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Sex with my virgin hot cousin Priya

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My name is rakesh (not real). My age is 19. Today I am going to tell you about my cousin whose name was (Priya). I live in **

Now Let me describe her. she is slighty brown in colour, skinny and petite. She has medium sized tits and a medium sized ass. Although she is beautiful . she is slightly shorter than me and about 2 years elder to me. I find her very attractive. She lives in a village

We went to their house to attend a function. We were going to stay there. So the first day we went to the function and had fun but the second day, I felt sick and told them to go to the function and they did so. I got down the bed and started looking for Priya’s panties. I came across a Bucket and guess what. They were full of clothes and I found some of her panties there. The moment I saw them I got a hard on. I took one of it. It was a thin green striped black coloured one. I sniffed it and God it smelled like heaven. There was a white spot in the middle of the panties. It was her grool I licked it. Then I jacked off in her panties and came right in the place that rested her pussy. Suddenly I heard the door open and I put my dick, still erect, inside my pants and put her panty in the basket. She asked me what I was doing there. To which I replied I was searching for the toilet( Lol she knew that I know where it was). She told me where It was. I think so she might have seen my erection. I could not sleep that day and was thinking about her. “what If she knew what I did in the evening”
The next day the whole day went pretty normal, I was sleeping the whole day and as the evening came everybody got dressed up to attend the function and I stayed at home. but this evening my cousin told me that she would take care of me and stayed home with me. after some time I slept.
(And I forgot to tell you that the program would last till night 2:30 AM, There were many programs like dancing, singing etc and this program would go on for 5 days). So my cousin came in the bed and laid beside me. She was very close to me and I got a erection and I think so she felt it. I pretended to be asleep but she knew that I was awake. She asked me directly “Rakesh, didn’t you cum in my panties yesterday”. I didnt reply but she forced my eye open and repeated the question again. I nodded my head. She said “don’t do it again else I shall tell this to everyone”. I said ” I’m really sorry I wont do it again” She gave me a naughty smile and got off the bed and went to the next room, took off her clothes and came back again only wearing a panty. “she got inside the blanket I was in and took off that panty and kept that near my face and ask me to sniff it. I did so. And then she asked me” Do you want to penetrate me, fuck my virgin pussy, drink my juices?. I kept silence. Then she shouted “ANSWER ME!. I said yes , I want to. So she ordered me to suck her love hole. I got off the bed and she spread her legs and I put my head in the center and started kissing her clit and then I inserted my toungue in her pussy. I felt amazing soon after ten minutes or so she was close to orgasm and then she squirted all her juice in my mouth I took in as much as I could and the rest oozed out of my mouth. I cleaned it off with her panty and then she ordered me to lick her butt hole. I first smelled it it was amazing then I licked it as far as my tongur could go. By that time my cock was as hard as a rock. she told me “Thanks, you gave me so much pleasure, I love you. I, thinking it was over, lied on the bed. Then she went to watch TV. It was 9:30 she came to my bed and grabbed my cock. I, Instantly got and erection. She stroked it for a while and we had a french kiss that lasted for 15 minutes, I sucked her tongue inside my mouth then she did the same. I stood up and she got on her knees and took the whole of my 7.5” inside her mouth, going back and forth, I was in seventh heaven, My elder cousin sucking my dick, It felt amazing. I wanted to hold my load as long as I could. After some time I was about to cum after 10 seconds her mouth was filled with my cum she gulped all of that in and giggled. I lifted her and started sucking her tits, playing with them. she was preety light weight, not more than 45 kg. than we sat on the sofa..she was sitting right above my dick. than the conversation went like this

Priya: you gave me so much pleasure today, I’m so pleased. I will give you something special
Me: what will you give me?
Priya(moaning): I will…. I will give you the chance to fuck your elder sister’s pussy. CUM INSIDE ME!!
Me: Are you sure? What if you get pregnant? I can’t take that risk.
Priya: Dont worry about that I have some pills. Fuck me like a bitch.
wow i’m getting the chance to have a women who has never been touched by a man so far.
she was already wet and her juices were dripping on my dick. so I inserted my dick in her pussy. It was so tight but I had no problem because my dick was slipery as fuck. so I started the motion and she also responded by going the opposite way of my motion. Soon she started moaning and grabbed me hard. It was a nice feeing of her erect nipples rubbing along my chest. after 10 minutes I came inside her. It was like the best feeling ever. after that she got on the bed and spread her legs and I started fucking her and in no time another load into her pussy. After 30 mins or so, I came two more times in her and my dick was out of cum. The fluid in between her pussy and my dick has created a vaccum so my dick popped out of her pussy with a pop sound we both laughed. She had already hit orgasm in that session 4 times. And guess what I creampied her, my cum and some blood(sign that she has lost her virginity) was flowing out of her pussy. Then, we both went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves and had another session, I lifted her and then fucked her and within ten minutes, I hit orgasm along with her. we both came at the same time. I was already out so I came only a few drops. Than we took a shower and I was feeling well at that time. After that we watched TV for a while. It was 12 AM now. so we still had two hours left before they come so we had on final fucking session. This time we had anal. Her butt hole was very tight it wrapped around my tool and the friction didn’t allow my dick to go any further. So, I put some mosturiser to make it slippery and I came in like 10 minutes. I fucked all of her three holes. We went to the kitchen to eat something. There was (Chapati) and some chocolate sauce. This was the sexiest way I ate something. She laid on the floor and I poured the chocolate sauce all over her tits and then ate the chapati by dipping that with the sauce. She also ate from my hand and licked my fingers clean. she went to her room to sleep and I also slept. It was the best night of my life ever. I took my cousins virginity than I had sex for the first time.
The next day I pretended to be sick and she also stayed home to take care of me. This time, Priya laid with her head facing downwards and I got on top of Priya and fucked her brutally. I came after 5 minutes but after a minute I continued so that she could reach her orgasm. We again had sex for like 2 and a half hour and I creampied her again but this time her ass hole. She went for a shower and came back. Then we went to the kitchen to eat something. This time I tried something different I didnt cum in her pussy today so it was clean, so I fingered her and she came some grool and blood, I poured some chocolate sauce on that and ate chapati by dipping it in that. At The last day of the function I also went there and The day we leave U gave Priya, one last kiss and Priya gave me one of her panty, the same that I sniffed in which she masturbated to me for me to remember her and we left.

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