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Ellie’s little orgasm

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It finally happened. We had sex and it felt so good. Pretty sure Ellie had an orgasm too.

So a few nights ago I broke Ellie in, popped her cherry and finger fucked her, we didn’t go any further than that until the night after, this is what happened.

I went to bed alone that night, Ellie didn’t come to my room with me when I went to bed and I thought maybe she didn’t like what we did, that she was avoiding me, I was a bit worried because I didn’t want her to hate me, she’s my sister and I love her, I tried to forget about it and I fell asleep, it wasn’t until about 1 o’clock in the morning when I woke up, Ellie had come in to my room, and slipped under the sheets.

She was kneeling on the bed by my feet, wearing only her panties, leaned over and sucking on my willy, which she’d pulled out of the flap at the front of my boxer shorts, she felt me lift up the sheet and she looked up at me, smiled, then continued to suck me off, I put the sheet back down and relaxed, enjoying her blow job, it was fun watching the bed sheet bounce up and down while she sucked my willy, as usual it didn’t take me long to climax, she froze with my her lips around my tip as I ejaculated my load in to her mouth, just like last time she gagged and coughed a little, but swallowed it all.

When she’d finished, I felt her warm soft tongue lick around my shaft, then she made her way up the bed and lay on her back next to me, her head sticking out of the top of the covers, she smiled then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, then she giggled, I just stared at her and smiling, she’s so beautiful, sweet little face, bright red lips, cute button nose, big brown eyes and her sandy blonde shiny hair hanging around her face, I leaned over, held her cheek, gently turned her head to face me and I gave her a quick kiss.

I swept my hand down the length of her body, down the front of her panties and rubbed her pussy, while kissing her again, repeatedly, her body jumped when I slipped my finger inside her, but she wasn’t in pain, I’d already broken her in, this time she liked it, she breathed heavily as I finger fucked her, her eyes closed tightly and her head thrown back, gasping little groans of pleasure, I stopped for a moment, quickly taking off my boxer shorts and removing her panties, I climbed on top of her, holding myself up with my left hand so not to squash her, then she separated her legs more, and I continued to finger fuck her.

Staring down at her I couldn’t help thinking how beautiful she was, her sexy naked body warming up, her chest moving up and down as she breathed heavily, she was rolling her hips in sync with my fingering, I got an erection again, it was throbbing, and growing towards her pussy, I pressed my cock against her pussy, rubbing it against her hole as I fingered her, I couldn’t take it any longer, I pulled out my finger while at the same time pushing my cock in to her hole.

As the tip of my cock enter her pussy, Ellie groaned a little louder, but kept her eyes tightly closed, she didn’t notice I’d swapped my finger for my cock, I pushed it in deeper, she groaned a little more, probably because my cock was wider than my finger and I could feel her pussy stretching around it, I kept going, pushing it in as far as her insides would allow, then I pulled back, then pushed it back in, she started to arch her back and leaning her head back further, groaning a little louder, it’s a good job mom’s room is right at the other end of the hall, otherwise she definitely would have heard us.

I was inside her, we were connected, it felt so good, her pussy felt lumpy inside, I could feel the bumps pressing and rubbing my cock as I moved it in and out of her, it was really warm and wet, it was really tight but felt soft and my cock glided in and out with little resistance, I leaned down further, wrapping my arms around her back to hold her, Ellie sounded like she was enjoying it, I licked and kissed her nipples and then l lowered myself on to her more, kissing her neck, I felt her legs widen and lift in to the air, then I held on to her head and started to fuck her faster.

Ellie’s gasping and groaning really turned me on, it was the best sounds, then she suddenly went completely stiff, her eyes and mouth opened wide, and she looked like she stopped breathing, I started to get worried and was about to stop fucking her when she suddenly took at long deep breath, I felt her whole body shake, she made a loud groan, threw her arms around my neck and started groaning and breathing heavy again, I think I gave her an orgasm, I’ve not seen a girl have one before but I’m pretty sure that’s what just happened.

I continued to fuck her, her legs were flapping around in the air, her body rocking back and forth, then I gained speed and felt myself about to come, we both started groaning loudly and breathing heavily, my legs and arms were shaking really badly, then I pushed my cock in to her as deep as I could and I ejaculated, I came really hard, it didn’t feel anything like how it felt when I come after having a wank, it felt like I’d spunked two or three times more than I normally do and I really felt it shooting out from inside my cock.

When I’d finished and gained back enough strength to move, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and rolled over to lay beside her, Ellie’s arms and legs just flopped on to the bed and she fell asleep almost instantly, I must have worn her out, but I couldn’t sleep, just get re-running the last ten minutes over and over in my mind, I lost my virginity and finally know what sex and a pussy feels like.

I got another erection about 20 minutes later and I rolled myself back on top of her, she was still asleep when I pushed my cock into her hole again, then she woke up, looked down between us watching my cock disappear into her pussy, then she looked at me before throwing her back and closing her eyes again, I fucked her again but got over excited and came after only a couple of minutes, I’d come three times in the space of an hour, my cock actually felt a bit sore.

I eventually fell asleep and when I woke up in the morning, Ellie was hugging me, after checking she was okay, she told me she liked what we did last night, she hit me for not telling her I was using my cock instead of my finger but she didn’t mind, she made me look at her pussy, which was bright red, from all the fucking.

We made each other promise not to tell anyone, then we got dressed and went downstairs to get some breakfast before mom woke up.

That’s what happened two nights ago.

I’m still in shock at how much Ellie is in to this, she really likes sex stuff, I’m not complaining, it’s just, I can’t believe it. Mom is going out this weekend so we’ll have the house to ourselves for a while, I’m hoping we can have more sex and stuff tonight. I can’t wait.

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  • Reply vive-la-baise

    mayby i misread it but whats her age and yours? and frankly your luky to have her in your life, i have a sister but i aint attracted to her, the only familimenber i ever got sexually attracted its 1 of my non blood relative aunt, i remeber at the beach whne i was a kid around age 12 she was on her belly on a longue chaise and my mom was there too and i god on my back on my aunt chair and had my head on her ass, my mom keep telling me to get out of my aunt but my aunt kepp saying its ok shes does not mind, 1 time she gave me a lift, it was night and she whore a small dress and i soo wanted to but my hand on her leg and caress it to see her reaction but i did not do it and since then everytime i remember thqt momen i regret not doing anything whit her to see if mayby she would have liked to have sex whit me but its been almost 30 years and i know she past mostly time all alone at home and in a way i coulg go see her and try my chance but she have 4 kids and i do not want to mess up her life and mine whit our family on only a sexual desire from my part.

  • Reply Anonymous

    It sounds like Ellie is addicted to her big brother’s cock. What’s great is you guys can keep barebacking for a couple of years, loading her tight little pussy up with loads of your cum, without having to worry about knocking her up.
    She’s really going to love the next few years also as your cock gets fatter and longer and stretches her anyways the most little girls never feel.
    Since you have had two of her three holes, this weekend you need to start fingering her butthole and when she’s ready, take her ass and show her how good anal feels.
    She’ll be a lucky girl to know that she can take dick in any of her holes and you’ll be a lucky big brother knowing that every hole of your sister’s belongs to you.
    We all want to hear every detail as soon as you can.


    Write some more stories about your sister and next time fuck her in the ass