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I am from Indian small town.my name is amit .this stories is about my sister .her name is komal.she is 26 years of age and married.for two years..I am four year younger from her .normal built but my penis is big from early child hood. My sister saw it in childhood.my mother asked me to bear big under bear.to hide from others.my sister came from in-laws to my house .for 10 days .as my parents went to goa.and I stay at home because of my studies
We were two only in home. She
Prepared food and we had talks .I asked her about her life..she started crying .I asked her why she is crying.she said I can not tell you.I said I am your brother tell me .I might help her problem.she said don’t tell momy and papa. I said o k.. She said promise me I said promise.. Then komal told me that her husband had very small covk and he is unable to satisfy. He does but .only for himself. I am thirsty for two years..now you can help me..I said how I can help in this matter.she said you said you can help me. I have seen your penis from childhood. It is big..no I can not do I am your brother. In night we were discussing the same .she again started crying.I said o k if you insist. I may try but I have not done before. SShe said I will teach you.so she undress herself and asked me to undress .I was naked and I was covering my cock with my hands .komal was naked .with good body .good boobs and clern cant.she said show me your cock..I removed my hands she said oh my god it is so big.it was not erect so it was hung like donkey.she could not control herself and grabbed my cock and started shaking as she touched it it started to grow bigger and erect.when fully erected it was about 11 inches..she said ress my boobs I hesitated first but I started playing with them and pressed them she moaned .she was playing with my cock she said suck my nipples..I started as an obedient brother.I was suckin her nipples they became hard.now I was in fuul mood . I kissed her .I said komal you are sexy . and hot .she said now you can play with my body .. She said come over me.I was over her my cock was fully erect and hanging she opens her legs and hold my cock to guide she put head on her cunt .and said puss now I pushed. IIt was not going she put saliva on my penis and said now push.I pushed hard this time it went inside but she cried.said wait .it is painful but I want to have it .mean while I was ducking her boobs
.which made me crazy I gave another push half of my cock went in she cried and was bleeding. Shae said wait and do it slowly.I waited for five minute and again I pushed another three inches went tearing her vagina .my head was touching her uterus which I felt but still my cock was out side so I rammed with force it went fully stretching her vagina with pain.as she was crying .but was willing to go .I lay there for five minute and started stroking slowly .now she was feeling better so increased the speed. I fuckrd her 20 minutes she was moaning and said I am all yours my brother.. I will not forget the pleasure you are giving me.I ejacilated in her and I slet on her .as my cock was still in her.after 30 minute it again became hard by heat of her cunt..I started fucking again.now she was more comfortable.. And was pushing upward with my push..we fuced that night four times. And we were fucking for ten days till my parent came back.

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