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Preying on a little School girl Runner – Part 2

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I get to really enjoy my little school girl

Following my instructions, and resigned to her fate, the girl lay down naked on my mattress. The bright LED lighting illuminated every inch of her beautiful young body.

She looked away as I removed my jumpsuit and briefs, but I left my ski-mask in place.

Lying on the bed beside her, she began shaking with sobs but saying nothing. She turned away from me, presenting me with the most gorgeous bottom.

I put my body against hers to warm her up, she was freezing cold. My cock must have felt like a burning hot poker against her buttocks. I was already feeling the intense pleasure of the soft skin of her firm buttocks against my penis.

She wiggled a bit to try to move away from me, but there was nowhere to go and she just succeeded in stimulating my cock with her jiggling buttocks.

I reached around and moved her hands from her tits so I could fondle them, After a bit of a struggle she quit fighting and I had both breasts in my warm hands.

Like her buttocks, her tits were cold and nipples erect and hard. I gave them some attention and they gradually warmed up. My cock was pressed between her buttocks and I was having a grand time rubbing the old fella up and down her ass crack. When she tensed her butt muscles in an attempt to squeeze my cock out, it just caused her ass to grip my dick tighter, increasing my pleasure.

I made her stick her butt out whilst lying on her side. I lubed up my cock with saliva, I spread her ass cheeks placed it at the entrance to her ass and pushed.

She clenched her cheeks in an attempt to prevent the intrusion which caused the head of my cock to get squeezed quite hard. That girl had some strong glutes.

I slapped her arse hard and told her to open up. After a few more hard slaps to each of her buttocks and some sobbing, she relaxed and I forced my way in.

She screamed the place down, so I had to put my hand over her mouth to stifle the noise. We were a good distance away from the path and it was unlikely anyone would have heard her, but you never know. There is always the chance that some fucking dog walker or tree hugger has gone off piste and could come investigating.

Once inside that tight preteen asshole, I really began to enjoy myself. My cock was held tightly but there was sufficient lubrication to allow me to slide it about. First with difficulty and then it started to get easier as her asshole stretched.

The brain controls the orgasm, so I had to really fight with it so as not to cum quickly. The sensations from being inside this little girl, the very idea of assfucking her and the visual sensations of seeing her soft young ass impaled on my cock was a lot to cope with. As I got faster and pumped deeper the girl began making “oof” sounds which were so fucking sexy.

The other thing I was loving was that my balls were in contact with the top of her legs. The contrast between a burning hot ass on my cock shaft, and cool skin on my balls seem to heighten my pleasure.

I rolled her onto her front with my cock still inside her so that I could get better purchase and deeper thrusts.

I could feel my orgasm on its way so I went hard for it, grunting as I thrust with her “oofing” with each deep penetration into her rectum.

Finally I could stand it no more and I released my semen deep into her. Her asshole seemed to twitch in time with the contractions of my cock.

I lay on top of her with my cock still embedded until I felt it start to soften and then I pulled it out. I was glad to see there was no blood or shit it. My jizz oozed out of her asshole which was very red and gaping wide. My cum dribbled onto her pussy lips and dripped from my cock onto her buttocks.

When I was off her, she curled up into a ball and sobbed.

I lay back on the mattress revelling in post-coital pleasure, replaying the act over in my mind.

She uncurled beside me and stood up.

Where do you think you are going, I asked.

You’ve had your fun, she snarled, I’m going home.

Oh no, I said, we are not finished yet by a long way, I told her, get yourself back down on the mattress now, I said.

Her face went from angry to crestfallen and she lay back down.

I made her flex her knees and open her legs so I could get a better look at her pussy.

I got my face between her legs and had a good look.

Her asshole and skin between asshole and pussy hole was very red and coated in cum. Some cum had leaked onto her labia directly over her entrance, but the labial crevice was so deep and tight that it didn’t look like any had spilled down there.

On close examination, the wispy ginger hair I had seen when I first pulled down her panties, did not extend beyond her pubic mound, and her pussy lips were completely bald. Very nice indeed,

I parted her outer lips to reveal tight little inner labia and a large hooded clitoris. I touched her clitoris with my finger and although she yelped, it responded to the touch. I played a bit more with it, circling the nub and stimulating the structures either side. Her involuntary response was fascinating. She clearly didn’t want me anywhere near her pussy, but her body was responding to my touch.

I leaned in and gave her clit along lick.She squirmed. I licked some more, all around it and right on the tip. More squirming and deep breathing. I took my thumb and started to work her clit whilst tonguing her pussy hole. Her hips started to move and sobs were replaced by quiet mewling sounds.

I reached up and put my had on a tit. It was warm and the nipple was erect. Same with the other one. So I persisted working her clit, pussy hole and tits to see what would happen.

What happened was more hip movement. The mewling had turned into moaning. I began to get hard again.

She started to say No, no, stop, but moved her hips against my face with greater urgency. More objections came. Please dont do this to me, please stop she kept saying over and over, but she thrust her hips wildly and screamed as she climaxed. Her pussy contracted hard on my tongue whilst she moaned incomprehensible words. Her pussy gushed juices on my tongue and soon my face was wet and my cock was rock hard.

I got from between her legs and positioned my cock at her entrance. She seemed not to notice, lost in orgasm with her pussy still contraction against the end of my cock.

I pushed into her, breaking her hymen and bringing her back to her senses. She screamed again and I put my hand over her mouth. My cock slide in once the barrier had been removed and, although very tight indeed, there was a huge amount of lubrication from her juices and my precum.

I pounded away inside her little snatch, watching as my dick stretched her virgin pussy. She fought me, trying to get out from underneath me but to no avail. She was grunting and shouting into the palm of my hand as I ploughed her.

Her cunt felt even better than her ass. I could feel tiny sobs transmitting down her body and into her pussy, stimulating my cock still further. I was in my stride, really enjoying myself. Holding myself up on my arms and watching the action of my dick skewering her and her tits twirling with my thrusts.

Her face, which screwed up when I broke her in, had now relaxed into a blank expression. She was limp and submitted to my invasion. Everything was softer and more pliable now, feeling even better.

I started to feel little movements of hips below me. At first I thought I was imagining it, but then the movements became bigger until there was no mistaking that she was bringing her hips up to meet my thrusts.

He face had turned from pale to flushed and her expression was difficult to read, but it certainly had moved on from anger, pain and blank compliance. This was something different.

My dick could feel her pussy responding too. She began giving small gasps which got faster and louder.
I kept going, I was enjoying myself so much as between her legs got wetter and sweatier.

She began shaking her head and saying no, no, please don’t do this to me, just like she had done before, but she continued to buck beneath me.

For the first time she took hold of my supporting arms and squeezed hard, her nails digging in and drawing blood. At the same time she thrust her hips upward and kept them there, she released a huge breath saying Fuuuuuuccccckkkkkk, and her pussy began mashing my cock in its grip.

I pushed against her, burying my dick as far inside her as it would go and released my sperm. Fuck, it was my turn to screw may face up and exclaim Jesus H Christ.

My orgasm seemed to shake every part of me as the muscles in my cock fired out my juice. I could feel pulsating in my balls, my vision blurred momentary and I shut my eyes. I started to feel dizzy and then realised I hadn’t taken a breath for many second.

I opened my eyes to look down on the little girl whose name I didn’t even know. She looked exhausted, red in the face, tear-stained and sweating. Her tits glistened with moisture which beaded and trickled down her sides.

I leaned down and gave each nipple a kiss and suck.She didn’t say anything, just stared at me.

I was sweating all down my face due to the warmth of my ski-mask, and I could feel that it was sopping wet.

Get dressed I told her.

She stood up, unsteady on her legs. There were traces of blood on the insides of her thighs and I looked at my cock which was had blood, sweat and sperm on it and all over my pubes and the top of my legs.

She reached for her panties and bra. I stopped her. I’m having those I said.

She looked at me with disgust and tears in her eyes.

She put on her skirt and shirt. You are a fucking bastard, she spat, a creepy old pedo, before she made her way out of my hideaway. I couldn’t disagree with her.

As soon as she had left, I got dressed, grabbed everything, including the mattress and got the fuck out of the woods.

It was quite a trek to where I had my van parked, covered with bushes and leaves so it wouldn’t be spotted. I got my stuff in the back and drove away, sexually satisfied for now.

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    It’s always the ungrateful bitches that get raped! I’m gonna get into my school’s running club too and wear the sluttiest running clothes whenever i go to track so i can lose my virginity to a rapist.

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      So hot!!!

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      Spandex running tights does it for me !! Britney

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      All you’ve got to do is go for a walk around the park or an area with a short dress on you won’t have a problem finding somebody that will fuck you

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      Kathy what’s your age?

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    True keep them coming.

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