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Young tribal beauty – part one

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A car breakdown in the bush turns out to be a lucky break.

I worked in southern Africa for many years. Once I was driving my Land Rover in northern Namibia, heading towards Angola, and it broke down. Fortunately I was not way out in the bush but right outside a small tribal settlement. It was late afternoon and it was too late to do anything but look for someone who might help me to get to the nearest town tomorrow after I’d slept overnight in the car. I headed for the nearest hut and there was a man outside who’d seen my predicament. Remarkably, he spoke decent English. We were talking, he came over to look at the car. I noticed a young girl looking at us through the entrance to the hut. She came over too and stood a few feet away, shyly watching us. I’d guess she was about twelve, wearing just a goatskin skirt. Not a full skirt, just a string around the waist with a goatskin flap at the front and another at the back. She had small budding breasts with lovely nipples and her face was beautiful, especially her mouth with lips that looked too mature for such a young girl, perfect for a kiss.
I was in luck, the tribe’s custom is to help strangers in need and I was invited to stay with the family for the night. I always carried plenty water and some food in the car, in case of a breakdown, so I could contribute in return, water is like gold in this part of the world. The girl ran up to her father and said something to him, he looked over at me and smiled. I asked him what she said, he said “I’ll tell you later”.
So, later, we’d eaten and it was time for everyone to sleep. During the meal I’d seen the young girl looking at me, I’d looked back and smiled. I was fascinated with her developing shape and her looks, her beauty. My new friend said “I think you’ll know that it’s our tribe’s custom that our male guests have female company for the night. You asked what my daughter said to me and I said that I’d tell you later. She told me “I like the white man.” She knows our customs and she was telling me that she wants to be with you tonight.”
“She’s very beautiful” I replied “but she’s only a baby.”
“She’s young, but she’s a woman now. You can tell, after a girl becomes a woman she changes her hair to the woman’s style and my daughter went through the ceremony with our women and joined them, she did that two months ago. All the tribe knows that she is a woman now. You will be the lucky man who is the first to know her. I have been teaching her English for a while, she knows enough to say a few words to you.”
My God, I thought I was in trouble when the car broke down, but no, it’s my lucky day!
There are little private areas on one side of the hut and I was given one to sleep in. I lay on the skins put on a corner of the floor as a bed. I wondered what would happen, and didn’t need to wonder for long. The girl entered smiling shyly again and sat next to me on the skins. “Hello” she said.
I pointed to my face and said “My name is Dave” and pointed to her “Your name?”
“Call me Winnie, my name is too long for English man to say.”
“Winnie, you are very beautiful.”
She looked up at me and I couldn’t resist, I bent my head down and gently kissed her lips. I held her head and kissed her forehead, each cheek, her nose, and returned to her mouth. She returned the kiss and I wondered if she might be more experienced than her father thought. I kisssed each little breast, sucked and bit her hardening nipples.
Winnie was still wearing just her skirt. I wasn’t sure if it unfastened or if I’d have to pull it down. I was fiddling with it, without any result. She stood and it dropped down and she was there, standing in front of me, completely naked. There were just a few tight little curls of hair above the tight hairless slit of her pussy and, as I was sitting, her pussy was inches from my face. I put my hands behind her bottom and each hand cupped a lovely firm little bum cheek. My next kiss was right on her tight crack and I pulled her down gently, indicating that I wanted her to lie next to me. I lay down too and my fingers explored her crack, parting her lips and revealing a blissfully juicy pussy, lovely dark inner lips round a tiny pink hole and the little protuberance of her clit. I kissed the clit and felt it grow and harden as my tongue caressed it. I sucked more and she was whimpering, I realised that I was giving her pleasure and, my God, she was giving me pleasure too.
Time to take off the few clothes I was wearing. Immediately, Winnie was looking at my dick. I was semi-hard after sucking her but, as soon as I saw her looking, that got me stiff in seconds. I lay next to her and to my surprise her hand went to my hard cock and softly held it as she bent her head down and her mouth went round me. Two inches of my dick were in her sweet mouth and she knew what to do, I’m sure she’s done this before. I moved and we were in a 69. I’d learned what she liked and I sucked her clit more and more. I tongued her hard clit and finger-fucked her hole. No hymen was in the way. Her whimpers turned to moans and her bucking and wetness told me she was reaching orgasm. I was ready and eager to find her hole with my cock. I was above her and her hand reached to hold my cock and guide it to her honey hole. So wet and yet so tight, first just the tip, then the whole bell-end was inside her and then every sweet stroke went deeper, she was folded under me with her legs right up and I was balls-deep inside the velvet-tight wetness of her blissfully tight little cunt. I wanted to fuck her all night but the exquisite tightness meant I couldn’t last much longer and I felt my spunk shooting into her, filling her pussy. We lay together, holding each other close, cuddling as if we’d been sleeping together for years.
I don’t know who went to sleep first but Winnie was still asleep when I woke. We were still holding each other. I moved and saw my juice and hers had leaked and her groin and upper thighs were soaked. My movements woke her up and after rubbing her eyes and looking sweetly at me, she found my dick and began massaging it, with the obvious result. She got on top and rode me and for the second time her tight pussy gave me an incredible orgasm.
If her father really thought she had no sex experience he was clearly wrong. But I wasn’t going to tell him that. What I did say was that she was an angel and I wanted more, I would come back for her as soon as I could. And I certainly did.

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