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It may be a cliche, but one extra terrestrial is here with a taste for human preteens.

This extra terrestrial had been observing the people of the earth for years. It found their depictions of life outside of their planet amusing.

It, in fact, was a living answer to their Fermi Paradox. They had it right that the Dark Forest view of the Universe was right.

Advanced civilisations did indeed hide their presence from the rest of the Universe. There are too many ruthless creatures out there to be broadcasting your presence in the way the inhabitants of this planet were doing.

It had detected their civilisation some time ago following a trail of electromagnetic signals they were throwing out into the void.

It spent time watching them in order to understand them. It had learned from encounters with other civilisations that it was not wise to rely on first impressions. What you didn’t understand could surprise you, sometimes in a deadly way.

The amusement came from the human view that Aliens might want to eat them or take over their planet. Other ideas were that Aliens wanted to enslave them or steal their planets resources. All of these were preposterous. There are millions of inhabitable planets in this galaxy alone without having to go to the hassle of stealing someone else’s.

The earth was not the special place its inhabitants thought it was. It wasn’t that they are arrogant. Plenty of civilisations saw themselves as the only life in the universe until they found out they weren’t.

Many sentient species destroyed themselves long before they found their place in their galaxy and beyond. It thought that this species would be one of those. They were abusing their planet to a point where it probably wouldn’t sustain them for much longer. Stupid really, but quite a common outcome.

It would have its fun with these people before they vanished from the Galactic record.

What drove it was the delight it got from exploring the bodies of species it came across. It liked their terror it engendered in them. What IT was most attracted to was the fragility of the bodies of this species.

Many creatures it had come across had hard unyielding bodies with hard exoskeletons. Completely unsuited for the excitement it sought. Soft warm beings were not that common in its experience.

It had gone down to the planet surface a few times to get a closer look at the people. There were quite a wide variation in their looks and , from what it had learned, these differences were a big deal to them and caused a lot of conflict between them. It didn’t understand that because its analysis of their make up, showed they were one homogeneous species.

It had managed to play with several members of both of their sexes, usually catching unsuspecting victims that were wandering alone in an isolated place. Despite the spread of humanity across the surface of the planet, there were a large number of isolated places where it could hunt.

The way it worked was to grab a victim and temporary paralyse them with venom from a stinger. Its stinger penetrated their soft outer layers easily. It took a few attempts to find the amount of venom that would sedate them without killing them.

Whilst they were unconscious it would strip off their flimsy outer layers until their bodies were exposed. It recognised their genital organs. These were very common solutions to reproduction which evolved all over the universe. Asexual reproduction was also common, but nowhere near as much fun.

One sex had an external phallus made of erectile tissue, much like its own but much smaller.

The other sex had the usual cavity to accept the phallus. What was unusual was that human females have erectile sensitive tissue near their cavity which gave them pleasure when stimulated. That was new and fun. It enjoyed playing with that. It also enjoyed causing the male phallus to become erect. They were easy to play with and it liked to introduce them to its own phallus. It liked their shock when they see the size and dexterity It had, and the things it could do with its pleasure organ.

It enjoyed seeing the males ejecting their reproductive fluids on to its phallus. It liked the sensation of these liquids on its body. It was a wonderful strangeness , yet sameness, of giving pleasure to alien species whilst deriving more pleasure than they could comprehend.

The females, as well as having a reproductive cavity , had fleshy lumps on their bodies, both front and back. It liked to rub itself between these lumps as well as rubbing on their reproductive organ and slipping its phallus into their reproductive cavities. There was a particularly deviant behaviour that it had learned from the broadcasts of this species. They would insert their organs into the holes which their species used to excrete waste. It had never seen this anywhere else and was so new that it made it excited beyond its dreams. It had seen both males and males do this as well and males and females. It was aroused so much by this and wanted to try it.

The first time it had tried it on a human male, it found it exquisite, but it was much better with a human female it found. Their bodies were much softer on its phallus.

It loved the fear he could feel coming from the humans when they found themselves naked and under the control of such a strange creature is it seemed to them. As its venom started to wear off, the humans found their sexual feelings triggered. The venom had uniquely evolved to have that effect on all species it encountered.

Once aroused, it found it could get the humans to engage in sexual play with each other and with it. It found great pleasure in watching the humans copulate. It was even better when it followed the human male with its own phallus in the female. The proteins on the surface stimulated the walls of the cavity to greater pleasure. So not only was its phallus bigger than any human, but it was able to give her more pleasure.

The more interaction it had with both sexes, the more they would seek out its phallus to pleasure themselves. It would not be unusual to find the female rubbing her whole body on his organ and the males would rub their organs against its own.

Once its pleasure had reached its peak, its skin exuded chemicals which calmed its urges and induced sleep in its victims. It could then move away from the scene unimpeded leaving the humans naked and satisfied.

It repeated these acts all over the planet. Usually its victims would remember little about the encounter and were unable to explain how they ended up naked in some isolated area. Occasionally some individuals would remember what happened and would recount their experiences to the authorities. They were never believed despite the similarities of their statements. When more than one of the accounts were compared, the victims were treated as nutters.

It had avoided the young of the species. They were frail and lacked the fully functional sexual equipment of the adults.

However, it had begun to recognise the features and body shapes in humans that it liked.

It came across two young humans at dusk on the outskirts of a small village in the mountains. They were attractive to it. It presented itself and cautiously stung both of them with the tiniest of venom.

It was pleased not to have killed either. It was pretty certain it had a young male and female. This was confirmed when it peeled them out of their outer layers.

It was curious to see that neither the male or female had the usual hair around their genital area. It felt a surge of pleasure at being able to see their totally bare genital areas. It experienced the most arousal it had ever felt.The children were waking from the soporific effects of the venom and their sexual desires were kicking in.

The male’s tiny organ stiffened and the female began rubbing herself between the legs. The male approached the female and she accepted his member in her mouth whilst continuing to pleasure herself. It approached and introduced its phallus into the game.female took its phallus into her small mouth. It was able to change the shape its organ so it slipped into her mouth.

Her face lit up with pleasure as she licked its tip and accepted it on her tongue and into her throat. The male slipped himself between the girls legs and empaled her on his organ. All three in raptures of pleasure. It removed itself from her mouth and entered her rectum. She accepted its probing as well as the little male’s member.

Both humans were gasping with pleasure and it could feel the unmistakable contractions of the females orgasm. The male had withdrawn its member and it was twitching as he experienced release.

It moved to the female’s vagina. It fattened up its organ and massaged the walls of the tiny cavity producing squeals of delight from her. It was feeling the ultimate pleasure itself. This was on another level to his experiences with the adults.

Everything about these juveniles was softer and more pleasurable to it.

The male was mounting the female from behind. Inserting his organ into her ass. It could feel the tiny male member through the wall of the girl’s vagina.All three climaxed.

The energy of these two kids was incredible and they were insatiable. They were tiring it out.

It pushed both kids face down and widened its member so it engulfed the bodies of both of them and rubbed until it reached the greatest pleasure it had experienced in its long life.

It allowed the chemicals to be released causing the kids to sleep and its own excitement to decline.

What an experience it thought. Better than with any other species it could think of. It had to try it again. Were all human children like this? It now knew that it had to be careful in selecting victims, but if it chose the right age and body characteristics it was sure it could equal this experience.

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