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My cousin loved filling me up with his warm cum 🍑

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Background I’m 17 year old girl and live with my dad (53) my cousin (38) and his son my other first cousin (19) we will call him Riko

We all live together, my room is in the back of the house and my cousin Riko’s room is down the hall from me his dad and my dad live upstairs and leave really early in the morning they are up at 4 and out by 5:30

When we all moved in together it was me and my dad moving in with my older cousin and then his son my cousin Riko needed a place to stay for his probation so he moved in with us, I am 5’0 Latina with long black hair and a pretty face and glasses I mostly wear shorts and crop tops around the house because I hate wearing clothes I also just sleep in panties and a loose top so it’s more comfortable for me which I have always done

I didn’t really grow up with Riko I lived with my mom until I decided to give my dad another chance and came to live with him a few months ago I didn’t see Riko for about eight years and didn’t see my dad for six so we had a chance to get to know eachother now that I’m not a kid anymore and we are very similar,

A few months back I seen Riko on Facebook and friend requested him thinking it can’t be bad to be friends with my cousin, we never really talked until he moved in with us then it was just us saying hi and how are you or at dinner and us all talking,

One day it was just me and him home for the week because our dad’s left to go camping and that’s when it all started, I woke up around 11 and hopped in the shower
I got out and put in some black short no panties and a crop top that only covered my tits, goodmorning I greeted Riko and he greeted me back “how was your night?” I asked making some coffee “pretty good how about yours” he asked and I nodded to him “was very tired”

“By the way can you start gagging the bitches you bring over cuz damn hoes are loud” I said making his eyes go wide ” oh shi my bad I didn’t think you could hear me down the hall”

“You’re good but if you need a ball gag I got one” I laughed making him laugh with me “why do you have one” he asked me “I have fun too” I answered and walked over to the couch “with who” he turned to face me “myself” I turned the tv on and flipped threw the chanels ” you need a boyfriend” he said making me look at him “no I need money”

“Plus y’all don’t know how to please a me” I mumbled “who is ‘y’all’ cuz I do pretty good” I laughed “couldn’t make me cum” I said “bet I could” he said and we both looked at eachother and sat there quietly “that ain’t what I meant” he said “I would take you up on it you might need practice” I said laugh “ayo chill” he laughed with me

After that I watched TV as he typed away on his computer, I walked over to him and leaned over his shoulder being nosey, he looked at me and I looked at him as he looked at my lips I smiled, I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek then down to his neck and he didn’t stop me he then grabbed my neck and pushed me over the couch ripping my shorts off and slapping my ass making me moan

“Shush be good” he said as I felt his tounge against my clit “mmmm fuckkk” I leaned my head down letting it hang, he grabbed one leg and pushed it up on the couch as he took both hands and spread my ass apart so he shobe his tounge in my pussy and tounge fuck me “godddd Riko” I felt him start to run my clit making me cum and shake “see why they so loud now huh” he slapped my ass and ripped my shirt off slapping my tits he rammed his dick into me and started fuck me with both his hands on my back keeping me in place while I screamed from his dick hitting me so good

“Fuckkk you feel so good” I screamed making him slap my ass over and over again until I was stinging and red

He grabbed my hair pulling my head back and shoving two fingers in my mouth “suck em then imma face fuck you” he growled in my ear as water started to form in my eyes from the pain of his slapping me but I loved it

I grabbed the pillow off the couch and hugged it while I screamed from the dick i was taking, “fuckk I’m gonna cum” he said making me shake and moan under his control about five minutes later I felt myself being filled up with warm cum from my own cousins dick,

I was thrown to the floor and my mouth forced open and he shoved his dick down my throat making me gag and choke while he face fucked me without mercy while he slapped me across the face

He continued fucking me for over and hour until we were both tired and fell asleep

My kik is Ped0l0ver if you want to hear more I can even tell you about how my step dad and uncle uses to molest me 💋

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    Horribly written

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    I like to hear more of your sexual adventures with your step dad and uncle.
    And I’ll tell you about mine.
    Email me at [email protected]

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    Dont have kik message me at [email protected]