One of my husbands friends fucked me

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On Saturday night we had a party at the house and a friend of my husband Mark, basically got behind me and started rubbing his cock on my ass. I was wearing tight pants so I really felt his whole dick. He kept flirting with me throughout the whole party until my husband was just too drunk to notice what happened.

We were in the back of the house, next to the pool and while my husband was drinking inside the house, Mark just took me to a dark corner of the patio, he pushed my pants down to my knees and fucked me doggie style against the wall.

Im not going to lie, I liked it, I was horny and wanted to fuck too. I moaned, moved my ass against him and had a hell of an orgasm! He started fucking me harder and came very hard too! We didnt use a condom, he came hard inside of me and I loved it! I think one of Mark’s friends saw us but of course he wasnt gonig to say anything.

We went back to the house and my husband was still drinking on the sofa with one of his friends. Im not going to lie its not the first time I do something like this but I hadnt done it in a while, and it felt really good.

Mark of course has already texted me telling me he wants to see me again. I actually dont know if I would, I loved the idea of the one night fling, I dont know if I really want to continue a whole side relationship, maybe thats not for me

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