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I abused 3 chicks for my perverse pleasure !

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I am 68-year old bastard, a thorough pervert. i pass time watching porn, chatting with young girls at different dating sites, show myself fucking on cam, and also invite escort girls for my private pleasure. I have many friends above my age. in their seventies, They abuse little girls mercilessly. Sometimes I commit extraordinary feats of raping poor girls, beggar girls, kidnapped girls. Thereby I relish extra pleasure. One of my friends, Tony, 57- years, recently raped a blind, deaf, and dumb girl with the help of an orphan house managing lady..
Here I narrate one of the very recent episode just three days ago. It is related to my close friend’s innocent little daughters. Their father works in my office as a peon, and I know he is too poor. But he is father of five young chicks therefore I developed a little friendship with him. His eldest daughter is just 17 but other four are quite younger: 15, 13, 11, and one is only 9 year old. I enjoy the company of his said five daughters, as well as his wife. She is also sexy. For this I provide him ample money. God bless him.How I got hold of his daughters for my perverse pleasure is a cunning secret. I induced him providing young chicks of my other poor employees, this inducement worked proper.Now he is not ashamed if I verbally tell him that I have pushed and penetrated three fingers into the asshole of his youngest daughter. He just giggles, and ask me if I could provide her a seven year chick for the same purpose. So we both are indecent friends of the same arena.
So one day, in the morning, I asked him to make ready his three daughters, ages 17, 15, and 13 years to perform special effects in my sex studio. He sent these three chicks with his wife, Sunila. I pronounced some obscene remarks about Sunila but she did not mind and left my premises silently.
Whenever I seek such indecent naked pleasure I employ experienced bitches to instruct and guide the innocent chicks. An elderly lady, about 52- and a junior lady, 32 -years were appointed by me for this purpose. These two ladies instructed the three chicks how to please me.
I wanted one chick should suck my cock, the other chick my balls, and another chick lick and suck my ass globe and ass hole. All simultaneously. In return I will lick their asses, cunt, boobs, navel, and face cheeks. i will penetrate my fingers, nails, and other sharp objects into their private holes.finally i will piss over their stark naked body and limbs. i might kick three or four private parts with my legs. i will spank their asses pretty well with rough force. i will fist the cunt of each chick unashamedly with a loud laugh. That is my method of extracting pleasure from the meat of little chicks.
Each of this method was applied for each chick for a minimum of half an hour in front of two trainer ladies. It was done perfectly. I played with the 13-years chick first, next with the 15-years chick, and lastly with the sweet seventeen.
That was a sound session of my carnal, obscene, vulgar pleasure. I am a great bastard.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:7zv1ksdt0c

    If you get to know a Sunni cleric in Iraq, for a monetary contribution, you will be able to obtain an underage girl to “lie with’. The only rule being that vaginal penetration is not permitted. That preserves her virtue for marriage. The 2 years I spent there as a contractor were made pleasurable by more than a few 8 to 12 yo girls. And I am not Muslim …. just enjoyed that part of their culture.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0wlevm2

    You and your dirty pervert friend, Tony sound like the sort of guys I wanna get to know.

  • Reply Clementine😍✌🏽 ID:2a73umjbv1

    Its.clemmy sc me im 17 ish

    • Mr.j ID:92blvvqj

      Hey is that your name on snapchat

  • Reply Fkuscum ID:coranot09

    Ur mum should have swallowed u