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Gramp’s cold room

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This is merely fantasy I wrote. Nothing is real.

When I saw 8 my grandfather moved in with me and my family. He was always baby sit me and my older brother. Until I was 14 he would watch over me and my brother. Now he just watches over me now that my brother works. One day when I came home he hugged me tightly, just like he had done every day before. He was very sweet and loved hugging me and cuddling with me. We talked about school for a bit as I sat down at the table to work on some homework. He started to rub my shoulders while I worked. That was usually for him too, he liked to help me relax when I came home. We had the same routine every day until today. He asked me if I wanted to sleep with him that night. He told me about how cold he got and how he knew I would keep him warm. I simply told him sure, not thinking anything of it. I wore shorts and a tank top to bed. Grandpa wore a shirt and his underwear. Once we got into his bed, he held me close and started to rub my back. I relaxed and stayed close. His hands slowly moved lower and lower before he was touching my ass. He rubbed it gently and my body warmed up. I couldn’t help but like the touch. It was warm and my body tingled at the touch. I felt his warm body hold me tighter and closer as his hand rubbed my ass. Soon he moved to the front of my body and rubbed my stomach. He slowly moved his hand down before rubbing my parts. I let out a small sound, loving the new sensation. He continued to rub me before I felt something go inside of me. I gasped. It felt even better. My body wanted more. I wanted more. I felt my panties get pulled off before I looked at my grandpa. He kissed my head before he slid something big inside of me. Before I knew it, he was fucking me and I loved it. We soon started to kiss and before long something hot filled me. The warm feeling of something inside of me left before he kissed me. That was the night I figured out I loved my grandpa, more than a little girl usually does.

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