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How I Found out I Like FAT girls (Sofie Part 4)

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This is a True story about how I found out I like Fat Girls My stories are TRUE and GENUINE

Sunday morning I woke up and was lying with my hand across Sofie’s body. I couldn’t believe how comfortably I slept with her FAT body in the bed, yet I was as comfortable and snug as could be

I slid my hand up to her naked TIT on the other side of her body and slowly started circling her nipple with my finger. I felt it grow harder and I slowly rubbed it more and pulled gently on her nipple.

I then looked up at Sofie and we kissed, tongues playing , lips sliding and saliva swopping. I slid my hand down between her LARGE thighs and started to massage her clit , her hips pushed up against my hand and I was then able to slide my fingers into Sofie’s pussy , I finger fucked Sofie while we kissed. Minutes later , she whispered “IM CUMMING”

I pulled my SLIME covered hand from her wet pussy and brought my hand to my soft cock and started rubbing it with her pussy SLIME. She looked over and asked “Need help with that?”

I told her to clime ontop of me in the 69 position. I wasn’t sure how I would feel underneath her BIG FAT body. She placed a THICK thigh on either side of my head and presented me with her pussy as she lent over and began sucking my SOFT cock

I licked her clit and sucked on it while she swallowed my soft cock and brought it to life , it grew more and more as she sucked it. AS you all know its far easier in that position to deepthroat and as soon as I was ROCK HARD , Sofie slid her hands under my ass and dropped her head all the way down and throat fucked HERSELF with my cock

Having this BIG FAT 16 year old girl ontop of me with all her body weight wasn’t too bad , I was aware there was no way I could move her if I wanted too , so I kept licking her pussy

I felt trickle after trickle of her slime run out her pussy and onto my tongue. I ate her pussy when she told me she was CUMMING again.

Her thighs squeezed my head as her orgasm took control of her body and she kept her mouth all the way down my cock. It took a minute later and I FED Sofie my warm CUM , she swallowed every last drop


We got out of bed and headed for the shower , I watched her lift her breasts to wash underneath them and watched as she had to put her foot on the step so she could open her thighs and clean her pussy and then hold open her ass cheeks so she could wash there too – I loved watching her BIG BODY move

We went to the kitchen and had some breakfast. After breakfast we sat on the couch and I put some porn on the TV. We watched for a while before I took her back to my bedroom

She lay on the bed naked , while I went to my pocket and pulled out Cathy’s cotton PANTIES that I had asked her to wear on FRIDAY for the entire day and then I fingered her with them before I took them home with me.

I held them up to my nose and they still smelled strong. The smell was musky like Cathy’s pussy. You could definitely still smell pussy.

I handed them to Sofie. She lay on her back holding up Cathy’s panties and looked at me.

I told her that they were Cathy’s and that I took them from her “Smell them” I said

I watched Sofie , pull them to her nose and take in a deep breath. This turned me on ALOT.

I also realised while Sofie was holding up Cathy’s panties that she could NEVER EVER get even her ONE leg through the waist of Cathy’s panties , they looked like a dolls panties against Sofie’s body

I told Sofie to roll over and kneel with her ass in the air. I got behind her and stuck my cock into her pussy. I started fucking Sofie while I watched her SNIFF Cathy’s panties

“Tell me” I said

“I love smelling Cathy’s pussy” She replied back

“What does it smell like?”

“It smells MUSKY and strong , I can smell her PUSSY and even her ASS” Sofie said

“Really?” I asked

Sofie handed me Cathy’s panties and I held them up to my nose and tried to find the ASS smell. As I was doing this Sofie said “You like smelling Cathy’s pussy don’t you?”

I was so SURPRISED , I could hardly believe what I had heard

“Yes I do” I said

“You love smelling Cathy’s ASS too , Don’t you ?” she asked again while pushing back on my cock while I was fucking her

This seemed to really turn Sofie on and again I said “YES”

I found the spot and took a deep breath of Cathy’s ass and then handed Sofie the panties back

Sofie went back to smelling Cathy’s panties while I fucked her. I pulled my slime covered cock out of Sofie’s pussy and lined it up with  her ASSHOLE. I slide into Sofie’s ass for the second time. For a girl who was an ANAL virgin last night sure took my cock easily this morning.

As I slid my cock into Sofie’s ass I said “Smell her pussy you FAT CUNT” I rammed my cock harder into Sofie’s ASSHOLE “You wish you could fit into SMALL panties like that, but you can’t cos your SOOO FAT” I shouted at her

I pulled my cock from her ASSHOLE and slid it back into her pussy “You wish you were smelling the real thing” I said as I fucked her pussy some more

I pulled out and went back into Sofie’s ASSHOLE and said “I thought your ASSHOLE was the only SMALL TIGHT thing on your FAT BODY , but I guess im WRONG , its swallowing my cock like your BIG mouth and FAT pussy does” I said as I pounded into her ASSHOLE

I kept fucking Sofie as she smelled the panties against her nose. She grunted at me “Keep Going”

I couldn’t believe it , she was turned on by me humiliating her and degrading her

“Your FAT ASS is so BIG  , I can’t even see my cock SODOMISE you” I shouted at her and then she screamed “IM CUMMING , IM CUMMING”

Her asshole gripped my cock as he orgasm hit and the tightness around my cock made me loose it too and I was CUMMING too , I shot a load right into Sofie’s bowels and that was the first time we had ever CUM TOGETHER at the same time

I rolled off her LARGE ass and lay on the bed and watch Sofie clean my cock with her mouth.


I watched Sofie put on a Summer dress and sandals , as she stood up , I walked over and grabbed Cathy’s panties and pushed them up and into Sofie’s pussy and told her to leave them there till she got home.

We got in the car and I drove her to her Friend MIA’s house. She kissed me goodbye and climbed out.

I drove home smiling how I had corrupted , used and abused this FAT 16 year old girl

Two hours later she texted to tell me she had gotten home and only removed the panties then. The idea of her keeping Cathy’s panties in her pussy for so long made me Jerk off


Sofie and I kept fucking each other for 8 months. I fisted her and even manage to get 4 fingers in her ASSHOLE. She drank more of my cum than any woman ever had. We shoved everything we could find up her pussy , from foods , to dog toys and even used a carrot and a cucumber in her ass

She drank my pee 2 more times and I even had her pee on my cock once.

We played with bondage and I tied her up and tied her to the bed and had my way with her. I even CUMMED in her hair once and sent her home like that

For her 17th birthday I brought her a bracelet that said SOFIE on the front and on the back side it read “FAT CUNT” she loved it and admitted to enjoying being humiliated and degraded

We lost contact after I left school , she still had one more year. I got a job and she went to university


Last part of this story comming soon

_Austin Hell

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  • Reply Space_Jade ID:tw4gw28ii8u

    As a plus size women I would love to be degraded and humiliated by you. Amazing work cannot wait for the last part Austin 😘

    • Bob in Tulsa ID:1cwt5581zyol

      I fucked three fat women before one, was seriously in bondage and pain. She loved being humiliated. Heightened her pleasure She was tied up once, made sure my firearm was unloaded, but I put it right to her throat and cocked that thing. She had no idea I was gonna pull a gun. She came so hard on my cock she nearly passed out. Another fat girl loved to be dominated to be thrown across the room, jumped on, choked, and violently taken That was her thing I’m not a rapist It was hard for me to get used to that but once I got used to God, I loved it. What are you into space Jade?

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Great stuff, Austin! Loved you forcing the FAT CUNT to smell those dirty panties!