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My husband and I had been married for 17 years, we had (have) 4 boys, I love my husband he has great hands and takes great care of me and our boys, but I was just not satisfied complexly in bed, and never has been.
Early in our marriage I had been on a girls trip and met a man 4 years younger, did not plan to have an affair but things happened and while I regret the actions I remember well the feeling he gave me. Now in my 40’s I was working as a server in a high end restaurant, the pay was fair, the tips were good and I was always getting hit on by customers, cards left, numbers left even the key to a hotel room by one guy, but I did remain faithful.
I still looked good, 34C tits, good hips and my husband loved my ass and many other men apparently agreed as I got looks and comments often enough to know. The food service industry can be challenging with long hours and often a few drinks after work, I would come home late to find my husband asleep or looking for sex which I had begun to feel unfulfilling. I had offers from co-workers but had graciously declined. Then there was Mark, 22 yrs. old, well built great looking guy. I heard the rumors about his cock from some of the other girls and Mark was always flirting with me, and I returned the flirtation, I liked it. The thought of a much younger man started to seep into my head until we were out after closing and had a few drinks, there were about 8-10 of us there but mark was getting very touchy, I found myself getting turned on, a feeling I missed, I wondered about his cock, was it true or were the girls just talking trash as they usually did. He was working his way through college and was home for the summer living with his parents who were out of town for the week. The first night he invited me over I declined, only to get home horney as hell to my sleeping husband and his 5″ cock, I woke him and was again left wanting more. The next night Mark was again bussing my tables and the flirtation began, I played along more than ever this time, and after work we grabbed a drink and while I felt guilty as hell I asked if the offer was still on the table to which He grinned and stated that “yes, the house is all mine” a few drinks later I was following him to his parents house, feeling that long lost anticipation, the desire the sneaky feeling of going back to his parents home.
Once in the house I knew I had limited time so I got right to the point, He offered a drink I asked if he had enough already and did he have anything else for me while I rubbed his crotch to find that the rumors felt true. His cock was already hardening, and was a lot more than 5″ and thick. I could feel the length running sown his thigh I grabbed the head of his cock and told him this was what I wanted. He quickly turned and took my hand as we headed to his bedroom, I pushed him onto the bed and unzipped his pants, his cock is HUGE, 9-10″ and so thick I could barely get my hand wrapped around it, I grabbed that cock stood up kissed him and went down to suck the biggest cock I have ever seen. I could not get the whole thing in my mouth no matter how hard I tried, I licked him up and down, sucked on the prize and stroked him all the while growing wet just thinking about what this would feel like inside me, But I also did not want him to talk about how bad the “older” lady was, I wanted to prove that with age comes wisdom, experience and I was going to be in charge. I stood up and removed my shirt, dropped my pants and stood there, black bra, black thong, I rubbed my hands up mu own body while he watched and smiled, I crawled up his body feeling that huge cock the whole way, I put my tits in his face and he sucked on my rock hard nipples, I could feel that cock behind me and wanted it, I rubbed up and down for a bit, stood up and pulled off the thong, crawled up sucking in the huge penis in front of me, making sure to get my ass up in the air for him to see, then crawled up him again with a purpose, I did not need to grab his cock and guide anything, I just needed to get on top of him and slide down onto his cock. God it was huge, I rocked back and forth feeling him touch parts of me never before touched, feeling him slide deeper into me than I though possible until I leaned in dug my nails into his chest, it was to much to contain and I climaxed in just a few short strokes, I took a minute to compose myself and rolled onto my back pulling him with me. I wrapped my legs around him and he again pushed into me, I cannot begin to explain the feeling of this huge cock slowly moving into me, I grabbed that young ass and pulled him into me, time and time again his thrust picking up speed until he pulled out and came all over my tits, stomach and neck. I grabbed that cock and stroked him while he was coming then rolled him back over and went down to suck the last few drops from him until he pushed me to the side I was on my back but he rolled me over and stood at the foot of the bed, that huge cock in his hands still hard, I backed up off the bed got my footing and he again entered my now stretched out cunt. He grabbed my hips and I lost all control squirting my juices all over his cock while he just kept fucking me hard, I could feel everything moving, I got up on my knees and looked back, my tits were swinging back and forth, I could see his ball sack swinging behind me, his hands grabbing my hips while I backed into every thrust, I was going to cum again and just as I did He pulled that huge cock out, out spun around grabbed his cock and sucked every inch I could while grabbing that young firm ass and pulling him tight to me, his cum shooting down my throat. I backed up, whipped my chin and kissed the tip of the biggest cock I had ever seen, covered in cum, I had this 22 year old stud in front of me panting. I washed up said goodbye, thanked him for the invite and the fuck. He called twice while I was driving home but I was feeling guilty, I crawled into bed next to my sleeping husband, I held him and touched him but all I could think about was Marks huge cock.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

    Good fun story. Ya gotta take advantage of opportunities when they step in front of you.
    Lucky woman.

  • Reply Meryn ID:4s0bi1g44

    Let my wife have a threesome with my best friend he got nine inches cock as my one is six inches best night of our marriage

    • Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

      Fucking AWESOME.
      lucky Wife.
      Lucky You.
      Lucky Friend.