My wife cheated on me with the neighbour

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Hello,my name is Tom.Me and my wife Ashley have been married for 3 years now.I’m 30 and she’s 34.Our age gap has always been an issue.Either that or our different personalities have always caused our marital problems.Overall,we’ve never been happily married.The first year of our marriage was bearable though.The other 2 have been a struggle.It was right after our honeymoon when we realized that getting married was a huge mistake.We started facing a lot of trivial problems and we just couldn’t pull through as a couple which resulted in us arguing on a daily basis.We argued about whose fault it was about something or why one of us didn’t cook on that particular day or who should do most of the housework considering the other one was busy etc.
Things just weren’t working out for us so we decided to divorce but when I actually threatened to call a lawyer when I found one,my wife literally snatched the phone off my hands,threw it away,hugged me and started begging me to give our marriage one more shot because she still loved me.I remember that moment all too well.We were both crying.At that particular moment I was the happiest I’d ever been since we got married because I knew she loved me yet I was very confused because despite being sad she was acting very weird.She was explaining to me how much she loved me and how horrible she was and so on and was pretty much putting herdelf down.At first,I thought it was because the emotions she was experiencing were overwhelming but later on that day after we forgave each other for everything and agreed to start over my neighbor greeted me and asked me something quite strange just as I was getting in my car for work.He said I quote:”How’s wifey doing?” and then gave me a DVD and told me to watch it.I was shocked because i barely knew the guy.He said it had to do with cars-my area of expertise(as I’m a mechanic).I merely said Ok and took off.Long story short when I played the DVD on my computer in the evening I saw my wife being secretly recorded having sex with the neighbor in the dining room.Everything made sense at that time.At that moment I knew why my wife was acting like that the other day.Not only did they have unprotected sex but what hurt me the most was that my wife submitted to that guy and seemed so enthusiastic to do all those dirty things that they did while i was away,stuff me and her never did,even when we were on our honeymoon,which was the most erotic part of our marriage.I’m not gonna get into detail but they had anal sex,he fucked her literally everywhere.There was a lot of dirty talk especially when she was giving him a blowjob.She even let him cum on her face.And then came the worst part which is what was said afterwards.When I heard what my wife said i felt like my heart was being impaled with a knife.She said I quote: “Oh wow,woow,I’m covered!” and started giggling.Then the guy asked: “What would you do if your husband was here right now?” to which my wife,after a short moment of silence replied: “I would give ‘im a kiss” and started laughing in an evil,mischievous way and then got back to blowing him making yummy noises around his cock.Then as I watched them get dressed she took a spoon,scooped up some cum and basically ate it in front of him.Then she said: “You know what,I’m not gonna brush my teeth,I’m gonna make out with him.” and started giggling again and then thanked him for being a “good neighbor”.It really turns out she didn’t know she was being recorded.Now our neighbor is threatening to show my coworkers and families as well as hers the DVD unless we don’t pay him 3000 dollars.It’s crazy,I know.My wife says she’s sorry,even offered to pay and also “make it up to me for the rest of my life”.She says she cheated because she didn’t feel loved due to our constant bickering.I didn’t feel very loved either but I didn’t cheat.I really don’t know what to do.Divorce her or not and I’m not even sure if that guy won’t show our close people the video anyway.

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  • Reply Dave ID:pvkxrqb0j

    Tell him to fuck off and resolve it with your wife or get a divorce . Either way get passed it and live your life . People are flawed and do things .

  • Reply Terry 69 ID:9ces2g42

    As I always say you can’t trust nothing anyone says or does anymore

  • Reply Luke ID:60pe09l3zra

    Leave her as she does not respect or care about you

  • Reply Luke Atallah ID:60pe09l3zra

    Leave her as she does not respect you or even care about you

  • Reply Shitty Buttocks ID:31rbjt9rm9d

    Maybe if you didn’t have such a tiny cock, she would have stuck around! Wiener dick!!

  • Reply Anonymous ID:5wwofba9d9b

    The videos coming out sooner or later, divorce her now and save yourself the embarrassment.