Mom had sex with me when I was 19

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She was 40 at the time. It was the best sex I ever had. It just happened one night when she was drinking a little. She wasn’t drunk but she was horny.

I helped her to bed and she took off her clothes and told me to join her. I was instantly harder than ever. When I lay down next to her, she grabbed my dick and stroked it. I started to say mom and she bent down and sucked on my dick. I came alot in her mouth. She gagged and just moaned and sucked it all.

I was in shock and getting hard again. She pushed her big tits in my face and I sucked her nipples and fingered her pussy, she shook and had an orgasm.

She said. I just came and I want you to fuck me. She got in front of me and raised her ass and told me to put your dick in me. I grabbed her hips and thrust in hard and started pounding her deep in her wet pussy. She screamed and yelled, fuck me. I told her mom, I am going to cum and she said me too as I exploded in her, she came a few times again.

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  • Reply Patrick kweyu ID:2kyee16thl

    Now Leave Your Comment…quite interesting

  • Reply Dave ID:457iwktzm

    Awesome sex

  • Reply . ID:3jh8j3ykb0b

    Minul oli 40.aastane juubel ning pidasime seda peresiseselt.Kui külalised olid läinud jäime emaga kahekesi.Ema oli 68.aastane ja väheke purjus ning hakkas mind musitama.Võtsin emal ümbert kinni ja suudlesin otse huultele.Seejärel võttis ema minu käest kinni ja vedas mind oma tuppa.Voodi ees võttis kiirustates kleidi üle pea kohe ära ja tõmbas mind voodi.Siis olin emaga esimest korda vahekorras mis oli väga meeldiv.

  • Reply name ID:4173syc049d

    Ne seriiiiiiii

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1emug0ejzy0v

    Tegin oma emale suu seksi ja ta sai orgasmi ning tühjendas oma põie mulle suhu.