no regrets part8

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I had been away 11 months but returned home for christmas leave I had spoken to sis many times on the phone but last time I spoke she said with a quiver in her voice that she had started to see someone from school I could see that she was uncomfortable so I said thats great and hoping he is treating you well
When I came home on leave she raced up and gave me a big hug and wispered I love you
I met her boyfriend the next day he seemed nice but I must admit I was a little jeulous Sis and I never talked about us again and on leave I never tried to go to her room I was sad but knew it would end one day
I enventually married but the kinky sleeping sex continued throught my married life but thats another story
sis had a few boyfriend and eventually married and had two kids I left the defence force after 20years but had bought a house interstate I saw sis once or twice a year

Last year I took a week off and visited my family most of my siblings live in the same place and sis wanted me to stay at her place this time, hard to believe but she is in her 50,s now
On the 2nd day of been there her husband took a trip on his motorbke but on the way home he broke down and the town he was in didnt stock the part so he asked sis and I could we get the part in the city and drive down to the town he had broken down in it was about 3hours away so we got the part and drove down We fitted it and he said he would leave and see us at home On the way home the alternator went on her car we were towed to the next town but were told they us they couldnt fix it till the morning meaning we would have to stay over night.Just our luck the local show was on and all we could get in town was a single room in the local motel sis said that fine.The room only had a double bed in it so sis said we would have to share
We had nothing with us so sis said we would have to buy some essentials at the shop and sis said she need something to wear to bed
We went for dinner at the local club and left about 10pm when we arrived home I had a shower and sis had one after me I wore some boxer shorts she came out of the bathroom in a skimpy nitie she still look great for her age even thou it had been over 40years since I last touched her
We both got into bed and turned the light off After a couple of minutes she said do you remember when we were young I didnt know what to say but I blurted out I was so sorry for what I did to her she simply turned over to me and said I was her 1st love and never regretted anything we did together she then reached over kissed me on the lips and said I want you to fuck me up the arse but first I want you to fuck me in the pussy
Even thou I was 60 now my cock got harder than it had for years
I went down on her first and all the memories came flooding back she tasted yummy and then I put my cock in her pussy it was wet and went strait in she came twice but I was afraid if I came that would be it, so I pulled out and started to finger fuck her butt hole she came as soon as I put my cock in she again started thrusting and she kept saying fuck me fuck me she must have come 5 times before I squirted my load deep inside her
Afterwards as we laid arm in arm she said I was the only man who would fuck her up the arse she said her husband did try it once after she begged him to do it but he only tried it once and never again
we both fell asleep and in the morning I reach over and fucked her again
Im going down again next month perhaps who knows we will go swimming together again ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Reply Master18 ID:5v85zdkv3

    I’m just happy for the both of you. At a young age, both of you knew that something serious could never happen because your parents (probably) wouldn’t allow it. So eventually you both went your separate ways and managed to find new love ones. But even after so long, you both still remembered the special bond you have for each other. I wish you and your sister a healthy life. Just make sure you don’t get her pregnant, alright? ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Reply Mike ID:21z667x6id

    Your stories made my cock throb

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:85eoovjz