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Nudist camp, the fat girl and I lost my virginity there

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Since we were 8 at the same nudist resorts twice a year. We were friends, I turned fat, but also had tits and pussy hair he got what he wanted all 3

I was 15 T also. We’d known each other and played together twice a year for two weeks each time. Our families were nudists and from the first time we saw each other we were naked. We were only 8 at the time. We played together a lot, and did all the activities we could together. When we got to be 13 our parents put us in our own bungalows. They thought we didn’t know why but it was so they could fuck with other couples without us knowing – TOO LATE! I started having my period when I was still 10, almost 11. Within a few months I was sprouting boobs, and getting hair on my pussy. T was a bit behind me in that regard. We still played a lot together and hung out a lot. As I went through puberty I put on weight. So much that by the time I was 15 I was 5ft. 4in tall and weighed 215lbs. I had big boobs by now, and a big belly, thick thighs, I was a fat girl. All the girls and boys at school said so, they didn’t hide their feelings teasing me constantly.

That summer T and I were together for three weeks at a resort in the islands. Both of us being mid teens he was sprouting hardons all the time. Even seeing me. At a small beach on an inland lake, more private that the ocean beach, we were alone. Laying out in the sun, we came up really close and kissed me. I kissed him back and soon his hand was on my boob. I liked it and then the other one was on my other boob. Kissing my neck and then my boobs his hand found my pussy. I put mine on his cock, not really knowing what to do. Turns out it wasn’t much, my hand touching it got him hard again. It was 6 and 1/2 inches long and just under 2 inches thick, I found out later as he told me!!! He got on top of me and tried to get me to spread my legs open. “I can’t T, I just can’t, I’ve never done anything before” I said. He told me he’d not done anything either and wanted it to be with me. I asked him if he could just rub in back and forth on my belly or at the top of my mound would that help. He did, he rubbed back and forth in fucking motions at the top of my pussy. He started to shoot, I could feel the heat on my belly, he pulled up and stuck the head at the top of my slit and shot it all. He collapsed on top of me, I kissed him more, and he was feeling my boobs. “Was that OK?” I asked. “Yeah, great, I needed that”

I went into the lake and cleaned up, and brought out a cloth wet, and washed him off too. On the way back he pulled me behind a grove of trees where no one could see us, that kissed me long and hard putting his tongue into my mouth and I reciprocated. He was feeling me all over, and his hand reached between my legs to my pussy. He parted the lips and started rubbing me down there. I almost collapsed at the knees when I came. It felt so good. He held onto me and when I regained my strength we walked back to the main area. We continued doing what we were doing, he even used sun lotion and would get on top of me and rub it back and forth between my buttcheeks which by now were quite big. He’d shoot his cum and we’d either shower or go into the lake to clean off. I sucked him off one afternoon, and he licked me off. We did that or him rubbing on me several times a day. He couldn’t cum enough to satisfy himself it seemed. After about 10 days, I let him put it in my butt and fuck me. The next night after buttfucking me that afternoon, he came to my bungalow and he fucked me. He’d had my mouth and ass virginity, now he took my pussy too. He came inside me and I was scared. I commented about it, and he said he couldn’t help it I was that sexy and felt so good to him. We continued, but after about 4 times I made him start pulling out to cum or to push it in my butt for the last few strokes and cumming. I thought I had a boyfriend, but after we were back at our homes. He wouldn’t answer my calls or texts. I sent him naked pictures even close ups of my mouth open, pulling my pussy open, and even my butthole asking if he remembered these. No answer.

6 Months later at the winter resort, he wouldn’t even talk to me. He was fucking a hard body girl of 14. He finally just said that it was nice, and he even “thanked” me for letting him do all that we did, but he had to move on. I asked and he admitted, he didn’t like having a girlfriend who was a fattie. I was good enough for him to have sex with, to buttfuck, to get off in my mouth, to risk me getting knocked up but not good enough to be seen around anymore. Not after he got what he wanted.

I went back home and realized it was true, the only way I’d get a boy or boys to go out with me was to give them sex. So I do. I do it all, anal, oral, pussy sex, anything the boys want. But I get dates at least. The whole school knows, even my woman counselor tried to talk to me about it.

I’m a fat slut. Thanks T!

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  • Reply Tim ID:2kyha578rj

    what a jerk! big girls are the best girlfriends so much fun and the sex is the best,plump wet pussy is just the best.wish i new you at 12 i bet you were sexy as hell.most men like girls a little plumper but wont admit it to there mates but ive been lucky enough to have a few bigger girlfriends and would never change my preference.big girls are sexy!

  • Reply Roegit F. ID:gnrroou4z

    Similar to how I lost my virginity (M, 13 at the time) in the respect that it was a heavier girl. She was cute as hell, though, and I’m hesitant to say she was a “fat slut”. I’m not sure whether she was a slut at all though because I never heard stories about her at school and that would have been something I would have heard. My friend and I were using and selling Quaaludes at that time. That seems like an unlikely story but I assure you it’s true. We knew this lady, technically a “dealer” I guess, but she was cool and we didn’t think of her as a “drug dealer” and we certainly weren’t, in our opinion. People wanted Quaaludes and we sold them to them. They asked us for them, we didn’t go pushing them on people. Anyway, this lady would front the ‘ludes to us then we’d sell some to pay her what we owed her and kept the rest. It was easy as pie. This girl (13, same as us) approached us in the parking lot of a grocery store one evening. For some reason my friend told her he didn’t have any (which he did) so she asked me. I told her the price and she hemmed and hawed and said she didn’t have the money but could “pay” for them (doing air quotes when she said that) I had no idea what that meant. Across the street was a building that used to be a store but was closed down. She said we should go over there and talk about it. We went behind the building and the next thing I knew, she had my dick out and was sucking it. She stopped before I came and asked me if that was enough for one. I said yeah. Then she said she wanted one more and she could “pay” for it, too. She pulled her shorts and panties down to her knees, bent over and put her hands on her knees. I fucked the shit out of her. I was kind of amazed all this was happening but after I busted a nut in her, I gave her her other ‘lude and we went back across the street where my friend was. My friend was grinning like a possum. He asked me if she “paid” and I said no, I trusted her to get me the money later.

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