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A La Piscina

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I hadn’t been out to my uncle’s farm in years, but when we came back it wasn’t the same. It was even better!

When we pulled up, my dad stopped the car, and that cut off the air conditioner. “Huh!” I pulled up my mask, but of course it was hot, and muggy out there.

“It’s okay,” mom pulled it off my ears, “The virus isn’t out here yet.” She stuck it in her bag, but of course, that was the whole point of coming out here.

It was still hot, even without the mask, so I went up on the porch, and knocked. “Come in,” Aunt Epi was making a bed on the couch, but I heard music upstairs right away.

“That Diego?”

“He’s up in his room,” she nodded. Epifanía, or just aunt Epi, but never Fanny. Even though she had big broad hips, and a full butt, only Uncle Jeraldo called her fanny, and just when he gave her a pat, and squeeze. To go up to there room, and fuck, but I stopped at the door with a [Keep Out] sign on it.

“That’s new.” I knocked, then louder over the metal guitar, but finally he opened it up, and I hugged him. “You grew your hair out,” I held it up. Handing down his shoulders, which were also a lot broader then I remember, and then he flicked it back with a shake of his head, like a rock star. I stepped back, and pulled out his shirt, to try, and read it.

“Brutal, uh?” I gave up.

“Brujeria, you want to listen to them?” I guess that’s a T instead of J, and E instead of A, but it wrinkled up, instead of straightening out.

“No, Sepultura’s fine,” I guessed, looking around at the posters, and the phone plugged in to the speakers. “You got an electric guitar, too.”

“Well, it’s a Bass.” He shrugged, and kicked back on the bed, but he didn’t change the music.

“Uh,” then dad came up, with my suitcase. “You didn’t have to pack everything.” He messed up my hair, “Dora.”

“Izzy, dad. I told you.” I took the suitcase handle from him, and rolled it over to the closet.

“Sorry Carita.” He kissed the top of my head, and fixed the part, then he left to get the rest of the bags.

“Still treating you like Dora the Explorer?” He laughed.

“Yeah, and I still hate it. Even more now, what the F?” I stopped before I said it out loud, and checked the empty hall, but he was already back downstairs.

He chuckled, and got up. “Come on.” Pulled the plug on his phone, so the music cut out, and tucked it in his back pocket. On the way out the front door, he told mom, “We’re gonna go explore, see you later.”

“Wh?” She shook her head. “So, you’re Satanista now, huh?”

“Whatever,” he waved it off, and just headed for the gate. At the end of the fence, to the back yard, and the start of the fence out to the road, I sighed with relief once we got out of the sun. “You know, there’s no use exploring, unless it’s really changed at all in the past 5 years.” I sure don’t need a map, let alone a backpack to carry it in.

“Six, you’re twelve now, huh?”

“Yeah? So, what did you want to show me, that’s different?”

“Nothing, you know that’s just an excuse to get you out of the house, but I built a dam.”

Over by the stream, we followed it up, until it came to a stop, at a little hill that curved around the trees, and he climbed up.

“The same one you started, the last summer when I left?”

He shrugged, “Well, I finished it,” waved, “Come on, you’ll love it.”

“Okay,” well I remember going out with him, when we’re both little kids, and at the time, I didn’t realize it, but my cousin, Diego.

Yeah, his mom named him after those stupid cartoons too. “So, you’re in high school now, a Freshman?” Just as stupid as Dora, he actually said that anacondas give the best hugs, once. Great advice, so toddlers can wander off to the rainforest, and find a python to hug.

Then again, in the real world if a little girl wanders off alone with nothing but a stuffed monkey, a fox in a mask is the least she has to worry about. There’s other kinds of predators out there, and not all of them are strangers, either.

“Not exactly,” He shrugged, “We’re home-schooling now, but the whole town is. Just in case, they decided to be pro-active. Before somebody brought Covid here, but you got all your shots, right?” That explains why all the shops in town were closed, and some of them even boarded up.

“Of course.” Sure enough, he kicked his shoes off, and pulled his shirt off, just as soon as we got around the little. Puddle, I guess you couldn’t even call it a pond, but it was our old swimming hole where we used to go skinny dipping, and he told me about where babies came from.

“Okay,” I unbuttoned my shorts, and sat down to untie my laces. He kicked off his pants, and ran naked. His penis flopping before he jumped, and grabbed his legs to land with a splash.

Okay, so he used to molest me, when I was too young to realize it, but he was nice about it. I liked the cuddling, and the dirty little secrets, like what our privates were good for, besides pissing.

“Huph!” He popped up, on the other side. “Phfh!” Blowing water from his lips, and leaning back against the logs he put up, to reinforce the bank.

Grinning at me, and watching me undress, so I took a deep breath. closed my eyes, and pulled my shirt up. Off over my training bra, and started scooting out of my shorts.

At least they weren’t bright orange shorts. My mom stopped dressing me up like that, a few years ago, but it was just embarrassing. I tried growing my hair out, but by then it was too late. I got used to the bowl cut, and it bothered me. Making my neck sweat, and getting in the way, but I grew my bangs out, and tucked them behind my ears.

Standing up, in just my underwear, he had his hand down under the water. Moving it slowly, but I knew exactly what he was doing, looking at me.

“Well,” I turned around, “How do I look?” Shaking the seat of my panties at him, I even giggled a little.

“Still flat as a pancake, huh? Why don’t you take that top off, so I can see if you got anything more in there?”

I just shook my head, and got in, but of course he didn’t tell me where we’re going. So I could grab my swimsuit, I should have guessed. Where else would he want to take me, first thing when I got back. It was always his favorite thing, even before he was a horny teenager, but now, my nipples stuck out. Hard, as soon as I dipped them in the water, so the thin white fabric went clear enough to see them.

“Come on, I won’t bite.” he waved me over, and pulled up on the side of the log. Put his leg up, so I could see how big his boner had gotten, and his hairy balls shriveled up in the water.

“It’s cold,” I teased him, “I’m sure it’s bigger when it warms up.” I got in, and swum underwater before I could hear anything more then his laugh, but it was a little deeper now.

I came up, and felt under water to pull the pad out of my panties. Pick my fingertips off of the sticky tab, and it floated right up, to the surface.

“What’s that?” He noticed it, right away.

“What’s it look like?” I laughed, “I’m on my period, so if you want to wait a couple days.”

Tim-berr! Sure enough, he’s a pedophile, a child molester, and all that teasing about me being flat as a pancake was to cover up the fact that he liked me better that way. He didn’t want me to have boobs, or a period. He wanted me to be a little girl again, so he could still molest me.

“I’m not a virgin, neither. Yeah, I got a boyfriend, and he fucks me, all the time. At least he used to, before they started this curfew. So, it’s been a while since we could get together, in person.” I slipped my panties off, underneath the water, and slapped it to rinse the sticky flakes out.

“Oh yeah?” He grinned.

“Yeah, and he’s not as hung as you, neither. You know, being in middle school, but when we get back, I can sext him, if you don’t believe me.”

“What do I want to look at your boyfriend’s dick pics for, anyway?”

“Just to prove it, all your sex education lessons really payed off.”

“Well, if you think that makes me jealous, you’re wrong.”

“Huh, well.” Despite myself, I licked my lips, just looking at it. Hanging out on the log. “I learned how to suck a dick, really good.” Walking towards him, as fast as I could waste deep in the water, but the closer I got to him, the easier it was until I could stand up. Knee deep, and dripping.

“You don’t got any pubes yet.” He noticed, looking at my cooch lustilly.

“Of course I did, I just shave them.” Well, a couple, here or there, but not enough to look older. Honestly, it’s a little pitiful just having them stick out, but I know that he likes me better this way anyhow.

I pushed him, giggling, and bent over to pouch on his crotch. Pick up his limp dick, and pop it in my mouth. Fell down to play with his balls, and he moaned. Running his hands through my hair, I looked up when he brushed my bangs out of my eyes with his thumbs, and he smiled.

“I missed you, Izzy.”

“Swop! Puh!” I licked the bottom, all the way up to the top with a dirty grin. “Huh, you know, I’m infertile.”


“That means I can’t get pregnant, until my period’s over, and I start over again.”

“That mean I can fuck you?”

I squeezed it, since it started filling up again, and watched the head swelling, so the skin stretched tight, and rolled off to bunch up around the bottom. For me to pop back in my mouth.

“Mhmn.” I nodded, and rubbed the little nugget in the crack up to his piss hole. Of course it wasn’t that big. Not too too big, but I didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth about my boyfriend. No, he’s not in middle school, or even high school. He graduated, and he’s decided to skip college debt so he can work instead, but he’s a man.

A child molester, too, and while Diego’s dick isn’t as big, I don’t care. It’s still a dick, and besides.

I’m starting to get a little too old for him, too. “Huh!” I got out, and rubbed my hungry cunt, with a couple fingers in to wiggle around, and loosen up. Holding it in my other hand, and pulling the skin up, to sit on, and roll back when I sank down.

Circumcised too, so he had to eat me out, well. Okay, he likes to lick my pussy, but the best lube there is is a natural uncut cock. What do you think it’s there for, to give them urinary tract infections? Something else to clean.


“Too big?” I shook my head, and took another breath.

Then I nodded, “I never had one so big before, uh! Huh!” I started slipping the skin, up and down, plunging my pussy, to suck the last of my uterine lining out. I know it’s gross, but that’s the best way to do it! I tried lots of things, bigger then my fingers, even dildos, but they’re nothing like the real thing, and also. You know, that’s what they’re designed for, in nature?

There’s 2 kinds of semen, thick blobs of it, and the other dries up into a crust. So, those animals have a pick, or even a curly dick, while humans have a piston. In case somebody gets there first, you can try to suck their load out of there by fucking, so your sperm gets there first.

What? I know, I’m a nerd, but a sex nerd, as much as anything. It’s all so fascinating, and honestly. Some day, I bet I’ll be big enough to take a horse cock. If I can ever arrange it with one of those ladies, on the internet, with horses, and videos of them fucking, and sucking them off.

“Uh, huh! Fuck, uh. Huh, fuck me. Fuck me Diego, fuck me back! Uh huh huh huh huhuhuhHhHhHUH!”

Finally, he put his feet down, so he could push his dick up, and bounce me up and down on it. Holding me by the hips, and giving it to me so hard, and fast, it pounded the orgasm right out of me.

“Ohhhhh! Fuck, huh!” He stopped, and fell down. “Oh fuck, yeah.” I lay down, on his chest, and just felt the ripples. The blood run down my leg, and the pleasure swirl all over my body. “Huh, huh huh! Huhahehihn!”

“What.” he felt my arm, and rubbed up and down to my shoulder, and back.

“Huh, you never fucked me like that, but how about you? You got a girlfriend, here in town?”

He just touched me, and told me, what goes in there. Let me play with his dick, and hairless little balls, but he was only 8 when I left.

“Huh, no but I know a couple girls. Bisexual girls, that might like you.”

I laughed, “I’m not bisexual. Is that what you thought, I was asking for a threesome with your girlfriend?”

“No? Then why’dyou ask?”

“Just curious.” I shrugged, and wiped the blood off his dick. “Who you learned to fuck like that with. We better wash this off, before I suck it again.”

“Okay,” he got up, and lowered himself back in the water again.

“Ooh, I love your back muscles!” I put my legs down, under his arms, and felt them. Then down around his shoulders, to feel his chest. “You been working out?”

“No, you know.” He shrugged, “Just working around the farm, but haybales weigh like 50 pounds, even when they’re not wet.” He turned around, and flexed for a while, so I could feel his biceps. Then, he stood up out of the water, and held his dick down. The foreskin back, so I could really work his knob with my tongue. “Oh, I love your dirty little pottymouth.” Until finally he gave me a nice mouth full to swallow.


“Huh, yeah. But let’s swim around for a while, before we get dressed, and go back. Catch up.” also, wrinsing out my underwear, to drape over a log so it’s dry enough to put back on under my clothes, which took a little while. “I like how you put it logs around the sides, so it’s more like a pool.”

A kiddie pool. I told him, my boyfriend, that maybe he might be pushing his luck, if he got a kiddy pool. Bad enough he had that pink playhouse so high up that girls could see it peeking out over his roof. So could anyone.

“Well, it’s really part of the dam, to hold the dirt when it rains too hard. I lost it a few times, before I got it right.” He shook his head. “Well, since you asked, there was this one girl, a few years back.”

“I knew it. White?”

“How’d you guess?”

“Lots of blancas around here.” Our grandpa used to be a migrant, until he found this farm abandoned, and squatted until they couldn’t kick him off. That’s why it’s so far back in the woods. If it had been closer to the road, they would have caught him here before the 3 years was up, but now they can’t exactly deport us, any of us with all that family history here.

“Yeah, but she didn’t live here, she came bye here with her family, and snuck off with me while they’re antique shopping.”

“How old?”

“I don’t know, a little older then you.” He shrugged, and looked away.

“Come on, Diego. I know you, you used to molest me when I was still potty training, so you don’t have to lie about it.”

“Huh, 10. But she was really mature, and curious about boys.”

“Uh huh?”

The first time he actually fucked a girl, whatever part of that you want to believe. Because he’s a boy, bragging about his sexploits, of course he’s going to make it sound like he’s the best lover ever. Oh yeah, like I never had such a big dick before. Being a girl, especially a little one, you just have to pick the lies you tell them too.

“So then, I licked her clit till she cummed, and that got her wet, and loose enough to fuck her!”

“Uh huh?” Then again, I was a 10 year old girl, just a couple years ago, and my friends were too. I know that a 10 year old clit is like, not even there, and even if you could find it, it’s so sensitive that it practically hurts if you touch it. You have to sneak up on it, or pinch it through the lips so it’s not so intense it hurts. Maybe she faked it, so he would stop? I don’t know I wasn’t even there. “Uh huh?”

“That’s what I meant by mature for her age, she could cum.” Well, of course he knew that. Girls don’t have orgasms, before puberty, just not why.

Of course, that’s not just one of those things that men like that tell little girls, to get in their pants. I think they want to believe it, too. So, they don’t feel like they’re taking advantage of your innocence, and curiosity, but come on, man.

Honestly, she was really mature for her age? When she’s 10, that means she probably giggles and calls it a fart, instead of pooting, or blowing out her tongue to make the sound. Being 12, I know I’m not mature for my age, I barely started my period. I’m just not innocent.

I never really was, thanks to him, but that doesn’t mean I can go back. I can forget, and just stop playing with older guys’ dicks, now that I know what to look for. It’s the way they look at you, before you’re about twelve, you just think, oh. He’s a nice man, and he wants to talk to me. Play with me, and let me climb trees, so he can help you up.

I even had to tell my friends what he was doing, because they let him feel them up, playing in his tree house. Stupid, little girls. I’m a little jealous, that they still had that innocence, but it’s still stupid, and ignorant. What kind of man lives alone, and puts a pink playhouse up in his yard, so girls can come over, and play in it. Drag the sprinkler out for you to run around squealing in wet swimsuits for him to look at.

He keeps the boys out, and tells everyone how the boys have their own clubs, with “No boys allowed.” So, why can’t the girls have one too? God, what’s wrong with his neighbors, the other girls’ parents? I know mine are still retarded, and want to squint enough that I still look like that stupid cartoon character, but come on. Really?

How can everyone be that dumb? The only thing I can think of is they don’t want to know.

“You’re quiet,” he said. “What are you thinking about?” Hugging me, with his wet hair on my shoulder.

“Oh, nothing. Just my friends at home.” I hugged his waist, and felt his arm around me, before we got to the end of the trees, and he had to let go.

I guess, uncle Jeraldo, and aunt Epi are the same way. They don’t want to know what kind of pervert Diego is. It’s better to think he’s turning Satanist, or whatever. I looked up.

“I like your hair long, it looks good.” Especially still wet, so it doesn’t looked as fucked up. From head-banging, I guess.

“Thanks.” Of course, I was staying in his room, as always. So, we had plenty of chances to do it again, and again…

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