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Britney wanted a standing alley fuck outside the bar

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I was at a business convention talking with a few friends of mine drinking Johnny Walker blue when Britney a investment manager of my company, walked over to me wearing a red cocktail dress with 5 inch stiletto’s and sheer black stockings , sat down next to me apparently drunk .She’s about 5’3 with a sexy figure and long black hair .After a few more drinks and some small talk she has her hand on my crotch of my pants and feeling and squeezing my cock that’s causing it to get really hard .Before I know it she’s leading me out the front door but I thought it was to get a cab to her place , but she’s drunk and can’t wait .

She grabs my hand and with the sexy sound of her 5 inch stiletto’s leads me into a alley between the strip of bars and drunkenly staggers us behind a dumpster .I barely had time to push her down to her knees before she hiked up her dress up over her ass , exposing her red lace panties over her 10 strap garter belt with her attached back seamed , sheer black , nylon stockings , as she’s crouching on her stiletto’s at my feet like a porn star .

Evan as drunk as she is ,she balanced herself perfectly well on her 5 inch stiletto’s as she took my cock out and instantly taking down 7 of my 10 inch cock, while she’s aggressively working my balls with her soft fingers . My hands are on her head as I’m trying to push more into her mouth .She opened her mouth real wide for it but she started gagging on it , she finally gave up an inch or so from fully deep throating me .

She finally pulled her face back, leaving a trail of slimy saliva mixed with my precum as it splashes all over her face , she quickly licked it all up using her hand to wipe it on her tongue , then she licked up all my precum from the tip of my cock .

I asked Britney if she wanted to finish me off, she said , “Hell no !! I want you to fuck my ass dammit”!!

In a flash Britney is standing up again with her dress hiked up further up her back , fully exposing her very sexy pussy cum soaked red lace panties and her 10 strap garter belt and her sexy back seamed black stockings .

She’s now looking for someplace to lean over and see’s a stack of empty crates nearby . She grabs my cock and leads me along behind her, and she finds a firm spot to brace and dig in her 5 inch heel tips into the ground , and bends all the way over with her legs spread wide apart, exposing her wet pussy telling me , “FUCK ME NOW”!!!!

I didn’t need to be told twice , I took my fully erect cock, and I slid her red lace panties to the side , I put it in between Britney’s wet pussy lips , as I held her waist , and pushed my cock all the way into her pussy , as deep as it can go , until it bottomed out .

I held her still by her waist, and I can feel her pussy having multiple spasm’s , while she’s groaning and not flinching by the size of my cock, that is buried deep and my balls are pushed up tight against her sexy ass cheeks .

Britney is a real pro at this, because most ladies cry and squirm and squeal. when I go in all the way that fast , her pussy is already squeezing my cock shaft .I took some of her dripping love juice from her pussy and put my finger at the tip of her ass entrance .Britney bucked backwards trying to fuck my finger as I get this 40 year old lady ready .

I can’t tell if she’s more drunk or horny, but I know she can’t wait for it as I’m banging and slamming my huge thick cock really fast into her , then after two more thrusts, her pussy makes my cock dripping wet as I pulled out, with her moaning and yelping out , “Ohhhh”!!! “Ohhhhhh”!!! “Ohh god your big”!!!

While she’s holding onto the crate. I lined up and edge my cock into her ass entrance and pushed as the head of my cock expanded and dilated her sphincter ,causing Britney to whimper as I started pushing my cock all the way into her ass, causing her to pant heavily as she squeezed her eyes shut yelping out , “Ohh fuck”!! “Oh my god your so fucking big”!! “Oh please !! be gentle with me”!!

“Oh god !! your cock is the biggest that I ever had fucking my ass”!!

I pushed myself forward as Britney struggles past 5 inches then 6 and 7 ,then I think it’s the girth that’s really stretching the diameter of her ass , causing her to slow down .Her hips have finally stopped bucking in to me .

I leaned forwards to her bowed head and she’s panting and I said , “Is that enough cock for you ! do you want more slut”?? for the first time she whimpers and pauses before answering me ,

“Yes please ! yes ! yes ! yes please ! fill me up ! I want it all ! I can handle you ! just give it to me”!!!

I grabbed her hand , and had her put it on her ass cheek , and made her pull her ass cheek wide, while I steadied my arm on her back as I bunched up her expensive dress and using it as an anchor .

I pulled most of my cock out of her ass and felt her swollen sphincter clench onto my cock .Before she has a chance to recover or relax, I thrusted forward with all my weight and pushed my 10 inch cock all the way into her ass !

Her squeals and yelps is all that I need to hear, and I began to work my cock back and fourth inside her as she lets out a string of obscenities , “Fuck ! fuck ! fuck! fuck yes ! oh god its fucking huge”!!

Her first orgasm hits her body while her pussy spasms from the fast deep ass fucking I’m giving her as she’s talking incoherently and in gibberish .

It’s only been 15 minutes since we left the bar, and her perfectly done hair is a complete mess and her red cocktail dress is crumpled and ripped around her body, and her nylon stockings have runs in them .

I catch my breath once more and lock both of my hands on her hips, and gave everything that I have left , I can feel my sperm moving up in my cock, while Britney at this point is in total ecstasy , making little girlish yelping sounds .

I grabbed her arms and yanked her body half way up towards me , her lower back hitting my abs as my cock exploded deep into her bowels , Britney screams out in pleasure as her pussy orgasms ,and she also feels my hot seed pump and pulsate deep into her sexy ass .

We slowly catch our breath and come to our senses ,my cock slipped out of her ass with a wet plopping suction sound , and all my sperm leaks out and down onto both of her nylon stockings covered thighs ,her panties around her hips are ripped and ruined, she can feel her ass is severely gaped and leaking out large amounts of my cum .

Britney begins to walk forward and finds herself very unsteady on her stiletto’s and steps back to the wall . I pulled up my pants and offer her my assistance , the both of us laughed and kissed each other deeply .

This was our first romantic date in a moment of primal lust . We cleaned each other off the best that we could ,and I took out my phone and called us a cab. I took Britney first to her place so that she could change and put on a clean sexy dress , then I brought her back to my place for some more fucking in my comfortable bed .


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  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Totally loved it. Great story as usual, you are the greatest

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thanks slim but I’m not the greatest there’s a lot of better writer’s here . Britney

    • Big Bad John ID:2muspuh6ia

      I have read all of your stories on this site Britney and as far as I am concerned you are in the top 5 of authors. You have written so many stories and each one is better than the last. You have a real talent and a great imagination. Don’t stop writing !!

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      Well you are right on one point there are some great writers on here but for me and I’m sure there are others, your writing style and attention to detail you are the greatest

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:2muspuh6i9

    You’ve done it again Britney and produced another erotic masterpiece!! The description of the red lace panties, garter belt, stockings and heels got me hard! While reading this I imagined myself thrusting my cock deep into your ass while I squeezed your big tits!! Your horny BBJ

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      I vision you holding me in your lap as I have my arms around you and your cock is up my dress and straining against my tights trying to invade my tight pussy as we kiss and my big tits are lactating and I’m purring in your ear BBJ !!! Britney

    • Big Bad John ID:2muspuh6i9

      I’ve just shot my load reading your comments you naughty girl!! You are one horny bitch and I wish you were with me right now!! BBJ

  • Reply AlabamaSlamma ID:d7yn16s44

    Very hot story.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thanks abama !! Britney

    • AlabamaSlamma ID:d7yn16s44

      I just submitted a new story. It’s a little different from the others. I think that you will enjoy it. BAMA

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Oh I can’t wait abama !! Bitney