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Mother day force part 2

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Jane takes one of Mom nipples in her mouth and starts to suck it.i move over to Mom and start to suck her other nipple , Mom said I can’t believe my son is forcing me to get my nipples sucke hard by my daughter and him. Mom starts to.moan out loud from it.. moms nipples are getting hard and big from it.

I tell Mom., Now it’s Jane turn. Jane crying, Mom pulls Jane into her and starts to suck one of Jane nipple.mkm sucks Jane nipple hard Jane has 3(c cup nipples Jane starts to cry and Mom tell her it’s ok Sweetie lean in to me.i start to suck her other nipple. She crying bad. Jane nipples start to geth
Hard. I stop sucking andI .I tell Mom to stop sucking.. Mom stop sucking

I tell Jane to take take down Mom’s nilons and panties down to her ankles.
Jane tells.me NO! I pull back

To punch her,Jaucloses her eyes waiting for the impact. Mom yells, NO! Not my daughter, you fucking sSDHOLE!. Mom. Tells Jane to do it. Jane is xo afraid of me punching her in her face,she is shaking. Mom, already has a small mark above her eye from me punching her in the morning. Jane is still crying bad.

Jane pulls down More.brown nylons and black panties down to Mom’s ankles.

I tell Mom to open her legs wide open, Mom does it. I grab Jane by her blonde hair and force her face into Mom’s pussy

I tell Jane to lick and finger Mores pussy and to get Mores pussy good and wet to be fucked later., Jane still crying starts licking and fingering.Moms pussy, Mom closes her eyes and starts to moan, then Mom orgasm.
Jane, yells out GROSS!
Mom, just pee in my mouth! Mom says, that’s not pee, Jane, it’s what they call female Cum.

I tell Jane to lick mom’s pussy clean
Jane says NO! I grab her by her long blonde hair and force her face first again into.. Moms pussy. Jane crying starts to lick Mom’s pussy cum up, cleaning Mom’s pussy clean. Jane gets done cleaning up Mom pussy clean.

I tell Jane to lay flat on her back. Crying Jan lays flat on her back,not wanting to get hit again by me or get her hair pulled out yanked by me.

I tell Mom to take Jane nylons and panties down to Jane’s ankles.

Mom, first said NO! I take a swing on Mom
Mom closed her waiting for the impact and starts crying
I see the fear in Mom’s face. Mom crying does as she is told
She takes down Jane white nylons and white panties down to Jane’s ankles
I tell Mom to eat and finger Jane preteen pussy out. Jane crying bad.Mom does as she is told to, she holds Jane legs spread apart wide open, she didn’t want hit again by me, also she fears if she didn’t do what I tell her to do at this point, that her and Jane.might.just.die.

Mom, starts to eat and finger Jane’s pussy out, Jane closes her eyes and moans

Oh Mom that feels so good.keep doing that please.yrs my little princess. Oh Mom that is so nice. Mom oh Mom.oh yeah. ONG Mom! Jane said out loud can’t believe my own mother is making me feel this good. Oh no Mom, I got to.pee.
Mom said, sweetheart, you don’t need to pee, you need to cum.judt let it go. Jane let’s it go, and soaked Mom face and mouth.

I tell Mom to clean Jane cum soaked pussy up. Mom starts to lick Jane pussy clean, Mom starts working her tongue , she licks Jane pussy clean

I tell Mom to lay flat on her back, she does as I take my shorts off and let my cock go free
Mom sees my cock, Mom said Oh my son. I pull Mom into Mr ad I get between, Mom’s legsI line my covk with.my Mom’s wet puppy. I force my dick into my Mom’s pussy it feels so nice and warm
Mom crying out, I can’t believe my son is raping me for mother’s day. I started to rape Mom as Jane crying. After awhile of raping mom, Mom closes her eyes and starts to moan. Fuck your Mom my son. Fuck me, fuck your Mom Mom, orgasm again all over my cock, I get ready to cum and Mom know it.

Mom tells me to pull my cock out of her pussy, I don’t want pregnant by my son.

I tell Mom have Mothers day as.I cum in. Moms pussy.

Mom said, I can’t believe my own son rape his own.Mothrt for her Mother’s day present.i take my cum cock out of my Mom’s.pussy.

I tell Jane to lay flat on her back
Jane crying bad does as she is told knowing at any minute she will be raped. Jane is afraid of getting hit by me
I get between Jane legs, I line my cockk with Jane 12 year old pussy. I force io in,she screaming pu,she is so darn fucking tight.sd I rape her to.shr crying out sco.as I keep on Raping her

. After awhile she closed her eyes

Mom I got to pee again, no my Darling remember you are having a orgasm again , just let it go sweet pea Jane closes her eyes and let’s her orgasm go all over my cock next I cum in my sister pussy
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    Good then it did it’s job

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    Ja da möchte man auf der stelle seinen Schwanz in deine Mutter und deine Schwester rammen und den zwei fotzen geben für was sie da sind ich hoffe du fickst die Schlampen auch in ihre zwei anderen löcher

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