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Invading Virginia’s Virgin Valley – Part 4 Winter Camp

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It was Christmas break, 1976, and I was bummed. At 16 years old, I was already used to getting pussy on an almost daily basis, most of it in the form of one night stands with older women after playing night gigs with a rock band at dance clubs and bars. I was also playing drums with the high school jazz band and we funded ourselves by playing weddings, community events and dances at the different lodges in town (Moose, Elks, etc…), which led to a lot of sex with girls from local high schools, including my own. But a couple members of the rock band were taking some time off to spend the holidays with their families, and since it was winter break, the jazz band wasn’t playing either.

So, not having a ‘steady’ girlfriend, I turned to my ‘back-up pussy’ plans, 3 semi regular girls that I could usually call on in a pinch. But Sheryl (not the Sheryl I would later marry), my Pacific Islander goddess, was flying back to the Philippines to visit family. And Michelle, an older woman I stayed with regularly (from my story Music and Older Women), wasn’t available because her trucker husband was home.

That left Virginia (I called her Ginny),whose virgin valley I had invaded three summers earlier. I called her only to find out that she was going to spend the week with the church youth group at winter camp in Genesse Park, a big camp near Yosemite with cabins and facilities large enough to accommodate several hundred kids at a time. She asked me to go, and remembering how much fun (and sex) we had during that summer camping trip, I said yes!

I met the rest of the group at the church that Monday morning. As soon as I got there, I knew this was going to be a completely different experience than I’d had during that summer trip. There were 16 total kids (8 boys, 8 girls), 4 older teen counselors (2 & 2), and 4 chaperones (2 married couples). It wasn’t just going to be big Frankie in her camper this time. There was going to be rules and regulations to follow. Shit!

We loaded up the four big vans we were taking, each to be driven by one of the married chaperones, and hit the road. It was going to be a four hour drive, so me and Ginny got in the very back of one of the vans and sat on top of the sleeping bags, jackets and gym bags full of our winter clothes. We started making out only to be immediately reprimanded by Tony, our chaperone driver. I flipped him off only to hear, “Do I need to turn this van around?” Un-fucking-believable!

Everyone in the van groaned and started throwing shit at me. Wadded up pieces of paper, empty soda cans and such. Candace, one of the teen counsellor and a hot chick who had been on the summer trip with us, told us to chill out, stack the luggage and bags on the sides, and slide all the way down behind the seats.

“Tony will get busy with directions in a while, so hold it together and keep it down,” she instructed. “And don’t worry, me and Jocelyn got this shit wired. Now that we’re teen counselors, we’ll make sure you guys have plenty time together at night, as long as you play by our rules.”

Huh? “What’s that mean?” I asked.

“You’ll find out tonight.” She looked straight into my eyes, gave me a deliciously evil smile and turned around.

Jocelyn, another hot chick from that summer camping trip, was the other female teen counselor. She was also 18, a senior in high school like Candace, and totally cool. She had promised me that she was going to have a ‘talk’ with me one day in the future, and I knew that day would most likely come during this trip. I hadn’t really spent much time with the kids in this group, but I knew that if they were anything like Joc and Candy, then this was certainly going to be a fun time for all!

Pretty soon, just like Candy had said, Tony got busy following directions from his co-pilot, and me and Ginny got down behind the last seat for a serious grope session. Couldn’t exactly take her clothes off, but I quickly had my hands under her top and down her unbuttoned pants. I would have loved one of her patented blow jobs but knew she would make too much noise. So I settled for a hand job, ending with her luscious lips around the tip of my cock so I could cum in her mouth. Not quite as good as a full on blowie, but whenever I get to cum in a pretty girl’s mouth, it’s always good!

When we finally arrived, the boys were assigned to a cabin on one side of the compound, the girls to theirs on the other side. The teen counselors would bunk with the kids of their respective gender, but the married chaperone couples got to stay in private rooms in a motel like structure. That’s what me and Ginny needed!

We all met just about noon time in the big auditorium. The rules and regulations were made known, we all promised to abide by them (except me, I didn’t promise a god damned thing), and then lunch was served. After lunch we listened to some boring Bible shit, then broke into groups for outside games.

The games were actually kinda fun, since I got paired up with Jocelyn in a relay race. We were the 3-legged team and I got to pretty much grab her ass the entire time we ran around the compound. She seemed to like it, and after we were done, she grabbed my hand and pulled me aside.

“Tonight, you and me are gonna have that talk, okay?” It wasn’t really a question, it was a statement. “We’ll make sure you and Ginny get together, but she’s gonna have to be a big girl and learn to share.”

“Where’s Russ and Curt?”, I asked.

“We broke up”, Joc told me. “Russ went to play basketball at Villanova, and I’m only a senior in high school. I knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his dick in his pants, so I told him not to worry about it. He didn’t argue, so fuck him. As for Candy and Curt, that ended not long after we met you. After watching you and Ginny fuck during that camping trip, she kinda raised her standards. She can’t seem to find a guy who puts out the way she wants him too, ya know? And we’re both reeeeally glad that you came this time. But we’ll talk more tonight. Right now we better see what other stupid shit these idiots have in store for us.”

She pulled me back into the center of the compound, and I could see Ginny and one of the other guys tossing an egg back and forth to each other as they tried to race around the compound without dropping it. Then the other teams did their thing until it was finally over. We didn’t win. But then, it’s not like they handed out prizes. So what’s the incentive to try your best? We were supposed to know, but I couldn’t figure it out.

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing ‘team building exercises’, whatever the hell that meant. It wasn’t like I was gonna go home and become best friends with any of these male morons I was bunking with. The only people I was interested in getting to know better were in a cabin on the opposite side of the compound, and I would see them later tonight.

After dinner, we had an opportunity to take a walk through the woods. The trails had been cleared of snow and we were urged to stay on them. I got my flashlight since it was already dark, found Ginny and took off. We held hands as we started our walk, only to have some idiotic adult warn us that boys weren’t to have physical contact with the girls. Wonder where his fucking eyes were during the relay race when my hand was obviously grabbing Jocelyn’s fine behind? Ginny apologized, I said, “whatever”, and as soon as we were out of sight, I pulled her in between a bunch of pine trees and got all over her.

“Baby”, she said, “maybe we shouldn’t. I want to, but I don’t want to get in trouble.”

My hormones were raging, and I didn’t much care. I had my hands on her ass, pulling her close and showering her with soft kisses. I caressed her round bottom while sucking on her bottom lip, then moved into a full kiss with our tongues meeting for a quick dance before taking her berry flavored top lip in between my own and giving it a good suck as well.

Her protests died down and we enjoyed each other slowly until we heard someone calling everyone back to the compound. We emerged from the trees and found Jocelyn and Candace waiting on the trail.

“You two are pretty lucky”, Candy started, “that it was us right behind you when you got off the trail and not anyone else. We stayed here to make sure you didn’t get busted. Geez, Rocky! Can’t you just wait for a few more hours? You must be the horniest guy I’ve ever met!”

Ginny got embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. Me? I knew she was just bustin’ my balls, and that if it had been her in there with me, she would have done the exact same thing that Ginny did. Couldn’t wait to see what Candy had meant earlier when she said Ginny was gonna have to ‘learn how to share’.

Back into the dining room where the lights were low and the big fire in the round brick fireplace was high. Some dude brought out a guitar and started singing Kumbaya and other shit. I wanted to shout out, “How about some Zeppelin?”, but kept my mouth shut, biding my time. Finally, the drudgery ended, some moron said an extremely loooong prayer, then we were dismissed to our cabins.

After getting our bunks situated, the teen counselors in our cabin asked if we needed to talk about anything before lights out. ???

“Like what?”, one of the younger boys asked.

“Well”, counselor 1 began, “if you’re having any problems, like at home with your parents or brothers or sisters, or at school, getting picked on, or maybe just have questions about something you heard today, we’re here for you.”

Counselor 2: “Yeah, we were in your shoes just last year, ya know. Not that we know everything, but maybe we can pray about stuff with you.”

I tuned out the rest of the psychobabble and leaned my head back on my pillow. God, what I wouldn’t have given for a set of headphones plugged into a stereo kickin’ out some RUSH or Tull right then. So I turned my thoughts to Ginny and all the nasty things I was going to do with her.

After lights out, I waited for something to happen. About 45 minutes later, the door to our cabin opened. Someone shined a light around the room, searching the faces. There was a few light snores coming from within the room, and the younger boys were left to sleep, along with one of the counselors. I saw Jocelyn motion for me to come with her, along with counselor #2, and four other boys around my age. We all sneaked out, only to see a whole shit load of other kids sneaking over to the girls side. I almost busted out laughing, it was just too funny looking. All these ‘responsible’ adults in their comfy rooms, and half the kids in the camp sneaking out for extra curricular activities.

We got to the girls cabin and went inside. All the girls were awake and whispering excitedly. The youngest must have only been 13, but one of the guys went and sat on her bunk and kissed her. The boy counselor got with a girl named Karen who was my age. The other guys went to their girls, and I went to Ginny. That left Jocelyn, Candace and two other girls on their own.

Jocelyn laid down the law. “Alright, listen up”, she whispered with authority. “You guys do EXACTLY what I tell you when I tell you, and we just might survive this. First, keep the fuckin’ noise to a minimum. Keep your flashlights off. Most importantly, whatever you see or hear tonight, keep it to yourself! Nobody else needs to know about what goes on in here, okay? You younger kids might see some shit that’ll freak you out, but it’s all part of life. I got to talk with the girls, and they’re all cool. If any of you guys think you might not be able to handle this shit, better get out now. Anyone need to leave?” A pause. “Didn’t think so. Go to it. Rocky, Ginny, you two come over here with us. We need to talk.”

We went over to Joc and Candy’s bunk beds and pulled up a couple of fold out chairs from the table in the center of the room. The other two girls did the same. Candy lit a joint and passed it around the circle. Ginny didn’t hit it, but the two other girls did. Pretty soon we heard the sounds of the other kids making out. Jocelyn spoke first.

“Alright”, she started. “Rocky, it’s been a while since we’ve done this. Three and a half years. But I remember you. I remember that you knew enough about sex back then to put the rest of us to shame. And I imagine you’re teaching Ginny a lot of that stuff. Ginny, you’re gonna hafta be cool and share your boyfriend with me and Candace. We wanna get fucked like Rocky fucks you. Not tonight, tonight’s for you two. But tomorrow night, I want a turn, and Candy too, probably.”

“Damn straight!”, Candy whispered. “I need to know what a real orgasm feels like. Haven’t been with a guy yet who knows what the fuck he’s doin’. Think you can help me out with that, Rock?”

I looked over at Ginny, who had her eyes on the floor. It was kinda obvious that the girls had already talked about this before I had arrived. I could see she didn’t want to share me, but I also saw that she wasn’t really being given a choice in the matter.

“Yeah, Candy”, I said, “I’ll do my best, darlin’.”

“Good, then it’s settled.” Joc took a hit and passed the doob to me. “Go ahead and get busy, you two. And never mind the audience, we’ll be quiet… well, quiet as four horny teenage girls can be, anyway.”

As Ginny and I went back to her bunk, we heard whispers and giggles behind us. “Just watch”, I heard Candy say, “This guy knows what the fuck he’s doin’.” I heard a couple of oohs and ahs, then the shuffling of chairs as the girls got into a better position to watch.

“I don’t wanna see you with other girls”, Ginny whispered to me as we sat down. “But I can’t really say no, can I? I mean, I know you’re really good. You give me lots of orgasms when we do it, so I guess I should be willing to let you make them feel good like you do to me.”

“Ginny, don’t think about it. Only think about right now, you and me, and how much I want to be with you. With YOU! Feel my hands on your face. Doesn’t that feel good?”

I cupped my hands around her cheeks, leaning forward to kiss her perfect lips. Softly, so softly that I barely touched her. I used my thumbs to brush underneath her eyes, tilting her head so she had to look me up the eye. I gave her another soft kiss at the corner of her mouth, and I received a soft moan of delight for my effort. Her lips parted, telling me she was ready for our tongues to continue their dance from earlier among the trees.

As we continued our unhurried kisses, I pulled my t-shirt off over my head. A dim light from outside shone through the line of narrow windows on the wall, just enough to make my body visible.

“Whoa!” and “Holy crap!” were uttered by the two girls sitting with Joc and Candy. I heard Candy say, “He’s grown up nice, huh Joc?”

Ginny must have heard, too, and told me to flex my arm for them. When I did, another round of approval was offered, and everyone stopped making out to see what the fuss was about. Candy told them to get back to what they were doing. Pretty soon we could hear the sounds of couples enjoying each other’s company once again.

Ginny knew what I loved. She told me to lie back, then took my boots off. Thought it was strange that she left my socks on until I remembered there was snow on the ground outside. She unbuckled my belt, unsnapped and unzipped my jeans, pulled them down underneath my ass as I lifted my hips, and slid them off, followed by my boxers. My cock was about half hard, and I heard one of the young girls giggle, followed by a cry of astonishment and the sound of a chair falling backwards and an “Oof!” as someone hit the ground.

I didn’t listen to much after that because Ginny was lying beside me, her head resting on my belly as her lips engulfed my semi erect penis. She took a good four inches of me and then stopped. I could feel my pulsating pounder growing larger as she continued a soft suckling, her free hand playing with my balls. Ginny never needed to use a hand during a blow job. Somehow she had instinctively known from the beginning that an all mouth oral was my favorite thing in the world. And she was the very best at it.

She didn’t lick my prick up and down like a lollipop. No, for the moment she was just keeping it warm in her mouth, not moving her head, with just a slight bit of suction to keep my thick thunder stick ebbing towards fullness. Even after I was completely erect, she still continued with that very light lip lock on my hardened cock, teasing me for all she was worth.

I wondered if she was angry about what she might have to endure the next night, knowing that Jocelyn and Candace had plans for me. But after a few more minutes of suckling, she began to aggressively move those amazing lips on my fully engorged penis, her mouth opening wider every time she neared the base of it. I could feel the tip and first couple of inches of my rigidness plunging into her throat for just a moment when she bottomed out against my shaft. Then, as quickly as it had entered that tightness, I felt it slip out as she continued the journey to the top.

Even though she had jacked me in the van on the way, I was still only 16 and could recover quickly. By this time of night, my over active sexual glands had produced plenty more sperm-filled semen, and I shot a copious load into her fifteen year old mouth.

Amazing! Absolutely amazing! Every time Ginny gave me a blow job and made me cum in her mouth, I always had the same thought in my head: this is how I feel to DIE!!! Shooting a wad in Ginny’s velvet mouth, her sucking and swallowing until she was sure I didn’t have a single drop of cum left within me, then just put the gun to my head and pull the fuckin’ trigger! She was that good.

After draining my leaking lizard, Ginny crawled up and we started kissing. I had been eating pussy with my cum in it as early as age 12 with my female cousins, so it was never a big deal to me to kiss a girl who had just sucked me off. In fact, I made a point of kissing every woman who ever blew me passionately immediately following an oral servicing of my hot rod. Just being polite and letting her know how much I appreciate the effort.

I undressed Ginny and when I saw her naked boobs in the light, I was happily surprised. Although I have always been more of an ass and legs man, Ginny had some impressive breasts, and they just seemed to get bigger as time went by. She had dark areolas against her brown skin and even though her nipples didn’t look overly large, when I sucked on they elongated about an inch. That just drove me insane and recharged my cock with new life.

I had left her white panties on for a reason. Ginny had never let me go down on her. I had never pushed it, but wanted to see if I could change her mind. I crawled in between her thighs and spread her legs, pushing them up towards her tits so I could have access to her entire bottom. The panties she was wearing weren’t the sexy thin kind, they were more functional for cold weather. I hoped they were conducive to what I wanted to try.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could and placed it against her fabric covered mound. I wanted to try and get everything from her ass to her clit. Then I began breathing warm breaths through the somewhat thick material. It was obviously having an effect as she began moaning with delight.

I spent several minutes doing this to her until she grabbed my head and pulled my face tighter to her crotch. Then I pressed my teeth into the material and scraped them like I was taking a big bite of her puss. She cried out and bucked her hips, driving my face harder in between her legs, causing even more pressure against my teeth as I continued my bite.

“God damnit, Ginny!” Jocelyn whispered. “I know it’s gotta feel good, but cover your mouth!”

This brought a titter of giggles from all around the room. Ginny covered her mouth and I kept working on her panty covered valley. I kissed the insides of her thighs, then up and down where I knew her slick slit would be, ending with another bite at the spot where I could feel her big clitty popping up. Her free hand took a handful of my long hair and pressed my face down against her hard nub. It almost sounded like she was sobbing as I kept pinching her tiny erection between my teeth, grinding the material of her undies softly against her special spot. Then it happened.

She let go of my hair, uncovered her mouth and arched her back. I watched her hands start flapping like wings as her body shook. She let out a soft “Mmmmm”
as the wave of orgasm picked her up, building as I continued my assault. She needed to scream but held it back, letting it escape in a softer form through clenched teeth and tightly closed lips.

When it reached fulfillment, I let my jaws relax from their grip, and Ginny’s hands were gripping the top of her sleeping bag pretty tight. Her eyes were shut and her chest was heaving as she attempted to get her breath under control. I kissed her, but for the moment she was unable to respond. She had just gotten her first orgasm from my mouth. Now it was time to take her wet panties off and finally get a taste of her bare cunt.

I pulled her undergarment down and slid it off her feet, kissing her legs from just below her knees to just beneath her dripping love box. She smelled heavenly. I stuck my tongue out and barely licked between her pussy lips, and Ginny had to cover her mouth again as even that light touch sent her into another orgasm. At times, this girl could cum just by being kissed. So, cumming from having a tongue in her sex for the first time didn’t surprise me.

Apparently everyone else had stopped fooling around once Ginny had orgasmed the first time. Now, like Joc, Candy and the other two girls, they had become spectators and were quietly commenting to each other about what they were witnessing.

Remaining in between Ginny’s thighs, I gave her gentle kisses around her opening and her special nubby. That made her grab my head again as she tried to force me to keep my attention on that one spot. I had other plans.

I licked down and finally got my tongue inside of her wetness. Her puss felt like she had a high fever going, she was so hot and excited. Her hands let go of my head and found their way to her chest. She wasn’t grabbing those huge fleshy mounds, however. Her hands had folded into clenched fists and she held them over her breasts, just beneath her chin.

I gave her a long, slow, deep upward lick from the bottom of her vagina to the top, momentarily hesitating to give her clitty a bit of a nip. This caused her to moan as one of her fists lifted to her open mouth where she bit down on it. I began another upward journey, ending with a bit of a suck on her tender fleshy nub, followed by a quick nip, and the dam burst.

Juices started flowing from her already soaking pussy and I willingly tried to take it all in my mouth as Ginny writhed back and forth in an intense cum. She held my head firmly in place with her strong thighs, but so much fluid issued forth from her gash that I couldn’t swallow it all. I wouldn’t learn about how some women squirted during an orgasm until about 40 years later, but when I look back on it now, I would just about bet the farm that Ginny was such a girl.

My face was literally dripping with her wetness, but I wanted to keep giving her an oral service. I hadn’t yet put my fingers inside her ass or pussy yet, something I had wanted to do to her for some time. But when she caught her breath, she reached for me and whispered, “I need you in me.”

I climbed up between her legs, leaving a trail of wetness in my wake as I kissed up over her belly, where she would always have a bit of a pudge. I lifted one of her heavy breasts, sucking on the inch long nipple. After taking the other one in my mouth, and driving her into a frenzy, I finally pushed up to where I could kiss her.

With my cock sitting right at the entrance to my private fun land, I gave her a deep lingering kiss, making sure she got to taste herself in my mouth. My face was still wet and I brushed my cheeks against hers, sharing the stickiness with her. She groaned as she tasted her own drippings on my tongue for the first time. She had tasted herself on my cock before, but it had always been a mixture of both our love juices. This time, all she could taste was herself and she liked it.

I slowly sank my thickness into her. Her mouth fell open in silent abandon. I kept pushing in, taking my time, not rushing toward my own goal of spilling my seed into her womb. I had been fucking Ginny’s pussy on a semi regular basis for three and a half years now and knew she could easily take my thick prick all in one thrust. Even so, I took time to work it into her, enjoying the attention from the group of spectators.

When I felt our pubic bones touch together, I tried to grind as deep into her as possible. This made Ginny cum again. As soon as her orgasm began, I started pulling almost all the way out and slamming it home again. I didn’t stop my attack until I was ready to cum about fifteen minutes later. With one final, brutal slam, I held my pulsing pound of flesh deep within her body, letting all the pleasure and joy release from my body and flow into hers.

As I laid on top of Ginny with her legs tightly wrapped around my hips and her arms around my neck in a death grip, I heard a couple of light hand claps. It had to be Jocelyn and Candace because they had done the same thing at the summer campout. Everyone else joined in, keeping it light, until Jocelyn spoke.

“Alright, stud muffin and studette”, she said. “Time to get you back before your carriage turns back into a pumpkin. Boys, say your final good nights, give your ladies a kiss and go back to your cabin. And Rocky? I expect a similar performance tomorrow night for me, and I’m gonna hold you to your earlier promise. We clear?”

“Yeah, Joc”, I said, “I’ll do my best to give you a few orgasms. But a lot of that depends on you, ya know. I’m gonna do everything in my power, but you gotta know what trips your trigger, and you gotta let me know, too. Okay?”

She laughed and said, “Don’t be worryin’ about me. You just bring your A game and I’ll be a happy girl. Now get outta here.”

I leaned over Ginny and gave her a kiss goodnight, lingering to taste her sweet lips for a moment. I walked to the door and was still pulling my shirt on as I passed by Candace. She reached into my still unbuckled and unzipped pants, giving my half erect cock a nice squeeze. Her hand lingered for a minute and I could feel myself coming to full attention. She finally let go, zipped me up and buckled my belt. With that done, she whispered, “See you mañana, Rock.”

Night #2 of winter camp coming up next.

Thanks, Rocky J.

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