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Started as curiosity with her

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I often said you wouldn’t have the nerve

I’m married to a very beautiful girl and have been for the last 20 years, our sex life is amazing and she has the most gorgeous pussy, sometimes we watch porn on the net, there is usually something we have not seen!
About 15 years ago we were watching a couple of girls having sex, licking each other and generally having fun, my wife Tracy said I wonder what that feels like have a girl do that to you, I wasn’t surprised as she had said this before and had always said she wouldn’t have the nerve to let another girl do that with her, and she would probably lose her bottle!
Well I would like to try it at least once she said, adding it would be different, after that we made love and went to sleep.
It must have been playing on her mind cause a she just wouldn’t let go of the thought, a few nights later she made a similar remark and I said well if your that curious why don’t you find out! Little did I know it was precisely what she wanted to hear! she said you know Sharron don’t you, I said yes I do and she said the one thing I didn’t know she was gay! It made no difference to me but I let her carry on, well I could try it with her here she said, she’s often said she fancied me! that was no surprise to me every guy I’ve met has fancied my wife! but I never thought I’d hear it about a girl!

OK then I said how would go about doing it then, well it would have to here she said and I would want you here too in case I needed it to end quick, I’m sure I could give her the right signs I’m up for it!
We were 23 at the time and I knew Sharron was at least 15 years older than us, something I pointed out to Tracy but it didn’t seem to bother her in the least, she had obviously been thinking about this for some time, a year at least, we could arrange a night out with her and come back home, Yea ok you do that I said and we’ll see what happens, we made love went to sleep and I heard nothing more about it for around a month.

Oh you know what we were taking about, well we are going out Saturday night, just local then coming back here for a coffee, great I said it’s been a while since I saw her, but secretly I wanted to see her eat her words if anything got close to what she was talking about!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday came and we went out, we had a great time and as she said we came back home for a coffee, I never noticed anything happen between them so I thought Ah, that’s it then, she’s discovered it’s not for her after all, I left them in the living room and went to make us coffee having a secret smirk about it, I was no longer than five minutes but when I got back it was me who was laughing on the other side of my face, Sharron already had her underwear off! Tracy had her legs open while Sharron stroked her pussy then put her finger inside her, I just stood there watching!
After a couple of seconds of staring I said I’ll take these back then and lock up!

My initial thought was fucking hell! she actually went through with it! and Sharron didn’t even seem to mind I walked in on them!
By the time I got back they had moved to our bedroom, they were both now naked, Tracy was over the top of Sharron having her pussy licked and probed with her tongue while she kissed and licked hers, it gave me a massive hard on! I stood in front of my wife and just looked at her doing it! she looked up at me, caught her breath and said, put your cock in me, put your cock in me now, I have never got undressed so quick in my life!
I went round to her pussy which was still being worked on, as if she knew I was there she lifted up slightly and I fed her my cock, Sharron still continued to lick her clit while my shaft slid in and out of her, Sharron’s tongue didn’t confine itself to Tracy’s pussy, to my surprise she started to lick my balls and cock while I fucked my wife!
I must admit the feeling was unbelievable, Tracy’s pussy was contracting round my cock in orgasm which was going into Sharron’s mouth and she was licking my balls and cock, it was all to much, I exploded inside her, before I was totally finished I pulled out and directed the last spurt onto Sharron’s lips, for being gay she sure seemed to like a mans cum!
I watched as the rest of it ran out into her mouth!
I went for a drink and when i got back they had changed positions, Sharron was now on top of Tracy, my cock was not totally dead though, just watching it it started to stiffen again, I went round to see my wife’s tongue inside Sharron’s hairy pussy, I hate to admit it but she looked totally at home doing it too!
I thought I would go round and masturbate onto her pussy, as son as I started Sharron looked at me, her face was soaking with Tracy’s cum, put it inside me she said, fuck me, I went back around, by now my cock was fully erect again, I fed it between her pussy lips and pushed inside her, this made her cum really hard, squirting all over me and Tracy’s face and nearly forcing me out in the process!

Her pussy felt nice, really hot though for some reason! Tracy did the same as Sharron had done before, licked my balls and shaft which had the same effect too!
I pumped her full of cum, giving Tracy the last few drops in her mouth, again I stood and watched as Tracy reached up and help Sharron’s pussy open, my cum as before ran out this time into my wife’s mouth.
This went on most of the night, in the end though they both took turns in squatting over my face, rubbing their clits and cumming in my mouth, making me lick them both out too!

I think it was 4 in the morning when Sharron said I’ll have to go and walk my dog, he’ll be bursting! She gave us both a kiss and left in a taxi, after a quick shower of course.

After that first time it became quite a regular thing with us, Sharron admitted to me she had been totally gay, but after that night, I was her first cock! she is now bisexual, it went on for four and a half years, we both enjoyed every minute of it, unfortunately Sharron had to move away because of work commitments and unfortunately, she was involved in car crash and passed away, I’ll never forget what she gave us though, it was quite a special time we shared.

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  • Reply Buck ID:7p3t3epb0i

    That’s the worst thing you can say to a woman my friend, you laid down the gauntlet and called her bluff and got your just rewards, sounds like you all had a wonderful time to.

  • Reply Bill ID:wy23eqd9i

    Fuck me this takes me back! 😂 me and the wife got pissed one with a friend of hers, we all ended up in our bed that night fucking😁 her friends fanny was really tight and she cum all over me in short spurts, the wife played with my ⚽ making me spunk really deep in her friends minge! Both of them emptied my ⚽ that night! Really enjoyed watching them suck out my spunk though! Massive turn on.
    We repeated it too, fucking great stuff.

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:bf9ft808r9

    You will always have a special place in your heart for her with everlasting memories

    • John ID:wy23eqd9i

      We sure have, we had a wonderful time the three of us but it’s nice thinking back

  • Reply richard ID:wy23eqd9i

    I’ve had me cock in a lesbian before mate, great feeling isn’t it

  • Reply Anon ID:wy23eqd9i

    Me & my partner did a similar thing so yes I believe you