said damn baby you like that idea don’t you? She said she did and I asked her what she wanted to answer the door wearing? She jumped up and went to the closet and came out with a tiny little leather miniskirt and a little thin see through top! She had her satin silk robe hanging behind her and I said what about that! She looked at it and she loves it! She went ahead and stripped naked and put her robe on and as she was fussing with the sash I said she needed to do just that when she opens the door! 2 mi later the door bell rings and I position my self so I can see the action! She made small talk and pretend to let her sash slip off and is standing there with her robe open and she said how much she was sorry about that and the guy was about 30 or 35 and he said he had no problem with it and he ask her if she would like some help and she said what kind of help does he mean? He said that she knew what he was talking about and he reached out and tweaked her hard nipples! She was getting hotter by the second and I was too! He unzipped his shorts and let the biggest thickest cock I have ever seen pops out and I knew what was going to happen next! She was on her knees in record time and in between slurps she asked if her husband could watch? He said I could so I came out from hiding and she lead him to the bedroom! She got her pussy pounded and stretched out for about 2 hours and she ask him what about his job and it just so happened that this was doing a favor for a friend of his and before I could catch myself I asked him if his buddy was as big and as thick as he was and if he was to bring him next time! He ask me if I ever shared my wife before and I said that this was our first time and he said he had done this kind of thing a few times before! He said that he has some friends who he goes over and services the wife for every couple of weeks and the husband is really into watching her! He said he likes to lick her clit while he is fucking her reverse cowgirl and then he said he bets I want to do this too! He said that he has been around the cuckold husband before and they are usually 2 things for sure about a cuckold husband! I asked him what they were, he said that they usually have small cocks and they are usually bi curious or bi sexual! To be continued

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  • Reply FRED ID:2zicu2b9hm

    There is no way you can keep a cocksucker from doing her thing and all True Cocksucker swallow that cum and love it. I loved watching my wife do cocks dozens of times and she also use to pick up guys at one particular bar and suck them off in the car. She was widely know as a Cocksucker that loved cock and cum. Yes she would cum off twice when she gave a blowjob – when she first got the cock in her mouth and then again when the guy shot off in her mouth. She started at 13 and is still doing it today – 40 years later and hundreds of guys…..

  • Reply [email protected] ID:3zm4g0lim9c

    Sounds hot, the 1st time I saw my wife do a pizza delivery guy we were about 19. I’d seen her with other guys before in threesomes and wife swapping. But this was the first delivery person. She’d flashed plenty of them but this was the first time it got physical. She’d answered the door nude except for a pair of spiked heels. At 5-8, 110lbs, 34D-24-35 with long red hair the guy eyes almost popped out. She paid him then dropped to her knees to give him his tip. He was Italian and looked to be in his 40’s and was reaching down fondling her big tits while she swallowed him to his balls. It didn’t take long until he shot a load down her throat. She got a washcloth and cleaned him up. He stayed a few minutes sucking her tits and rubbing her pussy then left. I’d been watching from the balcony.

    • bry ID:4kecg9ihk

      does she still suck niggas off?

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:85eoovjz