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Wife Raped By Two Filthy Old Men Part 2

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Creepy old Earl, a white man, and Morgan an old black man had raped my beautiful 24 year old wife. Earl has my wife raped by seven old ugly black men.

Part 2 —– My once innocent wife’s sexual ordeal intensifies, and with some of the most abusive, sexuality deprived, desperate old men that you could imagine. My wife was a innocent, beautiful 24 year old brunette woman, and she had just endured a horrible rape by creepy old perverted Earl, who was white, and an old rough perverted black man named Morgan. My wife and I were on our way home after this happened. The first thing that my wife did when we got home, was take a shower and clean her body of the filth that had been done to her. I also took a shower to clean myself from being in old creepy Earl’s dirty trailer and having to fuck my wife after her rape in front of these two perverted men.

It was the next morning and my wife and I sat down and we had a discussion of what we should do about what had happened to her. We both came to the conclusion that it was to our best interest to wait and see, and not report these two men for raping her. At anytime these two old perverted men could expose the videos of the dirty things that they had done to my wife, to our friends and our relatives, because they had all of our cell phone contacts.

As my wife and I had this conversation, I told her that none of this was her fault, and all though I had watched her being raped, I gave her a hug and I told her that I loved her very much, and she cried told me the same thing. I went to my workplace after this, and when the day was over, I went home and I quit my night job at the gambling joint next door to my workplace because of this. This was how I had met old creepy Earl and I now wanted to have nothing to do with him if I could keep my distance from him.

My wife and I were now waiting out this ordeal that had happened to her day by day, because old creepy Earl and black Morgan had said that they both had future plans for my wife, and both of us were very afraid of both of them contacting us to use my wife again, because both of them had the photos and videos to blackmail both of us.

A couple of weeks had passed, and my wife and I were very relieved not to hear anything from both of these old perverts. It was a Friday morning before I left for work, and my wife and I were planning for a nice weekend away when I got a text from old creepy Earl. He said that he wanted my wife and I to meet him tonight at 6 pm. at the gambling joint that I had worked nights at, and we had both better be there on time. He said that he wanted my wife to dress in a nice outfit such as a dress and make sure that she wore her best undergarments and pantyhose. He said he wanted her to look like she was going to church. As soon as I got this text I knew what old creepy Earl had done, and that was tell the old men at the gambling joint what he had done with my pretty wife and he had probably shown the old men my wife’s naked photos and possibly the video of her rape.

I immediately told my wife what old creepy Earl wanted from us. My wife started crying and saying that she didn’t want to go through this again and she said that she had no idea of what dirty things old creepy Earl would have in store for her. I had to leave for work and I told my wife that I would call her later in the day. Around noon I called my wife and we discussed our problem at length. We both tried to figure a way out of what old creepy Earl wanted from us tonight but we eventually decided that we had better do what he asked of us. I told my wife that I would be home around 5 pm. And for her to be dressed as old creepy Earl had asked her to be and I told my wife that I loved her and I would see her then.

At 4 pm. I left work early and I walked past the gambling joint wondering what my wife was going to have to do tonight inside of that building. I got home around 5 pm. and my pretty brunette wife was dressed properly in a nice skirt and blouse with her tan pantyhose and high heels on. My 24 year old wife really looked like she was going to church or to a professional business meeting. We left our house as around 5:30 pm. and we arrived at the gambling joint beside my work place just before 6 pm. My wife and I got out of my car and we walked into the gambling joint and old creepy Earl met us at the front door. Old creepy Earl said that he had the whole building to himself tonight that none of the gamblers were going to be playing cards tonight.

Old creepy Earl looked at my wife and he said wow you really look nice this evening and he said come on back here with me to the back room. As we both walked to the rear of the building old creepy Earl told me to sit outside of the poker room while he took my wife inside to get a quick blow job from her. My wife looked at me as she and old creepy Earl went into the back room and he shut and locked the door behind them. My wife and old creepy Earl were in the backroom together for about 15 minutes and he unlocked the door and told me to come inside. Once inside he said that he really did need that blow job from my pretty wife and that he made her swallow his load. He told me to go over and kiss my wife and run my tongue around in her mouth and taste his old load of cum and I hesitated and he said now, so I did as he said. He said tell your wife that you love her and I did and she told me the same with tears in her eyes.

After this humiliation old creepy Earl told us to sit down, and this was the plan for my wife tonight. He said in about a hour several men are going to be coming here to enjoy your pretty little wife. He said that he was going to tie me naked to a chair and he was going to tie my wife down to a table in a special room that was down stairs in the basement. I asked him who were the men who were going to use my wife, and he said that you will see. I said are they the regular poker players and he said you will see. Old creepy Earl said now follow me down to the basement, and we got up and followed him. As we went down the steps, I had never been down there or never know that the gambling joint even had a basement before. When we got down stairs we walked down a hall and Old creepy Earl opened the door and we went in this what looked like a sex slave dungeon, This room had many cameras and all kinds of restraining devices hanging up on the walls. There were many sex toys and other items on the shelves in this room that I had never seen before.

My wife was crying and she looked like she fully understood what was going to happen to her tonight. Old creepy Earl told me to take off all of my clothes and sit down in the wooden chair in the corner of the room. I sat down totally naked in the wooden cold chair and he used the metal cuffs to clamp and lock my legs and arms to the chair. Old creepy Earl told my wife to remove her skirt and blouse but for her to leave her bra, panties and her pantyhose on. My wife removed her skirt and blouse. Old creepy Earl told her to put her high heels back on, and for her to lay down on the steel medical table. Once my pretty wife was on the table, old creepy Earl cuffed my wife’s legs to the end of the table, that looked like a gynecologist table used to examine woman, and he put her arms above her head, cuffed to the top of this bed. Old creepy Earl then started turning on the several cameras in the room making sure that he had every angle of my wife’s beautiful body covered. Old creepy Earl then told my wife to lift her head up and he put a ball gag in her mouth and a black hood over her head and face.

At around 7:30 pm. I could hear a few voices just outside of the room that we were in. A few minutes later, old creepy Earl walked out of the room and left my wife and I tied down with cuffs around our arms and legs.Old creepy Earl returned, opening the door and 7 old black men walked in the room totally naked and old creepy Earl said tonight these nice old men are going to enjoy your pretty little wife. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want my wife to know that they were all old ugly black men and they all had very long black uncut cocks to use on her.

All seven of the black men looked at me cuffed to the chair and I am sure that they noticed my little 6 inch cut cock looking pathetic. They all started looking at my wife on the table cuffed helplessly dressed only in a bra covering her small B-cup tits and her tan pantyhose and white panties under them. My wife had her high heels on also making her look so sexy and ready to enjoy. One of the old ugly black men walked over to the table and he took a knife that was on the table and he circled it around my wife’s bra, as he and another one of the black men rubbed my wife’s pantyhose clad pussy. Almost all of the black men were starting to grow hard knowing that in a few minutes they were going to be enjoying such a beautiful white woman. Old creepy Earl pulled up a chair and he sat down beside me saying tonight your pretty little wife is going to be filled with big cock and have her belly loaded with cum.

The old black man with the knife looked at my helpless wife and he said I am going to fuck you good bitch and he cut my wife’s bra open revealing her small B-cup tits with very hard nipples. He then took the knife and he cut the crotch out of her pantyhose and her white silk panties reaviling her hairy pussy. Wasting no time he got on top of my wife, cuffed to the table and he shoved his hard cock into her and he started humping her very hard and fast, as he did this the other old black men were jerking on their cocks getting them hard. All seven of these black men looked like street bums who had not had any pussy for a long time. They were all rough looking and many had scars from fighting and a rough life. The old black man that was fucking my wife said that she felt good and he was about to shoot his load and he grunted and groaned and he released inside of my wife’s hairy pussy. One after another, each of these seven filthy black men fucked and unloaded their black balls in my pretty helpless wife calling her dirty names as they violated her innocent helpless body. I was setting cuffed to the chair totally naked with a raging hard on, as my wife was being raped in front of me, and I was unable to stop it.

After all seven old black men had emptied their black balls in my wife, old creepy Earl raised the bed that my wife was cuffed to and he took the black hood off of my crying wife and she was very shocked to see seven filthy old black men that had just emptied their black balls into her pussy. Old creepy Earl took the red ball gag out of my wife’s mouth and she was gasping for air. He asked my wife how she liked having her pussy fucked by seven different black men and my wife didn’t answer him. Old creepy Earl started the bed back down and this time my wife’s head was in a upside down position with her brunette hair hanging down and her mouth very vulnerable for a good throat fucking. My wife was now lieing in a uncomfortable arched position with her legs spread wide open and bent down to the floor and her head bent down almost to the floor.

My wife was begging for these men to not hurt her and let her go, but one of the ugliest of them walked around and he told my wife to suck his big black cock and my wife put it in her mouth and he started humping her mouth. As he did this his big black balls were slapping her chin with his every hump. Another of the black men got between my wife’s open legs and he started fucking her again. My wife now had a cock in her mouth and a big black uncut cock in her hairy pussy at the same time. The old black man in her pussy grunted and groomed and I noticed his old asshole winking as he filled her pussy with his sperm, and a few minutes later the old ugliest of the men grunted and groaned and he shot his load in my wife’s mouth. One by one each of the seven men fucked my wife at least three times each and each of them fucked her mouth humping her face until they shot their wad of cum down her throat.

My wife had now been raped by seven black men, and had their cum in her mouth and their sperm swimming in her warm hairy fertile pussy. I was cuffed helplessly to the chair watching this with a very hard cock that I couldn’t even reach to relieve myself. Old creepy Earl noticed my small 6 inch very hard cock and he said that you must have really enjoyed watching these old dirty black men use your wife like a filthy whore, and I didn’t say anything. Earl got up from his chair and he raised the medical bed, as the rough old black men were getting dressed to leave. My wife was now laying flat on the bed on her back with her legs opened wide, her pussy was now inflamed and gapped open oozing cum and glistening. The room smelled of sex and smelled from the dirty old black men, that had probably not taken a bath in a long time, and these men had just emptied their uncut black cocks into my wife. I was looking at my wife and now wondered if one or more of them had infected her with a sexual transmitted disease because they were so dirty and smelled so bad. Old creepy Earl asked the old black men to leave and he walked them out of the room and walked them to the front door, leaving me cuffed to the chair naked and my wife cuffed to the medical bed. My wife was crying telling me to please forgive her for what they had done to her tonight and I said that it was not her fault and I didn’t hold a grudge.

Old creepy Earl came back in the room and he uncuffed my wife from the bed and he walked her over to me sitting naked in the wooden chair. He told my wife to get on her knees on the floor and he walked in front of me. He looked down at my wife and he told her to suck his cock. My wife looked at me and said that she was sorry as she unzipped creepy old perverted Earl’s pants and pulled them down to the floor. Old creepy Earl’s long soft uncut was dangling down and my wife with tears in her eyes opened her mouth and put the tip of his cock into her mouth and she started sucking it just a few feet from me tied naked in the chair. My cock was throbbing and sticking straight up in the air as this old perverted man was enjoying my wife’s dick sucking skills. Old creepy Earl lifted his leg and he told my wife to lick his musky gray haired balls with her tongue. He then turned around and he spread his ass cheeks wide open, and he ordered my wife to tongue out his asshole as she jerked him off. My wife did this until I heard old creepy Earl grunting and groaning and I saw his load squirting out of the end of his long uncut cock on the floor, as my wife kept her tongue deep up his winking asshole, as she finished jerking him off.

My cock was aching now, and my balls were hurting from watching all of this. Old creepy Earl looked at me as he pulled his pants back up and he told my wife to suck my dick because he could tell that I was in pain. My wife put my throbbing cock in her mouth and she started sucking my cock and I didn’t last very long and I shot my load in my wife’s mouth and face. Old creepy Earl uncuffed me and he told my wife and I to get dressed and he walked us out of the building. Before we left he said that tomorrow night he had some more men lined up for my wife and he wanted us to be back at this building at 6 pm. He told my wife to dress up in a skirt and make sure that she wore pantyhose because he really enjoyed watching the filthy men that he was lining myclean wife up with, degrade her from a prim and proper woman to a filthy whore and he was getting plenty of good raps videos of my wife’s abuse.

The end part 3

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    Part 3 of this story is now available. My wife becomes a full time prostitute.

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    Beautiful loved it, Love Emma from Aus.

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    I think deep inside your wife loves getting fucked by creepy old men..just as you do watching..

    • Whore Maker ID:1dydhy58vhdi

      Maybe she is getting to like it, but the abuse she doesn’t.

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    Very fine story! Loved that your freshly raped wife was forced to lick creepy old Earl’s dirty smelly asshole! Can just imagine the taste!!

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    I dressed up in my black cocktail dress and my shiny black pantyhose and 5 inch stiletto’s and played your story on the audio on my computer as my husband tore a hole in my pantyhose and fucked me in many positions as the story line was read to us !! Oh my god the fuck he gave me !! he even came in me when I begged him not to, but he did it because of your story pushed him over the edge !! Well thank you whore maker for reenergizing my husband, now I have to go buy an E.P.T. kit !! really awesome and erotic story that me and my husband really love !!! 5 star rating Britney