Journal of my daily cheating

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Another Day, Another Cheating. Well, Tessi just finished taking full advantage of me twice in 18 hours. I went out with my best friend Cindy and her husband, along with a few other people. David would not be coming in until 5 or 5:45 am, he had a delayed flight from Zurich to JFK. I’ve been sleeping with Tessi at his apartment for three days and he’s been sleeping at my apartment for 5 days, where he fucked me mercilessly.
David left for Germany last Friday, and as soon as he was downstairs in the lobby, I called Tessi to come over, and he immediately started to passionately french kiss me as soon as he entered my apartment, and we began to slowly fuck, like a loving couple, as I told him how much loved him more than my husband and how prefer his cock over Davids’. Then, we heard the door to my apartment open with the familiar, “ding,” and Tessi popped out of my pussy and ran into my walk-in closet and closed the door as David shouted that his flight was canceled until 11am, he asked where I was, as I fake-slept in the bed and he gently sat down next to me and caressed my head slowly while moving my hair from my face, he kissed me softly, I tenderly but hesitantly responded to his kiss knowing that I, literally, was just kissing his college buddy a few seconds ago, and sucking his cock, and now I’m kissing my husband, it was amazing and such a turn-on, that I whispered in his ear if he could fuck me again before he had to leave, and he did, he fucked me for the second time in 5 hours and it was glorious, as I looked toward my slightly opened closet door while Tessi watched David fucking me. David roleplayed and called me his “lesbian wife,” while plowing into my spread open thighs furiously. I directed the fantasy to me fucking other men, and cheating on him with a few of his old friends. Urging him, I said, “fuck me like the cheating bisexual wife, that I am David, and cum inside me and use me like your friends used to do in college, when you were in class and they needed a snug pussy to cuddle up to; you know what David, fuck me like Tessi, remember how jealous you’d get when he’d come over in the middle of the night to fuck me on the living room couch with one of his girlfriends, so he could see me eat pussy, and just so he could have me all to himself and opening up my bisexuality while you slept, just remember all of that and fuck me like a jealous husband.”
David rammed into me, like a piston, with rapid fire shots of pure wild thrusts, as I held him closely and tightly and cuddled his face in the right side of my neck as I looked to my left, toward the closet to see Tessi stroking his cock, and I blurted out loud for Tessi to hear, “I love you Tessi, fuck your woman’s pussy, I miss your cock baby, fuck me and take my pussy!” I puckered my lips and gave Tessi a quiet kiss and mouthed to him that I love him and that I preferred his cock over my husbands. David was motivated by acknowledgment and began choking me as he drove into me like an animal, he came inside my pussy as I shouted out, “FUCK ME TESSI, FUCK ME MY LOVE, I LOVE YOU SO FUCK ME AND MAKE MY PUSSY YOURS.” Saying all this while staring in the other direction at Tessis’ eyes peering at me through my slight opened closet door, it was intoxicating knowing my husbands’ one time best friend was stroking his cock, while watching me fuck my husband, and I wished that my husband would revert back to how he used to be, in wanting all of his friends to fuck me whenever they felt wanted me. Anyway, I shouted out, “MAKE ME A CHEATING WIFE TESSI, MAKE ME CHEAT ON DAVID, AND ALWAYS FUCK ME, LIKE YOU DID IN COLLEGE WHEN YOU BORROWED YOUR BEST FRIENDS GIRLFRIEND BEHIND HIS BACK IN PRIVATE, NOW BORROW ME AS HIS WIFE AND MAKE ME EAT AS MUCH PUSSY AS YOU CAN TESSI, FUCK ME MY LOVE, FUCK YOUR LOVERS CUNT AND USE ME AND SHARE ME ALL YOUR FRIENDS!”
I laid there, impaled on my husbands cock, and in slow motion, I saw Tessi mouth to me, that he loved me. David slapped me, choked me and bit my neck as I looked in only one direction, to give all of my attention to Tessi, and in that moment, I knew that I had fallen in love and lust with him very deeply, it was hot as hell and there was no turning back as I grabbed Davids ass and pulled him inside of my cunt and hold him there, as if he were Tessi, knowing that Tessi loved when I did that instead of playing with his nipples as he came, which is what David likes. Afterwards, I hear David whispering heavily and angrily, “call me Tessi, say his name when I fuck you, only think of him when we fuck. Tell me you only want to fuck him and not me, tell me you want him more, say you prefer him to me, let me know that you only think of him when your with me, let me know that you love him and want to get pregnant by him, let me know you want to fuck his friends, all of them, tell me that you’ll cheat on me with him, let me know that you’ll be a lesbian for him and not me, talk dirty to me about you and Tess every time you and I fuck, tell me you want him to fuck your ass, and finally always close your eyes and picture Tess as the only man you want fucking you, will you do all that for me, my love? !”
I was floored by his fantasy, was it true, is this what he really wanted or was this all role play, I didn’t know, nevertheless I said, “YES, I want to fuck Tessi, I prefer his cock to yours because he wanted me more, but in my heart I love you more, but I will fall in love with Tessi, I will only think of Tessi when you come to fuck me, I’ll close my eyes and picture his handsome face and sexy body, I’ll masturbate to thoughts, pictures and old videos of him while your gone, and if he were hear I would let him fuck my ass, share me with his friends and use me as a whore, just I could cheat on you with him, and I will train myself, or let him train me to only desire him and not you, just so I could show him how much I’ve fallen in love with him, as he and I have our private affair behind your back, as a matter of fact, David, I’d let him fuck me every chance he wanted to if he lived next door and I would him him have me as often as he’d like just so he could fuck me more than you!”
Tessi, looked at me with love in his eyes, because he knew that I meant what I said, I closed my eyes, pulled David in and thought of Tessi cumming inside of me and coating me with as much sperm as possible. David was exhausted and thanked me for the best sex that we’ve ever had as he stated, “ I meant every word, I said, but only in fantasy and role play, okay?” I said, “of coarse my love, I know, you don’t have to tell me that, but know that if you ever want to go back to our college lifestyle, I would enjoy that too.” I stared away toward Tessi, as I held onto David, letting know that my loyalty to him is true, real and permanent and that he had nothing to worry about. David got up to go to the bathroom, Tessi jumped out of the closet and released his massive load of cum, as I swallowed every drop. We expressed our love for each other, which we both realized at that moment. He, turned me around and fucked my ass, like it was a pussy and I loved every nasty, hard thrusting stroke and he came quickly to then rush back to the closet, while David returned, as I heard the shower stop. With a towel around his waist and his used Mac Book Pro in his hand, he placed it on the bed and told me to select a picture of Tess, that I liked and would cum to, so I chose a few, especially his beach photos where he and I would hook up and fuck all day and night alone when David went to sleep in the afternoons until morning because he was too drunk to stay awake, it was fantastic so I selected those photos in the image viewer where I could masturbate to pictures of him of up to 5 minutes per picture as it would rotate to the next photo on the listed selection. David took off the towel, as I whispered seductively, while staring into his eyes, pulling him in, holding his head tightly to the right side of my neck so I could look at Tessi while fucking David, saying, “ Come Tessi, fuck your woman’s pussy my love, I love you Tessi, I love you only you and prefer you to David, Tessi, as a matter of fact I truthfully love you just as much as I love David and I want to be your wife too, without David knowing anything about us!” Tessi, started stroking his cock as our eyes were locked in love and lust for each other. David being totally unaware that his old buddy was deviously hiding in his wife’s walk-in closet. While I shouted out my love for Tessi, David buried his face in my neck, ever more tightly, and came even more than he had, a few minutes earlier. David lay there exhausted but expressed his desire for me to always fantasize about Tessi, while he was with me, we spoke for a half hour, then he got dressed and left in a hurry to catch his flight, but before he left he said he had a renewed desire for me and wanted to have phone sex, and text sex regularly and if that was alright with me, I happily agreed as we passionately kissed goodbye.
Tessi stayed the night and we expressed our commitment to each other, both emotionally and sexually. We spoke for hours about what he had seen and heard, he loved it and felt complimented by all the attention he received and how committed I was to him, while being fucked by my husband. Tessi and I fucked emotionally for days, both at his apartment and mine. Over the first few days, I called David to simulate having sex, which he didn’t know was real, with Tessi. I called out Tessi’s name and confessed my desire and love for him, David loved it and so did I, it gave me the chance to have sex with him in a new and exciting way, but through the use of another man, FUCKING AWESOME! Over the last few days of his week long departure, we sexted while I routed my sexts to Tessi, I enjoyed the cheating like it was a drug.
Upon Davids’ return, Tessi and I fucked each other senseless as we recorded our sessions for him to show his friends that would be fucking regularly while he returned to California the following week, leaving me in good hands and good cocks. Within six months of moving onto the west wing of my floor, he was able to modify his lease and move in next door in apartment K28b. I no longer missed Davids’ inattentiveness, one because he started fucking me before he left for work, and as soon as he came home, if he went away we would sext religiously, while Tessi fucked me quietly and passionately. The beautiful part about my time with both of my men, is that I have more than enough cock and pussy to suck eat, and lick almost any moment of the day. Secondly, as soon as David walked out the door, Tessi and I were immediately dating, fucking and cheating every chance we got.
Tessi and I started swinging, but we mostly practice wife sharing, we act as husband and wife and I use his last name as my own, really fucking sexy! I went next door to his new apartment to decorate it to my standards, and was fucked by his co-worker Andy for almost 3 hours of heaven. Andy is black and gorgeous, tall, stunningly handsome, violently aggressive and loves to fuck a woman’s ass. I was fucked in my ass for almost the entire 3 hours, and I was fucked in every position imaginable, it was glorious and although he was aggressive, he was also passionate, really fucking passionate, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, I stared into his eyes as he filled me with 7 orgasms worth of cum, I was amazed at his stamina. I realized how much I love men, and love when they’re aggressive and take what they want from my pussy, ass or mouth, I fucking love it! Since that day, when Andy dropped off the paper work for the development of some new website the company was working on, I’ve told Tessi to fuck my ass as much as possible, which he has, he fucks my ass at least 3 times a day, just as my husband leaves, lunch time and either before David gets home or after David falls asleep. Since November, 21st I’ve been shared with 32 grown men, 11 college students, 8 teenage boys, 23 wives, 11 single adult females, 22 teenage girls, some are his friends and most of the others are from tinder and craigslist, it’s really a blast to be used properly and so often. Tessi told me to get an IUD and I did, so I can fuck every day without any break for three to five days a month, if you know what I mean.
I am now exclusively dating Tessi, and fucking anyone he chooses for me, and we’ve entered the new swinging lifestyle of wife sharing in Manhattan, mostly on the west side, since the I live on the east side of Manhattan, it’s better suited for my privacy with hubby. David and I have an amazing sex life, where he allows me to fantasize about anyone but him, but mostly Tessi, as he turns on the laptop and allows me to fantasize and role play about Tessi, never knowing that Tessi has actually been fucking his wife for over a year without hesitation.
Just so my readers know, I’ve been fucking Andy regularly, and we talk a lot about sex and what turns him on, with the promises that I get a queen of spades tattoo on the inside of my left wrist, I fuck only black guys in gangbang orgies, I swallow cum for his black friends, and every time my husband is out of town for two weeks, that I belong to him and must stay with him for the entire time, and Tessi must never know about my relationship with him,…I agreed to everything gladly and have been fucked by 4 of Andy’s friends mostly on Mondays and Fridays when I go shopping at Whole Foods at Columbus Circle, giving me all the time I need to be used properly by all the black cock I need, and Tessi has no Idea, plus as soon as I return home with my groceries, for both my husband and Tessi, Tessi still gets as much pussy and ass as he always did. During David’s last trip to Japan, I’ve started to video myself masturbating to pictures of Tessi, I send the videos to his online account for him to view them whenever he can. I also Skype him from time to time, so he can see me masturbate to pictures of Tessi, live. His kink, has expanded to me telling him fantasies, which are actually real, but as long as he thinks they’re just fantasies then I’m safe from his anger of having an actual cheating wife.
I have two masters one is black the other is white, Tessi and Andy. Tessi waited for me at JFK airport when I escorted my husband on his one week trip to Belgium, which ended up being a month. Tessi and I took a cab to his house in White Plains, where we fucked for an entire week until I found out that my husband had to stay in Belgium and wouldn’t return for another three weeks, Tessi was thrilled, he immediately took me to a private farm an hour North of White Plains, I won’t tell where, but we fucked like the world was coming to an end, and David dragged in a massive sized internet television and we fucked to videos of bestiality, shemale, cartoon, and lesbian porn. We spoke about how we were so turned on by girls fucking dogs and horses, so he asked me if I would try, and I said, “yes, of coarse if it turns you on.” I complied to his wishes, and we fucked to the shemale pornstar Vaniity, and I came on his cock while thinking of her. That same night, around 11pm, I was horny and we went outside to fuck in the stable when Tessi screwed me next to a big black horse, it turned him on so much that after he came, we looked over and saw that the horse was turned on by me getting fucked, so I stared into Tessi’s eyes, stood up, leaned on the horse and started to masturbate, I then went under the horse and quickly shoved his two foot long cock in my pussy, it was amazing and dirty. Tessi exploded watching his woman getting fucked by a horse. I was impaled and fucked until 4am and my pussy was extremely sore, so when the owners dog came wandering in the stable, I finished sucking the horses cock and swallowed as much cum that I could drink. I finished and let the dog lick my pussy until I couldn’t take it anymore, and I put that nasty dog cock inside me and he fucked me furiously until he spurted uncontrollably and filled me to an overflowing orgasm mixed with a bucket full of dogie cum. We had bestiality sex everyday for the next three weeks and even contacted an internet girl who fucks her dogs and she and I ate pussy and fucked the horse and dog the entire time. Her name is Tonya, and her husband just watched and recorded our kink while Tessi completely took control of the situation and fucked me and Tonya like we belonged to him, I loved it.
David returned, and we got a Rottweiler to keep me company when he’s not home, I lied and told him that I’d feel safer with the dog, when he leaves for long periods of time. I’ve since fucked my dog, Teg, everyday. Teg licks pussy, and fucks me several times a day and is always involved in fucking me with Tessi.
I’ve become younger looking, and I believe it’s due to all the sex. I’ve become a vegetarian, I take 3 day yoga classes, I get weekly colonics and go to the gym 4 days a week including Sunday. I know it seems like a lot but it’s all true and I’m glad that Cindy encouraged me to document my affairs openly on this site, it’s very therapeutic.

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  • Reply Kendall B. ID:11av8zgx49j

    Thanks for sharing, and that type of fantasizing is huge among the NY, Baltimore, and Philly underground Swinger scene. My husband loves that I fantasize about everything you mentioned in your story and more, i\’m so thrilled to see that someone has finally written down the truth of what happens in theIr bedroom, it does in mine! I also cuckold my husband at swing parties with the exact same fantasies while role playing, it\’s amazing, thanks for sharing.

  • Reply kinky in OR ID:1dnljroo7u8a

    amazing thanks for sharing! my wife fantasizes about almost everything you described. it makes her feel powerful to chose to be so whoreish and desired by so many men

    • NYCMaggie ID:11av8zgx49j

      Your so welcome, I\’m new to journaling my sex life online and I know that it\’s more on the kinky side of my personality, but I\’m really glad to know that your wife has similar fantasies to my reality, I\’ll continue to share as often as I can, Thank you for reading and responding. I hope your wife could read it also, and hopefully be inspired like I was by Californiafeelin. I thought she was just writing made up sex stories, but I contacted her blog site and found out that she is a really expressive sex blogger that actively cheats on her husband and it just really turned me on and inspired me to be more of a bad girl, so anyway, thanks, thanks so much for reading, enjoy your wifes sexuality.