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unexpected encounter with dog

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I live in a village. In summer I used to sleep on open space out side
Of my home.it was a months of august mating season of dogs a group of dogs were chasing a femal dog on heat. She stoprd near my bed I put my hand on her back she turned her back to me . I put my hand on her wet cunt and I inserted my finger in her she clinched my finger.my finger was fucking her .and she was enjoying it . as it was night and dark out side . I got full erection and thinking of fucking her so I removed my underwear and was ready to fuck her but group of male dog came and bitch ran away and dogs followed her but one male dog stayed back he was licking my hand as my hand was wet with cunt juices.. Dog started licking my anal opening as I was nude .dog was big dog it was dark so I was exited to .so I bent forward and suddenly the dog jumped on me and starred humping and suddenly his cock enters me .and hr kept on fucking me hard.suddenly I felt some thing growing big inside it was his knot no he stoped
Jerking he was tied with me. We were tied for 20 minute .then he
Emptied his ball and got separated. And he licked me clean and dry .I had little pain but I enjoyed it.


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    Felt great didn’t it? I have been there before. Raped by a dog feels great after the guilt.

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