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What was I Thinking. I just wanted one and I am stuck with 3

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All I wanted was love from a sweet prepubescent and I am going to have to settle for just sex instead.

I  am an average man 45 I served in the Marines for 20 years and I have been out now for 7 years.  I never knew I had a thing for young girls growing up. The first time I was deployed to the Philippines was when I found out that I have a real lust for them.

On my first liberty there my best friend and I went out into town. Girls were all over us of all age’s and they all looked good.  We wanted to find the best place to go to find some hot young girls.  We both got on a Trike, which is a motorcycle with a large seat attached to the side. Not a side car, but similar.
We asked the young man driving what is the very best place to get the most beautiful sexy young girls.  When we said young we meant our age or a little younger, just not older. We actually had 16 to 19 year olds in mind. Both of us were 19 at the time.

He took us away from the main strip, which we didn’t expect. The driver said it was a place we would get what we want and it is protected, because they pay off the police.

The driver spoke to them in their language and then one of the workers took us down a hall to a large room in the back, It was filled with young girls. He made it clear that they will only do oral and if we like we could do oral to them but that is all they would let us do.

We tried to let the worker know that we wanted older girls. He had a strong accent, but spoke and understood English well. He took us to a different room and it was filled with girls from 10 to 14.
Dan and I just looked at each other and said nothing for a couple of minutes. Each of us was waiting for the other one to speak first. Finally Dan said “Did you ever?”   No, I never replied.  Then I asked him if he ever did and he denied ever doing it with such young girls as well.

It was obvious that both of us wanted to, but neither of us wanted to be the first to admit it.  We did finally agree to give it a try. and we both selected girls that were 14 and it was so, so, good. Nice tight pussies and smooth skin with just a few strands of new pussy hair starting to grow.

After we went to dinner and kept very quiet and we both felt guilty. Then finally when we started to talk to each other about it. The guilt went away.  It felt natural the more we spoke of it.  After dinner we went back for what we both really wanted. We each picked a 10 year old and they were both beautiful. From this point on I new I had a thing for young girls.  I have never had a girl over 14 since that day.

About 4 feet tall, dark hair, copper tone skin, brown eyes, and lush full lips, almost totally flat chested, they each had little nipples that you could see were poking their shirts out a little.  Personally it made my cock want to poke out a lot.

I started off kissing her sweet lips. This little 10 year old girl was scared, or shy.  In fact she was very motivated to make me happy. She pulled off her clothes fast and had mine off immediately after her own.

She took a lot of the lead and at the same time was the best I ever had. I only knew High School girls up to that point and I have only had three different girls, so there wasn’t a lot to compare her with.
She was so good that I came back for her over and over again during the next 2 weeks then they got a new girl in and a Virgin.  I stayed in the Marines mainly for my deployments to the Philippines. Eventually I found other such places around not just the Philippines, but all throughout Asia.  Then the Mediterranean and Middle East.

Last was Europe, the US and Finally South America, and I found out about the US and got the address and pass code from the owner of an Establishment in Thailand. However the one in the US, unlike the rest of the world, kept changing. I lost contact and that is what drove me to do what I did.
It was a wonderful 20 years. In the Marines, but after I found myself missing my sweet little pussies from around the world.  So, I started off with a great plan.  I found a large bit of land out in the middle of nowhere and hidden from sight.  I had a home and storage arias with a nice size wine cellar / basement.  I also did a lot of personal upgrades.

I thought about finding my own girl and training her on how to make me happy.  I also thought about getting a few girls and opening up my own little place. Then I thought that if I keep just one and only for me it would be safer.   I kept going back and forth in my head as I was building my new home.
I finally had my home perfect.  I just needed to find my new little toy.  I drove to some large populated areas that would be easy to make one disappear.  Well finding one was easy.  In fact I found so many and once you figure out where to look, omg they are everywhere.  It was not easy to just take one.  I thought I would have more of a problem finding than taking.

I finally decided on one that was very beautiful, then all of them looked so beautiful.  The one I pick is 10 and she is a dancer. Such a nice firm ass and stomach, great curves developing, just little nipples for now, but they will sprout soon I’m sure.

I couldn’t get her there. She was always with a lot of people. In fact I don’t know if any of the girls could be found alone at these events.  Then I realized that this resort was covered with Video Cameras.  So, I kept an eye on her from a safe distance. I found out her name is Kray, every one would call her Kray-kray.  The name sounded as adorable as she is.

I ended up following her home.  I drove to a different state than the one I live in just to find her.  Then I had to drive across two more just to follow her home. It took a little over 3 weeks of stocking before I had my chance to grab her.  I watched her go to and from the bus, and I saw her at school.  I saw her mom take her shopping. I saw her go to dance class.  There was never a good place or time to plan anything.  I finally was so frustrated and I was tired of feeling all of this anxiety, not to even mention blue balls.

That one day I saw her mom drive off alone, Then I saw her go to the side of her house and start doing some flips. I parked next to a large hedge near her and carefully walked over to get a look.  Next thing I knew I had one hand over her mouth and the other around her waist and I was running to my truck with her.  I gagged and strapped her down quickly and drove off.  All the way home I could hear her sobbing on the way home.

When we got home I ungagged her and tried to make her feel better. She just kept screaming and crying and calling me names.  She has a lot of spirit.  I took her downstairs to her part of the house and gave her some rules to follow.  I got her a lot of new sexy outfits, toys, dolls, lingerie and nothing made her happy. She just wanted to go home.  I kept hoping she would get used to me and then her little hormones would start to kick in and she would get Horney and finally fall in love with me.  This still hasn’t happened.

I gave her 7 weeks and I was unable to wait any more.  I started to fondle her.  She does not like that.  I tried kissing her and she wont stop moving her face. She fights me every step of the way. I only want to give her pleasure and teach her how to give it.  She missed her family and there was nothing I could do for that. I tried telling her that I was her family now and we’ll have our own children in time.  This did not make her happy.

She missed going to dance class and her friends.  I thought I could help with this.  I met all kinds of people while in the service and traveling.  I knew of a young lady that was a dance teacher and she had a tasted for young girls and boys.  She also always wanted to come to the US.  I got a hold of her and sponsored her.  She is now living in the town near me giving dance lessons and she comes to my place and gives Kray-kray private dance lessons.

This hasn’t made her happy, but she seems to like and talk to Elaine better than me.  Elaine told me that Kray-kray also misses friends her own age.  Elaine also told me that  Kray-kray thinks I might be cute for an old man but she thinks I am some kind of pervert and she hates it when I touch her.

I was unable to hold off any longer.  Tonight she will be mine. I had Elaine fix her all up for me. I walked into her room and she took my breath away.  She looked so beautiful.  I walked to the side of the bed and disrobed.  Her eyes widened and she started shaking her head no as she was scooting her cute little ass over to the other side of her bed.

I climbed into the bed with her and she had the look of fright on her face. I pulled her to me and started giving her gentle little kisses on her full lush lips and she just kept shaking her face and tried pushing me away. I refused to give up this time. I kept kissing and I forced my tongue in her mouth and I kissed her to my heart’s content.  She never stopped
slapping me and calling me names as she was crying and kept saying that she wanted her mommy.
I finally just couldn’t control myself anymore. I slapped her across the face and she just froze with her arms out trying to push me away. I forced myself on her. I suckled on her little nipples and she acted the same. I finally went down and tried to lick her sweet little tight virgin pussy, but as she was kicking and hitting me why she was thrashing herself about.  I had no choice. I had to go get the straps and strap her down to the bed.

As soon as I had her strapped I started off licking her legs and up her thighs right for that sweet spot. I was still wanting to give her pleasure and I wanted her to fall in love with me.  However more and more I was believing that this was not to be.  I also had needs that I had to take care of. So, I dove my tongue deep into her pussy and sucked up all the pussy juice I could. Then I started kissing her and I made her taste her own pussy.

I then went back down to her pussy and I did my best to try and turn her on. It seemed like all I did was get her pissed off.  She keeps trying to hit and kick.  She keeps crying out loud and screaming at me. I am sure that I did hear her moan a few times and some of her kicking looked like she was trying to push her pelvis into my face.   I finally got positioned between her thighs and I had her knees over my shoulders.  I know she could feel the head of my cock as the tip was lodged between her pussy lips right at the opening leading to a beautiful pussy just past an intact hymen.

She just kept screaming for me not to do this. She was begging me and saying she will do anything and be good girl, if I don’t fuck her. I just started kissing her and it was the first time I ever got a sweet return from her instead of her fighting me every step of the way.  She can really use her tongue like magic when she wants to.

I then started to pull away from her so I could get a good look at her. As I thrusted my hard thick cock into her little tight 10 year old virgin pussy. Kray-kray screamed like never before and the look on her face was one I will never forget. I broke right through her hymen and I just kept thrusting as hard and fast as I could. It was such a long time for me and I finally was getting a fix for something I needed for so long. My cock was finally back home in a prepubescent pussy like it belongs.

She passed out while I was fucking her. She almost came to a couple of times but passed out again. When I was finally done, her little pussy was all bruised up purple and red with blood covered cum leaking out of it. Her body was spent. I was lying next to her feeling complete for the first time in a long time. I got up and cleaned up and got dressed.  She was still lying passed out in bed.

When she finally got up she could hardly move and she was in such pain. I never had any idea that I was so rough on her.  I just needed it so much and I waited so long that I guess I got carried away. I felt bad about how much she was hurting. I had to get Elaine to help her.  I felt so bad I had to do something to make her feel better.

I knew she missed her friends.  I might be able to get one of them but it would be risky in fact too risky to attempt. Before I knew it I had two other girls about her age and not from her dance class, not even her hometown. I went to different states to get them and no one will be openly looking for these two.  Athena from Russia, and Nixie from Brazil. Both beautiful and about her size and age.

Elaine started giving them dance during the day in between taking care of Kray-kray. I have both of them in bed during the night. Kray-kray would need a while to heal.  I was a lot gentler with these two.  Athena acts just like Kray-kray, she hates me and doesn’t want me to touch her. but, Nixie was different. She is scared but still hates me and she just lays there doing nothing but breathing and hoping I would be done soon. I don’t understand how so many of you get these girls to fall in love with you.

That is all I want and all three hate me.  What was I thinking?  I know I have three girls that hate me and I only want one that loves me. I Think Nixie might be my best bet and her naturally tan little body is fantastic. I tried to be loving to all of them.

Kray-kray no longer hits or kicks me. She is afraid of me now. She just lays still and lets me do anything to her. Since Elain likes boys and girls as long as they are young, I gave Kray-kray to Elaine.

Athena is still trying to hit me and get away. I’m thinking about making her into a slave.
Nixie however has become the sweetest. I know she still doesn’t like me. But, she will let me do what I like and she moans and grinds her pelvis in to me all the time and when we are fucking she matches my thrust with her own.  I am starting to  keep her in my bed every night. I just wish I could make her love me.

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    Now you got me so bloody wet and my dog came in and tried to lick me dry Lol,Emma from Australia.

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      Hey Emma. I love how you love all the same stories I like