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Saw her – raped her -fourth

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There was this section of a street in the city, it was known for street hookers, low lever, ugly or fat bitches. Driving by I saw her at 15 and

I saw the young girl, looked about 15 or so. My girlfriend left me, it had been two weeks after I popped her anal cherry and she hated getting buttfucked and I loved it. I was horny, and the thoughts of the one girl, the woman and the young boy I had raped fueled my fantasies and jack off sessions. I thought of paying one of the hookers to blow me but then I saw her. She was so different from the others, younger, obviously new and not as callous as the others. She wasn’t pretty, but had a really nice, thin body, her hair was black, and I was hoping she’d have black pussy hair against those skinny white thighs. I got her in showing her some money. She said it was 20, 40 or 50 for both. $20 for a bj, $40 for a fuck, and $50 to do both a suck and fuck. I got her in and she indicated a vacant lot around the corner we could pull into. I kept driving. I sped up so she couldn’t jump out. I knew where I wanted to go. I went back to the deserted road where I found my first rape victim. She too was young, that girl was a virgin at 14. I took her out of the car, and to the clearing where we couldn’t be seen.

She threatened to scream and I told her to go ahead no one would around to hear. She did scream, over and over again. I tried slapping her face to quiet her down but it did no good. So I finally punched her hard, her nose and mouth bleeding she finally shut up. I made her strip for me she wasn’t wearing any panties her pussy wasn’t shaved, but it wasn’t really hairy, just wisps of hair growing in, black but not a lot of it. I made her take off her bra and her tiny little tit buds had dark pink nipples and that area around them. They were puffy out from her barely there tits. I pulled her to me and started sucking on them as I pushed her to the ground. I opened up her legs and got between them and stuck my cock into her. She was pretty dry, but after a bit she got more and more wet. She just laid there still while I fucked her occasionally sucking on her little tit buds. I finished and stayed on her and in her. I grabbed her purse, she tried to take it away and I hit her again. In her purse I found no picture ID, but I did find an old school ID card. It was from a middle school, she was 12, the hooker I raped was 12 years old. She was definitely no virgin, I asked about her, and she said she liked doing drugs and her dealer told her to go out and make the money to pay for them. So she did. She also told me she wasn’t on birth control, she only did sex with condoms and now I’d cum inside her young pussy. I told her I didn’t give a shit if she got knocked up.

I kept her naked, took her to a park near a shelter and booted her out of the car. I hid and watched as she ran naked through the park and to the shelter. Someone let her in. I think about it and somehow hope that I knocked her up. I’d like to see her again, hooker or not she was a really tight piece of pussy. But after the rape, I knew that couldn’t happen again. I was horny watching her, and texted the boy I raped before, made him meet me in the garage, and buttfucked him after he sucked the pussy juice off my cock. Then I went home.

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    You’re a very efficient no-nonsense rapist. Great to have guys like you around!