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I want it

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Never in my years of driving a school bus had I wanted something so bad

Never in my 30 years driving a school bus had I felt this way …. It was the end of the route just one more stop … As I pulled up I looked in the mirror and saw a pair of legs sticking into the aisle. probably asleep again… usually the 10 year old had her brother riding and he would wake her up but he wasn’t on tonight… I tried calling on the PA but got no response…. So I put the bus in park and headed back to check on her….

She was sleeping on her stomach and her head buried in her hood…. but her shapely ass and long legs were very definitely on display… and for a young girl she had nice curves… her butt was shaped like a peach held snug in her tight jeans that also fit snug down her shapely little legs … I started to reach for her shoulder to wake her and hesitated … looking at the firm little ass my hand moved down … not touching her but so wanting to I held my hand just above her cheeks … moving across both cheeks and a little ways down her legs …

Even without touching her I could feel the warmth of her young body …. while her position prevented the cameras from seeing where my hands were they did record my time standing over her … realizing I better stop before I went further I moved up and reached to her shoulder …. when I saw her eyes looking at me… hadn’t noticed her turning her head but there she was looking at me … and smiling …

“Ah … Alice … it’s .. ah .. it’s your stop … time to wake up” neither of us had moved yet … still smiling she looked at my hand hovering above her … then back up to my eyes … “You could have you know.. ” then she looked down to her butt … back at my eyes and still smiled “I .. ah .. I was trying to wake you up… it’s your stop” “Okay, if your sure that is all you wanted” she giggled and swinging her legs off the seat she stood up while I backed away … she gathered her things and while she turned away I realized just how small a girl she was… now where near 90 pounds , just at 4 feet tall with blond hair in a pony tail and two strands framing her bright smiling face … that was again turned to me

“Well I guess I need to get off” she said to me … I hadn’t even realized I was still staring at her and blocking the aisle …. I coughed and moved quickly back to the front … sitting in my seat I watched her little butt wiggle as she left the bus … stopping at the bottom of the steps she again turned back and smiled … “See ya tomorrow” and with a wave she was gone I closed the door and sat a minute watching her walk away until a car behind the bus honked and brought me back to reality …

All the way to the bus barn I worried about having my tape pulled and having them question me about tonight… but I repeatedly kept picturing her shapely ass and thought about what she would have done if I had held her cheeks … I hadn’t realized just how much I was thinking about it until I got off the bus and noticed the wet spot in my pants … glad the other drivers didn’t see it I hurried home.

That night I did something I had never done before … I went on line and began searching for young girl porn until I found a secure site I could spend some time on looking for someone that looked like my little rider…. after a while I even checked the public sites until I found Alice’s Facebook page …. skimming thru her public photos until I found some of her in her swim suits… most one piece a few two piece suits nothing that a parent would consider “sexy” but with the suits pulled tight in her crotch her little camel toe and exposed butt cheeks provided me plenty of fuel to stir my imagination to fill a few tissues with cum….

The weather the next few days warmed up and all the kids began wearing shorts and t shirts The boys mostly loose athletic shorts and shirts of thier favorite bands while the girls went for the tighter and shorter shorts that molded to thier butts while thier shirts tended to be tank top style that allowed a bit of lace from thier bras to peek out. Except for Alice… as she had little to no tits yet she skipped the bra and wore nothing beneath her tank top … with the tightness of her top her little nipples were very visible to anyone that looked … and several of the boys and men at the school did look. Most of the men myself included just shook thier head at the display she was putting on … but they all looked again when they thought no one was watching…

At the end of the week I drove a fan bus to an away game and guess who rode my bus…. clad in the school colors she was still wearing shorts but they looked like a pair of her brothers athletic shorts so they fit loose on her little body … she went for a thin strapped tank top with a light weight jacket to cover her arms … normally, I noticed she went for shorts so tight her panties showed but tonight I could not tell if she was even wearing panties. The ride was long and after a long day at school several of the kids fell asleep on the way there. Thier friends woke them for the game. When everyone was off I always double check the bus and found my sleeping beauty still in the back. her head was covered by her jacket and she was again sleeping on her stomach but one leg had slipped off the seat. Her position had shifted her loose shorts enough that I was treated to a view of her tiny cheek almost fully exposed. Glancing around and finding no one else near the bus I leaned closer and found that I was being rewarded with a view of heaven… the little minx had gone without her panties and I could see her bald little slit peeking out.

Watching the young and old porn and beating off to Alice’s pictures had lessened my resolve and when I reached out this time I placed my hand gently on her firm little ass. He cheek hardly filled my hand as I softly held them and squeezed them … my hand was large enough that as I held her butt my finger slid into her crotch and brushing her shorts aside I held my finger to her little slit … as I continued to caress her ass and squeeze my finger worked between her lips…. when I felt the heat and moister from her I moaned …. and so did she … this time I did not pull away but looked up to see her looking at me and smiling as she wiggled her little slit against my finger and moaned again. I didn’t pull my hand away but looked at her eyes then my hand on her tiny ass then back at her … she still smiled … “It’s OK … you can” and she nodded toward my hand …

Taking her permission I continued to move my fingers along her damp slit and felt them open as I pressed against them … while still watching her reactions I saw her bite her lower lip as I curved my finger tip and pushed into her pussy … just a bit … only to my first knuckle then moved it around feeling the tightness of her lips as the heel of my hand moved to cover her pussy I moved another finger to her tiny clit hidden at the top of her pussy. When I made contact she started to jump then moaned and pushed back against my hand … I tried to push deeper into her only to find she was still a virgin with an intact hymen protecting her preteen womb from the nasty old man fondling her….

both of us had begun sweating and I saw the perspiration gather on her flushed cheeks … still looking at her I pulled my hand away and she looked questioningly at me … I brought my fingers to my mouth and tasted her nectar … it was my turn to lightly moan as i tasted the sweetest thing I had ever had on my tongue… leaving my fingers wet from my mouth i returned them to her opening … this time pushing two fingers into her until I found a small opening in her hymen and worked a finger into it …. she again moaned and moved so both legs were on the seat as she knelt and pushed her ass towards me and buried her face into the seat … we both pushed lightly against each other … not wanting to take her at this time I moved back to rubbing her clit … which I could feel slightly swollen and peeking from it’s hood.

Her little ass moved in small circles moving to where my touches felt best to her. While I did not want to take her now I did need to relieve the pressure building in my crotch in the confines of my pants …. she never turned around as i slowly pulled my dick out and stroked my shaft as I worked her little pussy. Her clit was hyper sensitive and she was pushing it harder against my finger as her moans got louder and longer …

The view of her little ass with her shorts pulled aside giving me access to see and touch her most private areas had me stroking and ready to cum … her little body shifted and i saw her move her hand up to her chest …. even pressed to the seat i could see her fingers pinch and rub her nipples … her moans got louder and i pressed her clit more … then I felt her go ridged and her tiny lips squeezed my finger tips inside her … she quietly screamed into the seat as i felt her pussy flex repeatedly and get wetter with her nectar….. knowing that she was cumming brought me to my peak too and I leaned in with my dick head touching her pussy lips I let my balls go and shot my cum against her with some of my cum being forced into her as I held my dick to her …

My cum coated her pussy lips and ran down to soak into her shorts until she pulled her ass away and she rolled to her side on the seat and brought her little hand down to cover her pussy and gently rub my seed against herself … while I dripped and drizzled cum onto the bus floor.

I had no idea how long we had been together but my guilt began to bring me back to the reality of what just took place … I had touched a 10 year old … I had brought her to an orgasm … and I had coated her with my cum … on her ass … her pussy her cloths … and I loved it … How was i gonna deal with this … was she going to tell anyone … how was i gonna hide this … while i watched she sat up then stood with cum dripping down her legs she still kept rubbing in against herself then with no hesitation she pushed her shorts down and off her legs … she took her shorts and reached over and wiped my dick off … then using those same shorts she wiped herself off … she slayed the shorts on the small puddle of cum on the floor then leaned up and put both her hands on my cheeks she pulled me down and kissed me …. “thank you” she said then again wiped her pussy then reached into her bag and brought out another pair of matching shorts and slid them on and placed a few tissues inside to catch any more leaks. “I need to go into the game ” she said as she picked up the soiled shorts and handed them to me … “can you take care of these?” numbly I just nodded my head …. “I promise this is our secret … right” I still just nodded then answered “Yes … absolute .. just between us” “Thanks for this…. maybe sometime we could do more … I like you and think you like me too …. so maybe we can be secret boy friend and girl friend … secret”

With another quick kiss she scooted off the bus leaving me standing with my dick still hanging out and her cum covered shorts in my hand …

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:4bn00en3fia

    This is soooooo disturbing

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Part 2 please

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    [email protected] Yes I had to stand. This happens as my uncle used to drive buses for a very long time in the 70s 80s. These type of things did happen if you’re lucky.

  • Reply Tim ID:tb9kj0eh

    Awesome – Awesome – Awesome
    I soooooo want some of that !

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eof6oufs2xk

    He should have taken her, hard. Teasing little bitch.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjplk0j

    OMG what a hot ducking story. Damn was was so fucking horny I had to make a bathroom trip. Damn every time I read these stories reminds me of so many I have been with especially over seas. My own daughter at 9 fucked my brains out then 9 years later off to collage. A lady I date has an 11 year old that basically sis the same thing yet waited for her mom to leave for work then cornered me in the pool then led me to the house by my cock. Now a days 9 to 12 is the most perfect age to start having sex with my perfect age being 11. Yes I am in love with a 14 year old now but man this girl has my heart and loves me like the dickens. Love you Maty !

    • Daddy ID:1ck7gapolbpi

      Even though you are with the 14 year old there are always 10 and 11 year olds to fuck. I know the feeling, I’ve been jerking off all day.

  • Reply matt ID:1d2x981xa43s

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. didn’t even know of any secure young girl porn sites.. any suggestions on where to find??? Loved the story—-more??????

    • Youknowwho ID:1epfgu45uc6i

      The dark web, lol

  • Reply Daddy ID:1ck7gapolbpi

    Little 10 year old girls are the perfect age to cum on. Wait until the first time you fuck her tight little preteen pussy. It will be the best orgasm of your life. Keep pumping her 10 year old pussy with cum.

    • Popcorn's boss ID:1cryg9syzyeo

      Yes to fun on and in.. And I found they like to share with friends