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Video booths at the adult book store

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Went to watch some videos after work feeling kinda horny

I had just gotten off work at a local grocery store, and was feeling a little horny. I decided to go to an adult book store by my home, I parked right in front of the book store . Nothing out of the ordinary as I have been here before, I hooked my car keys to my belt loop as always lock the cardoor, in to the front door. As I enter there doesn’t seem to be anyone inside ,except for the cashier who asked me what can I do for you? I reach in my pocket and pull out a 10 dollar bill and hand to her , and I tell her that I want some tokens for the video acrade we exchange money for the tokens and I stroll into the doorway it’s dark and it takes a minute for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. I walk around looking for a vacant booth open one door look in and there is two men inside , one on his knees in front of the other man who has his cock out and his pants around his ankles, the man on his knees is sucking his cock at a feverish pace ,I stand and stare for a minute as the man standing grabs the head of the man on his knees , saying oooh fuck yeah I’m going to cum , he starts jerking and twitching and floods the mouth of the other man with a hot sticky big load of salty jizz, there was so much some of the cum was running out and down the side of his face with that I turn and close the door, as I think to myself that was hot !! Excited I search for a empty booth open yet another door and two more men are in this booth and once again one has his pants around his ankles and the other also has his pants off and bent over the chair that all of the booths have I side and is getting fucked in the asshole, I quickly close the door and finally find a booth that is empty and it is an extra wide like for a handicapped person so I go inside and locked the door for some privacy or so I thought, I sit down and put my tokens in, flip through the channels and find a video of two men and one woman she in between the two with a cock in her mouth and choking and gaging on it and the other cock is in her asshole pumping in and out of her ass . My pants are off and on the floor with my boxers and suddenly the door open and a man come in and pulls the door closed behind him . He looks at me looks at my cock as I’m pulling on it enjoying myself and grabs my hair pushing me to the floor and whipping out his 7 ” cock and forcing his cock into my mouth and making me suck his cock , as the spit is running down my chin and gaging on his cock that’s being forced down my throat once again the door flies open and another man looks in see what happening and starts to close the door when the man with his cock in my mouth tell him to come in and close the door, and with that he pulls his cock out of my mouth pushing me down on my hands and knees , I struggle trying to get away from them but they overpower me and cover my mouth long enough for the second man to pull his 8″cock and a little fatter than the first out and shove it down my throat for a second time, the other man at the same time and his cock covered with spit from me sucking on it as I feel the head of his cock push up against my puckered tight little asshole , I struggle some more but to no avail they keep me pinned on my hand and knees . Choking on one cock as the second one penntrates my asshole as I struggle to get away so I just give in and stop fighting and relax as both cocks start pounding me from both ends . As I relax I start to take both cock it starts to feel good and I start to get into it. As if on cue both cocks start to get bigger inside of me and both men start moaning at the same and they both cum at the same time I have cum dripping out of my asshole and mouth at the same time as they both pull up their pants zip up and disappear with my head spinning wondering what just happened ? I exit the book store and haven’t been back since, but I have been thinking about it because it turns out that I kinda like it and want to do it some more.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Don’t worry, it all rang true to me. Go back, slut away and enjoy!!

  • Reply Tt ID:bgggn0c43

    You locked the door but then people are just walking in. Right that’s believable.
    There was no point you wasting our reading time with that line if you didn’t lock it.
    Gloryhole doors are made to stay ajar if they aren’t locked so you would have known very quickly if it wasn’t locked

  • Reply Tim ID:tb9kj0eh

    Very good story. I’d love to have 2 cocks explode at the same time. . . Lying here stroking mine – just thinking about it!

  • Reply matt ID:1du1c2vwhyn2

    i love going to a bookstore near me. It has buddy booths, if you know what that is. I also smuggle my dildos in with me, so guys can watch me fuck my ass and masturbate. If i see a guy i like, i let him cum in and fuck me. I’m wet, DEEP, and HUNGRY. my biggest dildo is 17 inches on a suction cup base, very thick–i ride on ALL OF IT

    • Bobbie ID:10zkehb9oq4v

      I have a 15 inch black dildo with a suction cup base. I love riding it all the time! I love it balls deep in me!

    • D.A.G. ID:1dv28y5cmfyd

      Matt where do you live? I like to fuck you!! It would be awesome to find you in a buddy booth and go in and bang the shit out of you!!!!

  • Reply Steve ID:1e9mfgja5m84

    Great story you should make a part 2 of you going back and seeing if anyone else would fuck you

    Do you have other socials that I can message you on?

    • D.A.G. ID:1dv28y5cmfyd

      And yes that was a true story 100 % . To be continued yes Steve you can message me on signal my # five three zero five one zero zero two six four that’s also my phone ,text me if you have any questions or ideas!!!