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My new stepdad and uncle pt 2

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After we chatted for a bit I went and cleaned up and did my homework,my uncle had left ,my stepdad and I had dinner as we did we talked about what we would do when ever mom wasn t here and playing it cool when she was and sometimes I would visit my uncle on the weekends and do what he wanted with me , I was alright with it all. That night my stepdad had me get naked again and we had sex in my bedi loved it, the next day when I came home he had a friend over and I went and put my books down and soon he called me in the living room and he smiled as I sat down with them ,he introduce us and said he was going to be a special friend and it was ok and he asked me to go ahead and get naked for them so I did and hid friend liked me alot I smiled and soon they both had there dicks outhis friend was hung at almost 9″ it scared me at first as I was sucking it and then I sucked my stepdad as well his feind had me get on top and I slowly lowered myself down on him I took most of his dick an he smile as he helped me to relax and soon I had all of it inside of e and I rode him until he cum deep inside of me it felt like he was going to cum forever in me and then he finished and I slowly got off and sat down and then my stepdad ass fucked me and cum.The next day my mom came home and when I came home we talked about school and stuff, then my stepdad asked if I could visit my uncle and she said ok .The next evening my uncle picked me up and we went to his place,we chatted on the way and he asked me if I was ready for a good weekend of fun with him and I said yes ,shortly after we arrived he took me to his bedroom and said this is where I d be whenever I came over and I smiled and soon we were nakedand I was sucking his dick and then he had me lay back on the bed and spread then he ate my pussy and sucked my tities and then he slid into me and fucked me and he had me wrap my legs around him he fucked me a couple times that night and again the next morning.We had breakfest and he asked if I had shorts and I said yes so I put them on with a tshirt with no panties or bra and we went out to the park,we walked around for a bit and then a guy he knew who was alittle older than me joined us, the three of us walked along a nature trail until we were alone and my uncle smiled and said lets go over and rest in the shade so we did for a bitand then he smiled and told me his friend was ok and asked me to take off my shorts so I did and then my uncle had me lean into the tree and his friend got behind me and soon I felt his dick pushing into my pussyand he started fucking me it felt good I was loving being fucked I was turning into a slutbut I didn t care and soon I felt his hot sperm inside of me and then my uncle slowly fucked my ass til I felt his hot sperm then I got dressed and we lefti had sex alot that weekend and looked forward to going back there.When I went back to school monday my best friend a girl the same age as me smiled and said I looked differant and I smiled as thank you later we talked about stuff and she wanted to know if everything was ok and I said yes.Then I smiled and asked her if she could keep a big secretand she said yes we were alone and I told her about what was going on with my stepdad and uncle and she was excited and wanted to know more ad then I smiled and I asked her if I could arrange it would she like to join in she thought about it and decided to try it but she knew she couldn say anything out side of me .

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  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Great story . Can’t wait for you and your friend to get fucked by stepdad and uncle .

  • Reply A. ID:1d05rigdwlif

    Punctuation is better, but still too many errors to make the story readable

    • 🤬Hank ID:1ejfqxu4qzau

      Are you really fucked up about the spelling . I bet that didn’t keep you from jerking off to the story . This is the second time you complained about this story . You are a Weirdo