A good son

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I was always a Mommas boy, I guess. My mom would take along with her every where. I was 16 and started to notice she had alot of male stranger friends. Mostly meeting in a quiet country spot . This first time I noticed she met this man in very out the way spot. She stopped her car near a big tree. In a few minutes , a van pulls up a yards away. My Mom told me stay in the car, she had to talk to that person. After about a half hour, I became curious, I went around a couple trees until I got near the van. I heard moaning and even could see the van moving. I peeked in side window. My mouth dropped open, All I saw was my Mom legs straight up the ceiling of the car. , she completely naked. In between her legs m this man was pounding away. She seemed to crying in pain, but, stayed until the man seemed to stop, figuring he must have shot his load. He got off of her, she turned and saw me. I ran back to our car and waited. Just a few niutes later , she got into the car , started it and drove. Not a word was said. I kept thinking about that afternoon. A week later we were home, my Dad had gone to work, he had the swing shift at a plant. There was a knock at the door. My Mom peeked through the curtain. Then she told me to go to my room and stay until she called.She opened the door and this guy came in, not the same man as last week. No sooner he was in, he became grope her, kissing her neck, fondling her ass , then squeezing he big boobs. All the while she moaned and groaned. He got ahold her hand and brought it to crotch, Peeking through slight ajar door, I could a huge bulge in his pants. Her moans even got louder. He unzipped and out came a monster cock. She dropped to her knees and ingulfed his manhood. He became loud himself. He pulled his wet and stiff cock out, standing her up, he turned her with ass facing his cock. He bent her over and spread her legs a little, finding the right height. He jammed her cunt so hard , she let out a scream. He grabbed her waist, holding her tight against belly. You got it all, do want me to stop , he asked ? No, she replied, give it to me . Fuck me hard and cum inside me. It got so loud they both were about to cum. He reached up to her tits and squeezed and hollared, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Then with one huge push, and ear shattering scream from my Mom , he uloaded. He backed out of her, cum still dripping. She got a few tissues and wiped him dry. Gave his cockhead a little kiss and dried herself. The following week I confronted her about men . She sat me down on the couch. Telling me , she needed sex, she loved it Dad could’nt near satisfy her. That evenig I was in my room. I’ve had sex with a couple girls in my school. Word got out that Dick had big dick. Thats another story. So , later . I thought about my mom. I have seen her half naked , waist up, as she got dressed. Sometimes I got very turned on. I loved her tits, so much bigger than my girl friends, maybe not as firm. But, she was in early 50s.. One evening I was in my room thumbing through some adult magazines. Got aroused at the boobs. My cock became so hard it hurt. I only saw the one guys cock and mine was bigger.. Thinking , maybe i could satisfy my Mom . Then she wouldn’t go out for sex. Laying on my bed,with just my thin sweat shorts. I could hear my Mother in her room. I thought to myself, what the hell , she would’nt thtow me out. So , I got hard as i could. Walked into her room. She was facing her mirror at her night stand. No bra, just a light skirt. Mom, I startled her. I said , is my cock to small. She turned, covering up boobs. He smiled. let me see . I dropped my shorts. Her mouth flew open. With a big smile , she said , honey, that is the biggest I’ve seen. Come over to Mommy. I walked toward her. My cock stood straight out. She dropped the boob cover and reached out to my now throbbing proud mommy pleaser.With both her hands she gently held me. I took a big gasped, she smiled and asked , if it felt good. All i could muster was. oh yes. Then she kissed the tip and licked the cock lips. Once she had my cock deep down her mouth, she placed my hands on her titties. She shivered , then she said to squeeze hard and pinch the nipples. I did what Mommy told me. She stopped. Go lock the doors. I went to front and back , locking both entrys. When I came back to her bedroom. There ahe was completely naked and laying on bed. Spreading her legs , she said, honey lover , come to momma. I crawled in between ler beautiful young looking legs. Her pussy was manicured , but not shaved clean. Her legs were open and lifted towards the ceiling. I leaned down to her honey hole. I love you Mommy, then stuck my face in her gleaming pussy. She hollared and rapped her thighs tighly around head. Bucking and squirming she lifted up up and gave me a great surprise. She had climax that filled my mouth. Sweet and tasty, I swallowed and even suck her hard. She went limp. Come up to Mommy, I moved up. She said to kiss her. We kissed. Another surprise, she french kissed and sucked on my tongue. WE laid in each others arms. In a short time, she asked me , if I would like to cum in her ? Asking , if was okay? She said , yes. it was safe. Moving back between her legs. I brought legs over my shouders, then, eased into her. She yelled a little, telling me to go slow. That her cunt was tight, although she had a few lovers, she remained tight. Then laughing, she told me I was her biggest. And,that i sucked her pretty dry. Gently pushing, I finally got all the way, I could feel her pussy walls. Then my strokes started to increase in speed, my thrusts were uncontrolable. I want her so much. Never wanted to stop. The more I pounded her, the more she squirmed m with her arms around my back . we rolled in passion. My cockhead was begining to burn. I lifted her up and jammed my cock deep as I could. I’M cumming, I’m cumming, she held me tight, give me all your juices honey, Mommy loves you. Then , all hell broke loose, or should I say the dam brole. I shot and shot. I could feel her cunt filling up. Oh honey that was so good, I came again, she said. My first double orgasims. We laid in each others arms. We kissed , I bit her nipples and sucked for milk. No, but still sucked. She promised me, there would be NO more guys. Except me. But, I told her , give Daddy a couple nights. Fuck his brains out. About a week later, my Dad happy as could be. Asking, why so happy Pop.? Smiling and started to whrisle a tune. I asked him, it was his night off, if he wanted watch some movies? He said, no, he was going to bed early. Okay, I told him, but, winked and told him to keep the noise down.. He laughed and grabbed his cock. Everyone happy Even got cuddoes from other two girls. One asked , if I was getting larger ? No, you like, she said, oh yeh.

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    Loved the story. Wished there were paragraphs though.

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    Moms are the best. if you have ever had the pleasure of filling up you mom with cum, you already know this is a fact.

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    A good slut

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    Another crap story with high reviews.

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      Check out Curious little children or My Gay Dad 😉

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    Mina nikkusin oma ema vabaõhu kontserdil avalikkus peldikus,olin siis 17.aastane.Emal oli parasjagu pissihäda ja ma läksin temaga kaasa.

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    Oma emale pane ikka tagant poolt,see meeldib emadele kõige rohkem.

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    U slut mom