Creamy surprise for husband

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My name is Kassandra I’m a 46 yr old housewife from Pike county Mississippi. Last night me and my husband Bob went to the casino the Pearl River resort in Philadelphia Mississippi. Using a free room that we are given monthly. My husband Bob was kinda grumpy,so we settled down to some gambling. After having a few drinks on top of my anxiety medication kinda had me tipsy. I was sitting at a slot machine when this sexy man sat down besides me playing the machine next to me. He spoke saying hello,asked me if I was having any luck. As I turned towards him my nose picked up the smell of pot. You smell good I told him and no that I needed my luck to change. He said that his name was Teddy he was from Kosciusko just a few miles away. So I told him that I was Kassandra from McComb Mississippi. I see that you are married,yes I replied my husband Bob is sitting at the tables. Teddy asked me if I smoked weed,i love it,you got some good weed,i asked? Oh yeah was the reply. What are you drinking Teddy asked it’s called liquid orgasm,its a combination of clear liquors with ever clear. Teddy asked me if I want to smoke some weed sure i said let’s go up to my room. As we got on the elevator my heart was beating kinda fast,as the door closed and we started to go up,teddy turn me towards him and slowly leaned over to kiss me,as his lips found mine my mouth opened up and took his thick tongue deep inside my mouth,as we embrace in a passionate kiss,the elevator stopped door opening up and we are still kissing as I felt his dick began to grow. I pulled away and found our way to my room. When we got inside the door,teddy began to strip my clothes away as he unzipped my dress slid straps over my shoulder and eased my dress down. His eyes got big as my 40 DD boobs fell out.., so I reached down to unbutton his jeans unzipped his fly and pulled his jeans and underwear down,there was a massive 10 inch dick looking at me,so I got down on my knees and took his now erect dick in my hand and guided it to my mouth. As I tried to suck sand out of cement from him. He made me stop,picked me up and carried me to the bed,there he laid me down and spread my legs.oh the smell of sweet older pussy,he BC said as his tongue found the folds of my pussy,i arched my back spread my legs wider to get more of his tongue inside of me. I felt my body start to have a orgasm as my insides shook I released my load of cum down into his mouth as he sucked at my juices. My clit was swollen and sensitive,teddy lapping at my pussy. Finally Teddy crawled up between my legs and placed the head of his dick at My little opening of my pussy and just pushed it inside of me. Teddy pulled out,then slammed is big dick deep inside my womb,as Teddy started to fuck me harder and faster harder and faster my pussy was being so stretched out. As I started to cum again I felt Teddy starting to pulsate as he asked me can I cum inside you….oh god yes please oh god shit as he filled me with his sperm. I asked Teddy to give me some big hickies so my husband can see them. So he sucked on both sides of my neck then he left some on my titties. As we embrace I told Teddy thanks for the best fuck. I simply put my dress back on and we went back down to the casino. Teddy walked with me to go find my husband Bob. When we found Bob I introduce Teddy to Bob. As Bob’s eyes found my neck he just smiled. When we got to the room Bob wasted no time as he stripped me put me on the bed placed his mouth over my pussy and blew into me and sucked all of Teddy’s sperm out of my pussy. As I started to cum again forcing more cum from me . Bob slammed his big dick inside of me and we fucked like teenage kids.what a night at the casino…. thank you Teddy..I love you also… Kassandra

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