My Girlfriend’s Best Friend – Part 3 The Summer of ’77

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I dated a girl named Laurie about once a week during the summer of 1977. It wasn’t really because I was attracted to her; it was mostly because her best friend, Ruth, was willing to fuck me whenever I wanted so that Laurie could remain a virgin.

First thing I remember from that summer was taking my Island Goddess, Sheryl, to Carmel Beach one Saturday. We laid on the sand together, taking in the rays until early afternoon. We had started making out pretty passionately and I knew I was going to fuck her right there on the beach if we didn’t leave. I wasn’t shy about fucking in public, but I think 99% of the rest of the people wouldn’t have approved very much. And Sheryl would have probably objected herself.

There was only one way in and out of the beach for the public; a long, steep stairway up to the parking lot. And who just happened to be descending at the same time that Sheryl and I were climbing up? My old flame Arlene, my Filipino Princess who had laid waste to part of my life a few weeks earlier.

Arlene stopped right in front of me and Sheryl. She was so fucking hot, but so was Sheryl. Something about those Pacific Islander women drove me insane, and I loved their exotic beauty more than any other women on Earth. Whatever the soil from the Philippine Islands magically produced, the girls I knew in high school from there had it in spades!

Arlene went off on me. I had never meant to hurt her, but for whatever reason I just couldn’t commit to one girl at a time. Sheryl understood this and accepted it. Arlene wasn’t able to.

After a couple minutes of listening to Arlene’s tirade, Sheryl couldn’t take it anymore and began arguing back. Luckily, one of my drummer buddies from school was with Arlene. He picked the tiny princess up and continued down to the beach while I picked up my Goddess and carried her to the top of the stairs. I had fallen for Arlene from the first time I saw her in freshman English class, but I had also fallen for Sheryl in the same manner, just a year later. I loved both girls in my own twisted way, but Arlene had pressed the issue of being my one and only girl while Sheryl was good with what we had. And I wasn’t going to sacrifice the plentiful pussy that was available to me for anyone at that time of my life.

I took Sheryl home to her grandmother’s house and I fucked her a couple of times like we did every few weeks. For some reason I truly believed that I was eventually going to end up with Sheryl because we had such a good relationship with each other. It didn’t turn out that way, but at the time I kind of wanted it to. She ended up following her grandmother’s wishes and married a Filipino man a few years later.

I knew Laurie was going to find out from Arlene that I had been at the beach with Sheryl. They knew each other and lived close enough that it wasn’t going to be long before Laurie found out. I really didn’t give a shit about Laurie. What I cared about was losing out on her best friend’s pussy. I had become a frequent overnight guest at Ruth’s home and I really didn’t want to fuck my schedule up with most of the summer remaining.

I had it good. My mom had stopped questioning my whereabouts when I was fifteen. My father had passed when I was twelve, so I had little parental input in my life. They had been in their late forties when I came along, a surprise for everyone. My sister was fifteen years older than me and had married very young, just before I was born. My brother was thirteen years older and was gone from home by the time I was really aware of anything. And since my parents had already raised two kids, when the third came along at such an advanced age, they were too tired to really do the whole parenting thing with me.

I played drums with a rock band that was growing in popularity on the central coast of California and around the South Bay, and I made enough to pay my own way. I had a number of girls who I regularly fucked and stayed with, plus all the pussy that was available back stage after we played somewhere. And school always came easy for me. As long as I listened in class, I got close to straight A’s.

Except for English. It seemed like our teachers had a hard on for Charles Dickens. And although I was an avid reader, I found his shit dry and monotonous. I hated having to sit through the first three years of high school English classes. But my senior year would prove to be much more tolerable. I just didn’t know it at the time.

It didn’t take long for Laurie to hear about me being with Sheryl in Carmel. Fuck! She confronted me with Arlene’s accurate accusation and I confessed my sin. She immediately forgave me. Obviously she hadn’t learned of the sexual activities that followed the beach trip. So I was still good to fuck around with Ruth. Which I did. A lot.

Ruth’s mom was seriously hot. I had seen her naked and she looked perfect to me. I never did get the chance to fuck her, my loss for sure, but something else happened a couple of weeks after the beach incident that was pretty close.

The first time Ruth had made me cum was with her hand, and the load I shot drenched her. She seemed to think that it was abnormal to produce so much ‘ejaculate’, as she called it. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but in retrospect Ruth must have had it on her mind from the moment I spewed my plethora of semen all over her face and body.

She had joked about having me show her mom how much cum I produced, but I didn’t think she would ever seriously consider it. Silly me!

I was sleeping with Ruth at her parents house a couple of nights a week, sometimes on the weekends as well when I wasn’t busy with one of my other girls like Michelle, my married older woman who I stayed with when her husband was on the road. And one Sunday morning after we sat with Ruth’s parents in their kitchen eating breakfast. I had played a gig somewhere the night before and didn’t get to Ruth’s until after 3 a.m. so I had only been able to fuck her once before we fell asleep.

It had been a few weeks since the last third wheel of their kinky relationship, Darrell, had stormed out in a huff after being embarrassed by something Ruth’s mom, Maria, had said. He hadn’t been back and no one had taken his place yet. So it was just the four of us and I had found out over the weeks that Ruth could and did talk to her mom about everything. Even the.most intimate questions concerning sex in all it’s deviant forms was open for discussion.

“Mom, I have kind of an odd question”, Ruth opened with.

Maria set her coffee cup down and focused on her daughter. She was really good like that, paying attention when Ruth spoke to her. I had noticed it the first time I had spent the night with Ruth. Besides being incredibly beautiful, Maria was a really good mom in her own way.

“You know you can ask me anything, sweet pea. What is it?”

Ruth looked at me first. I had no idea what she was going to ask about. Seemed like just a mom and daughter moment that didn’t concern me, so I reached for the sports page that her father never looked at.

“It’s actually about… Rocky”, Ruth started off slowly. “Have you ever, umm… Well, has there ever been a time when… How much does a guy usually ejaculate…”

Ruth’s cheeks were red and she couldn’t find a way to pose her question without feeling embarrassed. I think it was actually my embarrassment she was taking into account. I hadn’t intended on paying close attention to the conversation, but the mention of my name and her last unfinished question had caught my ear and I held my breath in anticipation.

“Go on, dear”, Maria urged. “There’s nothing you can ask me that I won’t answer honestly.”

Ruth finally blurted it out. “Rocky ejaculates a lot, mom. Like I mean really a lot. I was wondering if you had ever seen anything like that before.”

Maria glanced over and studied me for a moment. I spent the next minute or so trying very hard to become very small. Not an easy thing to do when you’re as big as I am. Then she turned her full attention back to Ruth.

“Hmm… I suppose each man is different and therefore you can’t really measure…” Her words trailed off. “By a lot, what do you mean? Do you mean a lot like a thimble full or a cup full? I’m not sure how much you think a lot is, honey.”

“God, mom, I didn’t actually measure it! All I know is that it sure surprised me. And there was just so much of it! More than I’ve ever seen all over you.”

Maria didn’t even flinch when Ruth said that. She thought about her answer before she spoke, then replied, “I think different men have different amounts of cum their bodies produce. I also think it has to do with the amount of time in between ejaculations. I would imagine the longer period of time between cumming could cause more build up in the male. At least that’s how I understand it.”

Ruth shook her head. “No, mom. I mean, this is like Biblical proportions. It was in my hair, all over my face and I was still covered with his cum from my chest to my vagina. And his penis never lost it’s erection! Have you ever seen anything like that before?”

Maria’s eyes looked off into the distance. With a slight shake of her head, she gave Ruth her answer.

“No, I don’t think I have.” She chewed her pretty bottom lip for a moment then turned to me. I had set the sports section down by this time since I couldn’t concentrate on the previous day’s box scores while these two gorgeous females were talking about the amount of cum I produced during sex.

“Rocky, before you ejaculated on my daughter, how long had it been since you had previously cum?” She stared at me with an all-serious look. Maria wasn’t asking a bull shit question. She really wanted to know.

I knew the answer because the night before I had spent in Jocelyn’s bed after her graduation party. We only fucked once that night at approximately 4 a.m. The next night with Ruth had occurred at about 1 a.m. So 21 hours between cums for me. I told this to Maria.

Her eyes widened and she stared at me. “Are you certain?” she asked incredulously. I thought about it again and knew my math was correct. And I told her so.

Maria stared at my crotch for more than a moment. It appeared that she was trying to make a decision. She reached across the table taking one of my hands and one of Ruth’s in both of hers.

“I think I need to see this for myself before I try to give you any advice one way or another. I would need to witness a massive explosion like that in person rather than to try and make judgements based on assumptions and scant evidence instead of reliable data.”

“Oh… migod, Mom!” Ruth sounded mortified at the thought. Yet, at the same time she must have felt immensely relieved. She didn’t necessarily want her mom to see my cock, but she understood that there would always be a question in her mind about how much cum could be too much if it didn’t happen. Maria certainly didn’t seem to believe such a thing was possible.

“Just think of it like a science experiment”, she told us both. “Now, how many times did you two have sex between last night and this morning.”

“Only once, mom. Rocky didn’t get here till real late and I couldn’t stay awake. That was about three.”

Maria looked at the clock. It was almost 11 a.m. She looked at me and asked, “Do you think its been long enough? I mean, do you think you would cum like that right now?”

I had no idea, but I was sure as fuck willing to give it a shot if she was gonna be involved! So I just shrugged my shoulders and nodded.

Ruth added, “Oh, trust me, mom. He can shoot plenty even after he’s ejaculated a couple of times. God, when I get up after we have sex it seems like it just won’t stop running down my thighs.”

Maria stood up and pulled us to our feet. “We should probably go into your bedroom. I just need to get a couple of things and I’ll meet you in there.”

Ruth’s dad never said a word. He just smiled at me and kept reading the paper. All I could think about was fucking Maria. I followed Ruth to her room and we sat on her bed. Her mom came in a few minutes later with a measuring cup and a bottle of oil, then sat down next to me.

The only thing I was wearing was some gym trunks, my standard clothing whenever I played a gig. Maria took charge and said, “Let’s get you out of these. Just lie back on the bed and I will take good care of you.”

My mind started racing with the possibilities. Maybe I would get to fuck her and she’d have me pull out when I was ready to cum. Or maybe she was gonna suck me until I blew my load. She pulled my trunks off and my thick prick was proudly on display. She reached out and took it in her hand.

“Oh, my!” She gasped as she looked at my cock for the first time. “Ruth, you weren’t fibbing when you told me how big around it was, were you? My goodness! You are one very lucky girl!”

It started growing quickly in Maria’s soft, warm hand as Ruth looked on and replied, “Yeah, I feel pretty lucky every time we’re together. He might be a slut, but he’s really good at it.”

“Oh… migod!” My dick was fully erect and Maria’s eyes got big. “You told me he had a pretty penis, but to actually see it… Look at it’s curve! I bet you can really feel it on your g-spot, can’t you, Ruthie? Rocky, if you weren’t my daughter’s boyfriend…”

“He’s not, mom”, Ruth reminded, “he’s Laurie’s boyfriend.”

“Oh, right.” Maria giggled and winked at me. “But when it comes right down to it, you’re the one he spends more time with and you’re the one who he comes home with. In my book, that tells me that you are the one he really prefers to be with,. So in all actuality, you’re his girlfriend, Ruth. Laurie is merely a cute distraction, window dressing for dates.”

“Mom, she’s my best friend. I wouldn’t hurt her by trying to steal Rocky from her.”

“Darling, trust me. It isn’t stealing when she gives him to you. But your relationship has nothing to do with me. I’m only here for the experiment. So let’s begin. Rocky, would you like some visual and tactile aids to make this more pleasurable for you?”

I had no clue what she meant. She must have understood my confused look and added, “Would you like to be able to see and touch my breasts, or maybe Ruth’s if you would rather.”

I didn’t want to get myself in trouble, so I reached for Ruth.

“Rocky, it’s okay. I see the way you stare at my mom, so just enjoy the whole experience. Go ahead, I promise I won’t hurt you after.” She leaned down and kissed me, smiling as she added in a whisper, “At least not very much.”

Maria unbuttoned her blouse and her perfect tits popped out. She told me to ‘go ahead’, and I couldn’t have stopped my hands from touching them even if I had wanted to. She poured a little bit of some type of massage oil in her hand and began stroking my cock.

As much as I was hoping to fuck this gorgeous beauty, what she started doing with her hand sent me into a tizzy. She didn’t slide her hand up and down, holding onto it with the same pressure in both directions like every other woman/girl had done. This female was a cock master and was doing something I had never felt before.

Maria held my dick tight with her hand just a couple of inches below the tip. Then she quickly squeezed upwards until just the pinky and ring finger of her right hand held fast just beneath and around the corona that flared out at the edge of the head with the other two fingers rubbing over the broad tip. Then she would release her grip and quickly slide her hand back to the position she started with, repeating the motion five or six times. Then she would completely let go of it and let her long, beautiful finger nails tickle up and down the length of the shaft, sometimes stopping to do a quick dance on my balls. It was quite possibly one of the most erotic and exciting things I had ever felt. And I wouldn’t experience that kind of gentle, loving, teasing carress again until I met the woman I ended up married to for thirty years. She was another cock master. More about her later.

I don’t know how long Maria kept it up for. I imagine it didn’t take very long though. With the way she was making my penis feel, I kind of lost focus on those luscious mounds of flesh she had exposed for me. It wasn’t that I wanted to forget about them, but the feeling from what her hand was doing to me had me so flummoxed that I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything else.

And for only the third time in my life, I felt that feeling I had when my cousin Lori made me cum for the first time. She had noticed that I had a wet dream one morning and had used her hand later that day for my first sexual experience beyond that of wet dreams. The second time was when Ginny had given me her first ever blow job. And just like those two times, something started happening.

I got this super good, super warm feeling that started at the bottom of my feet, the tips of my fingers and the top of my head all at the same time. Then that feeling flowed up, down and across my body until it all came together just below my belly. I remember having a coppery taste in just one point of my right cheek, like I was holding a penny in my mouth. And then it all EXPLODED!

Maria knew what was about to happen and had started moving her hand faster and faster and working the tip of my cock furiously. When that coppery taste in my mouth and that super warm and good feeling below my tummy exploded, I lost touch with reality. I was in heaven. Pure fucking bliss! It was total sensory overload. I could feel my blood pulsing through my veins. I could see every color of the rainbow plus a few more I had never noticed before. I could hear every beautiful sound that was being made in the world at that moment. And I could feel the sun’s rays on every inch of my skin even though we were inside of the house!

My mind turned to mush and melted out through the tip of my penis. It took me a little while before I could return to the real world and when I did, Maria had a huge smile on her face and Ruth was holding the measuring cup on my belly while her mom was squeezing the last bit of cum from my very happy cock.

“I think my daughter is right”, Maria told us. “I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. You almost knocked the cup out of Ruth’s hand when you started cumming, it was so explosive. You get very excited, don’t you?”

I didn’t know how to answer, so I just kept laying there, letting Maria drain my cock. That cum had felt so fucking good I didn’t want it to end. I wanted Maria to do to me again what she had just done. She didn’t, but if wishes could be granted…

A few minutes passed and mother and daughter made small talk about me, my cock and sex until they were both sure that my penis was completely empty. I think Maria held onto it for longer than she needed to, but I didn’t complain. In my mind, I thought she was having a hard time letting go, wishing her own wish that I could service her as well as her daughter. We did become more familiar with one another after that, kissing and touching at times, but nothing sexual ever happened between us again.

She held the measuring cup at eye level. I have no clue what the lines on those things mean unless it’s marked. But if that first line at the bottom means it’s about an ounce of liquid, I don’t think it even reached that. She probably would have needed one of those test tubes from chemistry class that measures things by the milliliter. But she did say that she had never seen so much cum come out of a man before. I remember she asked Ruth if she was still using her birth control pills. Apparently she must have thought I would get her daughter pregnant with as much semen as was swirling around the bottom of that cup.

Ruth and I laid in bed together for most of the day, fucking and sucking each other when we wanted, until I took off later that evening. It was Sunday and I always spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights with Jocelyn, my true blonde girl with the super sweet pussy, unless it was her time of the month. And for some reason, those three days of the week almost never seemed to fall during her period. Strange but true.

Like I said earlier, I had it good.

More on the Summer of ’77 next time.

Thanks again, Rocky J.

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