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Family Beginnings

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A few things you need to know for this to make sense. My mom was one of 17 kids from a large farm family in Texas. Dad was one of 5 brothers from a Jewish family in the Bronx. Strange match, I know, especially considering that dad was one of those super dark skinned Middle Eastern looking Jews, and mom was lily white.
Anyway, I literally have over 100 first cousins, many of whom I grew up calling Aunt and Uncle because they were my parents age or older. Most of the cousins I grew up with were actually my second cousins.
I am the youngest grandchild on both sides of the family, the baby of the babies. All of my male cousins were much older than me, so I grew up with girl cousins as best friends and partners in crime. Jeanie, Aunt Lee’s youngest daughter, was a year older than me, even though we were in the same grade at school. Lori, a second cousin, was a little older than Jeanie, maybe by 6 months or so. Suzie was Uncle George’s only daughter, and close to 2 years older than me. Rory, Lori’s order sister, was about 3 years older than me. We pretty much did everything together, learned about life together, and spent nearly every weekend and summer together out at Rory and Lori’s ranch. We also learned about sex together.
This story is about our ‘Beginnings’, specifically about when I had my first ‘conscious’ cum.
When I was about 10, the girls wanted to start practicing their kissin’ so they would be ready for when they got boyfriends. And since I was the only available boy, I turned into their kissin’ practice dummy. I remember taking baths with these girls and going skinny-dipping down at the creek, and we even all slept together, so kissin’ just didn’t seem that big of a deal. Especially since we had done stupid little kid shit with each other , like sniffing each other’s butts to see who was the stinkiest (I always won). Over the next couple of years, things progressed along normal lines, kissin’ led to French kissin’, French led to touching, and, eventually, touching led to everything else.
By this time I was 12 and was in the beginning of puberty. My balls had dropped, my dick got bigger, I started growing pubic hair, and I had an almost constant erection that my cousins just loved to see and tease me about.
I also started having wet dreams, and thus begins the saga.
It was the last weekend of May, 1972. Me and Jeanie’s birthday weekend. We always celebrated our birthdays together over Memorial Day since mine was the 31st and hers was a couple days before. Even though Rory was almost 15 and Suzie was 14 by this time, we were all really close and still slept together. But something happened the morning after the party that took our relationships to another level. I woke up to Lori yelling at me.
“Rocky, what the hell! Did you just piss on me?*
Now fully awake, I knew what had just happened. I didn’t know why this was happening since we don’t get sex education until we were seniors in highschool, but I knew that something kept coming out of my dick while I was asleep, and even though it always felt really good, I knew something was wrong with me.
“N- no, L-Lori!” I stammered. “I swear, I didn’t piss on you! I dunno what it is, but there might be something wrong with me.”
“Well, your underwear’s all wet and it was up against my leg! Get the fuck away!”
Embarrassed, all I could do was apologize and hang my head in shame. Thankfully, Rory came to my rescue.
“He didn’t piss himself, Lor. It’s called a nocturnal emission, something that happens to boys during puberty. Our little cousin is becoming a man!”
“How do you know that?”, Lori asked.
“Because he did the same thing to me a couple of weeks ago”, responded Rory. “But instead of being a fucjkn’ bitch about it, I asked my Biology teacher at school and she told me that this is normal. So quit giving him shit already!”
God, I loved Rory! She was always the smart one… and the nice one. Lori was definitely the prettiest of these 4 cousins, but Rory was pretty, too, and wound up being named the California Rodeo Queen at the yearly rodeo in Salinas a few years later.
I was kinda confused, but Suzie said, “Yeah, I think my brothers called it’ having a ‘wet dream’. They still make jokes about it.”
Then Lori, the main instigator for most of our adventures, smiled her deliciously evil smile and hatched a plan.
“Let’s hurry up and get our chores done, then we can all ride down to the creek.”
Sounded good to the rest of us, so we got dressed, went down to breakfast and hurried out to do our chores.
We finished up by about 11 AM, packed lunch, saddled up the horses and hit the trail down to the creek. When we had all day, we would ride all the way down to the river, but that took a couple of hours. We could be at the creek insight of 20 minutes, and ‘Uncle’ Jim, actually my first cousin and Rory and Lori’s dad, had hung a rope and tire swing for us from a tree. At the river we could climb rocks and jump down into the river or climb up the 7 tiered waterfall and jump from pool to pool all the way down. At the creek, there was basically just one swimming hole on their property and we could swing over it and drop into the water. Not as much fun, but better than nuthin’, right?
We got to our spot where we had a circle of big rocks to sit on. Suzie and Jeanie always sat next to each other across from me, and Rory always sat on my right side with Lori on my left.
After we sat down, Lori, as usual, got things started.
Lori: “So, show us.”
Me: “Show you what?”
L: rolling her eyes, “Your thing…ya know, your dick and how your becoming a man. We haven’t skinny-dipped in a while and we wanna see how it’s changed.” Knowing by now that I never won an argument with any of these girls, especially Lori, I just gave in and took my shoes, socks, pants and underwear off. No big deal, they’d all seem me naked a thousand times before, just like I’d seen them.
So there I was, with my little dick hanging out, and Lori’s looking real close at it.
L: “Does it look any different to you guys?”
Jeanie: “Well, his balls are bigger fer sure, and it looks longer.”
Rory: “I can see he has more hair down there even from just a few weeks ago.”
L: “I dunno. Get it hard for us so we can see how big it really gets.”
I had never done that before. It had just always kinda got hard on its own.
Me: “I don’t know how.”
Lori looked at me like I was stupid.
L: “Just play with yerself, shit-fer-brains!”
Me: “Like how?”
R: “Have you ever masturbated?”
Me: “What’s that mean?”
Suzie:”Jacking off, yankin’ and crankin’, whacmin’ your pud. ”
Everyone looked at cute little Suzie.
S: “What? I have two big brothers and it ain’t a big house!”
Lori busted out laughing, followed by the other 3 girls. I still had no clue what the fuck they were talking about.
L: “Reckon I’ll have to get the show going.”
Lori reached over and grabbed my dick in her hand. Something about feeling the warmth of her palm sent a shiver through me, and sure as shit, my pecker started to rise to the occasion.
L: “So you ain’t never done this to yerself?”
Me: (breathlessly) “Uh-uh.”
L: “Are you lyin’ to me?”
Me: “Uh-uh.”
L:: “Feels good though, huh?”
Me: (gasping a little bit by now) “Uh-huh.”
Then she started squeezing it. She didn’t move her hands up and down, just squeeze and release, squeeze and release. I got about as hard as I’d ever been, which is to say as hard as when I sat behind Angela in school and day dreamed about holding her hand, kissin’ her and maybe touching a boob.
And Lori just kept squeezing and releasing until she was satisfied that it was as big as it could get. She got real close again and inspected it.
L: “Well, it sure ain’t as big as Willie’s” Willie was the bull they kept on the ranch.
R: “But I wouldn’t say it’s small, either.” Always the nice one, trying to make me feel better.
S: “Not as big as Kings, neither.” King was Uncle Jim’s stallion. Now I’d seen that motherfucker in action before, and I can guarantee you that I NEVER even came close to challenging him for the prize.
Jeanie: “Reminds me a little of Coco when he humps my leg.” Coco was her god damned Cocker Spaniel! She was comparing it to her little dog? What the fuck?
They all got their laughs, but I was still standing there with my dick curving straight up to the sky.
Lori finally says, “Let’s see what it can do.”
She grabbed it once again and started the squeeze and release thing she did earlier. Didn’t take but maybe ten squeezes before I felt something begin to happen.
Now, this may be an exaggeration of the truth as the memory of this most wonderful incident has played through my mind over the years, but if you asked me to swear an oath in a court of law with my hand on a Bible, I would swear that this is exactly what happened next.
I started feeling real warm and good, starting at the bottom of my feet, the tips of my fingers, and the top of my head, all at the same time. Then this really warm, good feeling rushed through my body and met just below my tummy. Just when I thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, that feeling EXPLODED and felt like electricity was running through my veins at a million miles an hour! My knees buckled and my upper body slumped over across Rory’s lap. Lori still had a squeeze hold on my dick and I could barely hear her say, “Oh, wow, look at that.”
Then I heard Jeanie and Suzie start yelling, “Hey!” “Watch out!” “It’s all over my jeans!” and the like.
I still have no idea what’s happening, I just know that I feel waaayyy better than I’ve ever felt before.
That’s when Lori started laughing and said, “I don’t think he’s ever gonna stop!”
So I look down finally, she’s still got a hold of my dick, and I see this white stuff shooting out the tip of my penis. It’s flying all the way across the circle and landing on the rocks, which Suzie and Jeanie are now standing behind with their mouths open, their hands in the air, and their shirts and jeans covered in white goo!
So I look back down and I begin to believe Lori, that there’s something wrong and it’s just not gonna stop, and she’s still hanging on and laughing manically by this time.
I remember looking up the Rory and she must have seen how scared I was, because she starts to brush my hair and my face with one hand, hugs me tight with the other, and whispers to me:
“It’s gonna be okay. Everything will be fine, I promise. Just relax and try to enjoy it.”
Not that I wasn’t in love with her already, but that just made me want to love her even more! Fantasies of marrying her when I got older were reinforced a thousand times after that day!
I could swear it felt like I was shooting sperm (that’s what Suzie called it) for close to half an hour. In reality it was probably less than 2 minutes. But it finally quit spurting and just began to ooze out for a while longer. A pretty big puddle formed underneath where Lori was holding me, and I couldn’t believe how much goo (Rory finally called it cum, the first time I heard that word used) there was all over the place.
Lori finally let go of my dick and sat back. She was still laughing a bit, I was still holding on to Rory, and the other two were still standing behind their rocks looking like they were in shock.
Lori looked at me with half-closed eyes and said, “Looks like that felt really, really good.”
Then she did something that made the other girls gag. I will never forget how she looked right at me and started licking the fingers of her hand that had been holding my dick! Pretty sure my dick got rock hard again right away, but don’t really remember.
Anyway, that’s the story of how I experienced my first ‘Conscious Cum’. I would go on to learn much more about sex with my cousins over the next three years. But good things don’t last forever, and neither did this. A year later, Aunt Lee got divorced and moved with Jeanie back to Tennessee. Uncle Jim died not long after, but the 4 of us still did EVERYTHING together. By the time I turned 15, Rory had graduated, Lori had dropped out of school, and Suzie was a senior and got really into 4-H and Rodeo.
I have not heard from Jeanie since 78 or 79, Suzie died in 80 from a congenital heart defect, and Lori died in 90 or early 91 in a car crash out on Carmel Valley Road. I still stay in touch with Rory from time to time, and once in a while she still kids me with, “It’s not gonna stop!”, an inside joke that only me and her understand.
This is another IRL (In Real Life) story about my sordid past. Seems like I have lived a dozen different lifetimes due my 57 years, and the two things that inter-connect them all is music and sex. Thanks for letting me write.
Sincerely, Rocky J.

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